Drawing in Excel

Drawing in excel means making a shape in excel, now excel has provided us with many tools for drawing, some of them are the predefined drawings or predefined shapes and also there is option for free form of drawing where user can design a drawing by using mouse, this is available in the shapes in the insert tab of excel.

How to Use Drawing Tool in Excel?

  1. Go to the insert tab in the excel toolbar.

    Drawing Excel Step 1

  2. Choose a drawing object which you want

    If you want to insert a shape, click on shapes.

    Drawing Excel Step 2

    Draw an object which you want to draw in excel:

    Drawing Excel Step 3

    Click on the format to customize your drawing as required for e.g., color, borderline, size of the object, effects, etc.

    Drawing Excel Step 4

  3. If you want to add a text box to any object.

    If you want to add some text in any of the drawings, go to insert and select text box:

    Step 5

    Click text box, draw text box horizontal or vertical and write in that box, click enter.

    Step 5-1

    If you want to change the color of the text or customize the text box, go format, and click to shape style.

    Step 5-2

  4. As shown below, this one is the final rectangular box with customization in color.

    Step 5-3


  1. You can make your data more attractive using the Drawing tool in excel
  2. It has easy to insert the shapes and charts in excel.
  3. Very easy to customize the object as per the requirement.
  4. You can insert multiple objects as much as required, no limit.
  5. You can easily rotate and flip the shapes by using the rotate command in the Arrange group under the format tab.
  6. Easy to add text on a shape.
  7. If you want to prepare any chart, it helps you to connect the shapes with the help of lines.

Tip and Tricks for Inserting Excel Drawing Tools

  1. You can easily add text to all the sort of shapes you are creating in an excel sheet.
  2. You can simply utilize the extensive number of drawing objects accessible on the Insert tab of the ribbon.
  3. Excel doesn’t restrain you from just numbers and content in your worksheets. You can likewise include diverse kinds of shapes.
  4. Excel enables you to flip drawing objects either on a level plane or vertically.
  5. Drawing objects can be layered over one another in practically any way you want. In the event that you need to change the request in which those drawing objects are layered.
  6. Need to fill a drawing object with various sorts of impacts? Excel gives a few impacts that can make your drawing objects “pop.”

This has been a guide to Drawing Tool in Excel. Here we discuss how to Insert Drawing Objects in excel with practical examples, tips and tricks, and downloadable Excel Template. You may learn more about excel from the following articles –

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