Remove Hyperlinks in Excel

If in our data any cells have values starting with https:// or www. it is considered to be an hyperlink, when we click on the cells we are redirected to our browser regardless the page exists or not, the method to remove hyperlinks in excel is to select the cell or the column containing hyperlinks and right-click on it and select remove hyperlinks option.

How to Remove Hyperlinks in Excel?

Let’s understand how to remove hyperlinks in excel with examples.

You can download this Remove Hyperlinks in Excel Template here – Remove Hyperlinks in Excel Template

Hyperlinks are very powerful. It will take you to the desired location and shorten our time. If you already know how to insert hyperlinksHow To Insert HyperlinksTo insert a hyperlink, right-click on the cell, click on hyperlink, and then choose the last option, which will open a wizard box to insert a hyperlink. Then, in the field for an address, type the hyperlink's more, then you must know how to remove them as well.

The reason why I am telling this because when we enter email id, URL, Excel automatically creates a hyperlink to it. It will be very irritating to work with because every time you click on them, it will take you to their window and makes you angry. (I get angry every time it takes me to outlook or web browser).

In these cases, we need to remove unwanted hyperlinks in excel that are automatically created by Excel when you enter an email id or URL.

Method #1 – Remove Excel Hyperlink in Just a click

In this example, I am using 3 different types of hyperlinks. In column A, I have worksheet hyperlinks I have created; in the second column, I have email id’s and hyperlinks are created by excel itself, and in the third column, I have the website address, and hyperlinks are created by excel itself.

Below are the steps used to remove excel hyperlink in just a click –

  1. Select the email id column.

    Remove Hyperlinks - step 1

  2. Right-click and select the “Remove Hyperlinks” option.

    Remove Hyperlinks - step 2

  3. This will instantly remove the hyperlinks in ExcelHyperlinks In ExcelA hyperlink is an inbuilt function in excel used to create hyperlinks for a particular cell. When the hyperlink is created, it redirects to a specific webpage. The hyperlink formula has two arguments, one is the URL while the other is the name we provide to the more as well as formatting.

    Remove Hyperlinks - step 3

Alternative Method to Remove Hyperlinks in Excel

There is an alternative method to remove the hyperlink in excel.

Step 1: Select the targeted data.

Remove Hyperlinks - step 4

Step 2: On the Home, tab finds the Clear button in the editing group and click on the drop-down list.

Remove Hyperlinks - step 5

Step 3: This will remove the hyperlink in excel as well.

Remove Hyperlinks - step 6

Method #2 – Remove Hyperlink in Excel Using Find and Replace

We can also remove hyperlinks using Find and Replace Excel. Follow the below steps.

Step 1: Press Ctrl + F

remove hyperlinks - method 2- step 1

Step 2: Click on Options.

remove hyperlinks - method 2- step 2

Step 3: Now click on Format and select Choose Format from Cell.

remove hyperlinks - method 2- step 3

Step 4: Now select the hyperlinked cell, and it will show the preview in blue color.

remove hyperlinks - method 2- step 5

Step 5: Click on Find All, and it will display all the hyperlinked cells.

remove hyperlinks - method 2- step 6

Step 6: Now select all those by using Shift + Down Arrow.

remove hyperlinks - method 2- step 7

Step 7: Exit from the Find & Replace window.

Step 8: Now, all the hyperlinked cells are selected. Right-click and click on Remove Hyperlinks.

remove hyperlinks - method 2- step 8

Method #3 – Remove Hyperlink in Excel Using VBA Code

VBA code is the one time code that we can regularly use whenever we want. VBA codeVBA CodeVBA code refers to a set of instructions written by the user in the Visual Basic Applications programming language on a Visual Basic Editor (VBE) to perform a specific more instantly removes the hyperlink not only from the active sheet rather from the entire workbook itself.

Follow the below steps to start using it.

Step 1: In the current worksheet, press Alt + F11; this will open up the VBA editorVBA EditorThe Visual Basic for Applications Editor is a scripting interface. These scripts are primarily responsible for the creation and execution of macros in Microsoft more window.

remove hyperlinks - method 2- step 9

Step 2: Click on the insert and insert module.

remove hyperlinks - method 2- step 10

Step 3: Copy and paste the below code in the newly inserted module and click on F5 to run the code.

The below code is to Remove hyperlinks from One Sheet at a time.

Sub Remove_Hyperlinks()

‘One sheet at a time


End Sub

remove hyperlinks - method 2- step 11

The below code is to Remove from the entire workbook.

Sub Remove_Hyperlinks1()

Dim Ws As Worksheet

For Each Ws In                      ActiveWorkbook.Worksheets


Next Ws

End Sub

remove hyperlinks - method 2- step 12

The first code will remove the hyperlink in the active sheet only. The second code will remove the hyperlink in the entire Excel workbook.

Run this code using the F5 key.

Note: Do not forget to save the workbook as Macro-Enabled Workbook.

Excel automatically creates hyperlinks for email id, URL. This is one of the irritating things to work with.

However, we can disable the option of auto-creation of the hyperlink by changing the settings.

Restrict Excel from Creating Hyperlinks

The reason why excel creates auto hyperlinks because there is a default setting to it. Email ID extensions and WWW web addresses are automatically converted to hyperlinks.

Follow the below steps to restrict excel from creating auto hyperlinks.

Step 1: Click on the File option.

remove hyperlinks - method 2- step 14

Step 2: Now click on Options.

remove hyperlinks - method 2- step 13

Step 3: Click on Proofing and Autocorrect Options

remove hyperlinks - method 2- step 15

Step 4: Now select AutoFormatAutoFormatExcel's AutoFormat option is a unique way to quickly format data. The first step is to choose all of the data to be formatted. The next step is to select auto-format from the QAT. The last step is to select a format from the different options more as you type.

remove hyperlinks - method 2- step 16

Step 5: Uncheck the box: Internet and network paths with hyperlinks.

remove hyperlinks - method 2- step 17

Step 6: Click on OK and close this box.

Now, try adding a few email ids and URL addresses.

Excel stops creating auto hyperlinks for Emails and URLs.

Things to Remember

  • Excel auto hyperlinks for Email and URL.
  • Use a clear hyperlink option to remove hyperlinks in excel and retain formatting.
  • Changes the default settings to restrict excel to not create auto hyperlinks.
  • We can remove hyperlinks from the entire workbook by using the VBA code.

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