Full Form of CRISIL

What is the Full-Form of CRISIL?

The full form CRISIL is Credit Rating Information Services of India Limited. It is regarded as the global analytics business which services the financial markets and helps them function in the most transparent and efficient manner. It believes in the principle of agile and innovation and provides solutions in terms of data research and credit ratings.


Full Form of CRISIL

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  • The rating agency provides both long-term and short-term ratings.
  • The rating starts from AAA and ends with SD.
  • It provides credit rating for long term scale, short term scale, structured finance, credit enhancement, fixed deposit scale, corporate credit scale, etc.
  • The agency’s rating rationale would focus on drivers that establish ratings, recent news and developments, update on business performance, credit factors, and key performance indicators.
  • To supplement the rationale, it provides financial commentary, the risk profile of a business.
  • The AAA rating is of the highest order, and it indicates that the borrowers make timely payment. It ensures that the issuer makes timely payments.
  • The AA rating is the rating that indicates the instrument issued of low risk, and it makes timely payments on its due obligations.
  • The A rating is the rating that indicates the instrument issued of low risk, and it has adequate safety with minor lapses in servicing obligations.
  • The BB rating is the rating that indicates that the instrument issued is of very high risk and may default.
  • The C rating is the rating wherein the instrument can be regarded as a highly risky instrument and has a high probability of default.
  • This rating of D indicates that the issuer of the financial instrument has defaulted on its due obligations.
  • It also applies SD rating, which indicates that the financial instrument’s issuer has made defaults on the selective asset classes.



This is the most popular credit rating agency in India. Standard and Poor’s is the parent organization of CRISIL. It helps in the allocation of ratings by employing its comprehensive rating rationale. This ensures the reduction of information asymmetry and thereby helps the business and investors to make better investment decisions.

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