Insert a Picture/Image in Excel Cell

How to Insert a Picture/Image in Excel Cell?

You can download this Insert Image Excel Cell Template here – Insert Image Excel Cell Template

Inserting a picture or an image to an excel cell is a very easy task.

  1. I have sales employees names in the excel file, and below is the list.

    insert image example 1.1

  2. I have their images in my computer hard disk.

    insert image example 1.2
    I want to bring the image against each person’s name, respectively.

    Note: All the images are dummy; you can download them from google directly.

  3. Copy the above list of names and paste it in excel. Make the row height as 36 and column width in excel as 14.3.

    insert image example 1.3

  4. Go to the INSERT tab and click on PICTURES.

    insert image example 1.4

  5. Once you click on PICTURES, it asks you to choose the picture folder location from your computer. Select the location and choose the pictures you want to insert.

    insert image example 1.5

  6. You can insert a picture one by one in an excel cell, or you can insert it in one shot as well. In order to insert at one go, you need to be sure which represents who. I am going to insert one by one. Select the image you want to insert and click on INSERT.

    insert image example 1.6

  7. Now, you can see the image in your excel file.

    insert image example 1.7

  8. Step 6: This picture is not yet ready to use as of now. We need to resize this. Select the picture and resize using drag and drop option in excel from the corner edges of the image, or you can resize the height and width under the Format tab.

    Note: Modify the row height as 118 and column width as 26.

    insert image example 1.8

  9. In order to fit the picture to the cell size, hold the ALT key, and drag the picture corners, it will automatically fit the cell size.

    insert image example 1.9

  10. Like this repeat, this task for all the employees.

    insert image example 1.10

Change Image Size According to Cell Size in Excel

Now we need to fit these images to the cell size. Whenever the cell width or height changes picture also should change accordingly.

  • Step 1: Select one image and press Ctrl + A; it will select all the images in the active worksheet. (Make sure all the images are selected)
  • Step 2: Press Ctrl + 1; it will open up the format option on the right-hand side of your screen. Note: I am using excel 2016 version.
insert image example 2.1
  • Step 3: Under Format Picture, select Size & Properties.
insert image example 2.2
  • Step 4: Click on Properties and select the option Move and size with cells.
insert image example 2.3
  • Step 5: Now, we have locked the images to their respective cell size. It is dynamic now; as the cell changes, images are also kept changing.

How to Create an Excel Dashboard with Images?

We can create a dashboard using these pictures. Follow the below steps to create an excel dashboardExcel DashboardThe dashboard in excel is an enhanced visualization tool that provides an overview of the crucial metrics and data points of a business. By converting raw data into meaningful information, a dashboard eases the process of decision-making and data more.

I have created a master sheet which contains all the details of the employees.

insert image example 3.1
  • Step 1: In the dashboard, the sheet creates a drop-down list of employee’s lists.
example 3.2
example 3.3

As you change the name from the drop-down, the values will be automatically updated.

  • Step 3: Now, the big part is we need to get the photo of the employee whoever selected from the drop-down. For this, we need to create a name manager.

Go to FORMULAS > Define Name in excel.

example 3.4
  • Step 4: Give Name to your Name Manager.
example 3.5
example 3.6
example 3.7
example 3.8
  • Step 8: Select the first argument as Employee Name in the Dashboard Sheet. (Drop Down cell).
example 3.9
  • Step 9: Next argument select the entire first column in Image Sheet, enter zero as the next argument, and close two brackets.
example 3.10
  • Step 10: Click on, OK. We have created a name manager for our photos.
example 3.11
  • Step 11: Now go to Image Sheet and copy the cell B2.
insert image example 3.12
  • Step 12: Now go to Dashboard Sheet and paste as linked IMAGE.
insert image example 3.13
insert image example 3.14
  • Step 14: Hit Enter to complete the process. You can change the image; it will change according to the name you have selected.
insert image example 3.15

Things to Remember

  • Make the image adjustment that fits or changes the cell movement.
  • In order to create a dashboard, create a master sheet that can contain all the consolidated data.
  • Use the ALT key to adjust the image to the extreme corners of the cell.

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