Insert Hyperlinks in Excel

How to Insert Hyperlinks in Excel

In our data in any cell if we want a user to be redirected to a web page when user clicks on it we need to insert hyperlinks in excel cell, to insert a hyperlink on the cell we need to right-click on the cell and then click the hyperlink which is the last option which opens a wizard box for us to insert a hyperlink, in the box for address enter the URL for the hyperlink.

In Excel, you can insert a hyperlink, in specific chart elements or in inserted images. There are different ways to use a hyperlink. By default, the links in excel can be created by just typing in the web address. The link will be automatically created. For an illustration, just type in the web address “”

Hyperlinks - illustration

and press Enter. You will realize that it has been automatically converted to a link in Excel.

Hyperlinks - illustration 1

This setting may be changed by clicking the scroll down menu in blue.

Hyperlinks - illustration 2

You can select “Undo Hyperlink” if you do not want a hyperlink or “Stop Automatically Creating Hyperlinks.” If you want to create links in excel automatically, but it is not happening in your Excel, you can go to the autocorrect in excelAutocorrect In ExcelExcel's AutoCorrect feature automatically corrects commonly misspelt words, extends a short phrase to a full sentence, and even pops up a full form of an abbreviation. It also automatically capitalizes the first word after a full more options and change the setting.

Additionally, there are other ways to insert hyperlinks. You can select the text or cell where you want to insert a link in excel and press ctrl + k (or COMMAND + k for Mac). Alternatively, click on select and insert Hyperlink.

A window will pop up where you can insert a link in excel and what text to display.

Hyperlinks - illustration 3

Now, suppose you want to display “Google,” and it will link to “”. You can add Google to the Display option and the web address to Link to option.

Hyperlinks - illustration 4

Then click on the OK. A link in excel will be created.

Hyperlinks - illustration 5

When hyperlinks are to be added iteratively, this task may become very tedious. In such cases, you may also use the Hyperlink function to do this task. Let us see how to use the hyperlink function.

Below is the hyperlink formula in excel.

Hyperlink Formula in Excel

Arguments used for hyperlink formula

link_location: the link to insert. Required

[friendly_name]: the jump text or numeric value to display to the link. Optional

Link_location can be a web page, a file name along with its path to open a document. It can also refer to a place, a cell in Excel, or a bookmark in a document. Friendly_name can be a text string, a name, a value, or a cell containing the jump text or value. If this is omitted in the Hyperlink function, the cell will display the link_location as the jump text. In case the friendly_name returns an error value, the cell will display the error instead of the jump text.


You can download this Hyperlinks Excel Template here – Hyperlinks Excel Template

Example #1

To insert a hyperlink in excel of “” with display name “Google” using the Hyperlink function in Excel, you can type

= HYPERLINK(“”, “Google”)

Hyperlinks - illustration 6

and press Enter.

Hyperlinks - illustration 7

Another way to create hyperlinks is to drag and drop. You can simply drag any document to the Excel sheet and drop. It will create a hyperlink in excel for that document. This strategy can be very convenient for images etc.

Example #2

Suppose you have a list of URLs and their corresponding names. The data is shown as:

Example q1

You are required to insert hyperlinks of these web pages and display their corresponding names as the jump text.

To do this, you can use Hyperlink Formula in excelHyperlink Formula In ExcelA hyperlink is an inbuilt function in excel used to create hyperlinks for a particular cell. When the hyperlink is created, it redirects to a specific webpage. The hyperlink formula has two arguments, one is the URL while the other is the name we provide to the more.

= HYPERLINK (B3, A3) for the first one.

Example 1-1

and press Enter.

Example 1-2

You will realize that the hyperlink has been created in excel. Now, you can simply drag it to the rest of the cells.

Example 1-3

Example #3

Suppose you have the sales and revenue data for the past month for different products, as shown below.

Example 2

For easier lookup, you want to create a hyperlink in excel of the products- Product A, B, C, and D. The images for these products are saved as A.png, B.png, C.png, D.png, and the location of the folder is given in cell J12.

To insert hyperlinks for images, you can use the Hyperlink Formula:

= HYPERLINK( ($J$12 & B5 & “.png”), “Product ” & B5)

Example 2-1

When you press Enter, the link will be created for the image.

Example 2-2

When you click at the link, the image will open for that product.

illustration 8

Now, you can drag it to the rest of the cells to create the hyperlinks for the rest of the products.

Example 2-3


You can use hyperlinks to navigate to a file or a web page on a network: internet or intranet. You can also start a file download or transfer directly by clicking at the link. create a hyperlink in excel for a file that you may want to add in the future. Hyperlinks are commonly used for email addresses. When you click on an email address, it starts to send an email to that address.


In Excel, one problem with the hyperlinks is that it automatically jumps to the hyperlink destination when you select the cell containing the hyperlink. To avoid this problem and select a cell containing a hyperlink without jumping to the hyperlink destination, you can click the cell and keep holding the mouse button until the pointer changes to a cross; then, you can release the mouse button.

Sometimes in Excel, the hyperlink is created, but when you click at it, it does not open the specified document. One of the reason could be that the permission to access that document of software or the internet is denied. You need to change the permission settings in such cases.

Things to Remember

  • The link in Excel can be created for any document on the hard drive or for any URL on the Internet or intranet
  • A hyperlink can be created on any text in a cell, image, or charts.
  • A hyperlink can be created for any file, section of a file, email address, web page, etc.
  • There are different methods to create hyperlinks. You can use the drag-drop option, or use excel shortcut CTRL + k or by using the HYPERLINK function.

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