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Excel VBA Name WorkSheet

In VBA, to name a worksheet doesn’t need any special skills. We just need to reference which sheet name we are changing by entering the existing sheet name. For example, if we want to change the sheet named “Sales” then we need to call the sheet by its name using Worksheet object.


After mentioning the sheet name, we need to select the “Name” property to change the worksheet name.


Now we need to set the Name property to the name as per our wish. Assume you want to change the “Sales” to “Sales Sheet,” then put equal sign after “NAME” property and enter the new name in double-quotes.

Worksheets(“Sales”).Name = “Sales Sheet”

Like this, we can change the worksheet name using the Name property.

Examples to Name Worksheet using VBA

You can download this VBA Name Worksheet Excel Template here – VBA Name Worksheet Excel Template

Example #1

Change or Rename Sheet using Variables.

For example, look at the below sample code.


Sub Name_Example1()

 Dim Ws As Worksheet

 Set Ws = Worksheets("Sales")

 Ws.Name = "Sales Sheet"

End Sub
VBA Name Worksheet Example 1

In the above first, I have declared the variable as Worksheet.

Dim Ws As Worksheet

Next, I have set the reference to the variable as “Sales” using worksheets object.

Set Ws = Worksheets("Sales")

Now the variable “Ws” holds the reference of the worksheet “Sales.”

Now using the “Ws” variable, I have renamed the worksheet as “Sales Sheet.”

This code will change the “Sales” name to “Sales Sheet.”

VBA Name Worksheet Example 1-1

Important Note to Remember

We just have seen how to change the name of the excel worksheet from one name to another. However, if we run the code again, we will get a Subscript Out of Range errorSubscript Out Of Range ErrorSubscript out of range is an error in VBA that occurs when we attempt to reference something or a variable that does not exist in the code. For example, if we do not have a variable named x but use the msgbox function on x, we will receive a subscript out of range error.read more.

error 9 Example 1-2

One of the keys to getting an expert in VBA MacrosVBA MacrosVBA Macros are the lines of code that instruct the excel to do specific tasks, i.e., once the code is written in Visual Basic Editor (VBE), the user can quickly execute the same task at any time in the workbook. It thus eliminates the repetitive, monotonous tasks and automates the process.read more is to handle errors. Before handling errors, we need to know why we are getting this error.

The reason why we get this error because, in the previous step itself, we have already changed the worksheet named “Sales” to “Sales Sheet.”

We don’t have any sheet named as “Sales” we will get this subscript out of range error.

Example #2

Get all the worksheet names in Single Sheet.

Assume you have plenty of worksheets in your workbook, and you want to get the name of all these worksheets in any of the single worksheets. This can be done by using VBA codingUsing VBA CodingVBA code refers to a set of instructions written by the user in the Visual Basic Applications programming language on a Visual Basic Editor (VBE) to perform a specific task.read more.

For example, look at the below image.

Sheets Example 1-3

We have so many sheets here.

Off all these sheets, we need the name of each sheet in the sheet called “Index Sheet.” I have written the below code for you.


Sub All_Sheet_Names()

Dim Ws As Worksheet
Dim LR As Long

For Each Ws In ActiveWorkbook.Worksheets
LR = Worksheets("Index Sheet").Cells(Rows.Count, 1).End(xlUp).Row + 1
'This LR varaible to find the last used row
Cells(LR, 1).Select
ActiveCell.Value = Ws.Name
Next Ws

End Sub

Now copy this code to your module.

All sheet Example 1-4

Now run the code by naming any of the worksheets as “Index Sheet.” This code will give all the worksheet names in “Index Sheet.”

VBA Name Worksheet Example 1-5

Like this, using the “NAME” property of the worksheet in VBAWorksheet In VBAExcel is a workbook, and worksheets or sheets are included within that workbook. Sheets are what we call them in a regular Excel file, but they're called "Worksheets" in VBA. The term "Worksheets" refers to all of a worksheet's collections.read more, we can play around with the name of the worksheets. We can rename, extract, and we can choose the specific worksheet and do many other things that can be done by using the “Name” property.

Things to Remember

  • NAME in VBA is property.
  • Using this name, we can rename the worksheet, and also we can extract sheet names.
  • We can change any name of the worksheet in the specified workbook if you are referring to other workbooks than the code written workbook.
  • If the worksheet name doesn’t match, we will get subscript out of range.

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