VBA GoTo Statement

Excel VBA GoTo Statement

VBA GoTo statement is used when an error occurs while running the code rather than displaying error to resume the next line of code by ignoring the error message. There are two kinds of GOTO statements one is to select any range of the worksheet in the specified workbook and another one is error handler.

To overcome the anticipated errors in VBA, we have a function called “GOTO.” We will see both kinds of GoTo statements in this article.

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2 Ways to use GoTo Statement in VBA Code

You can download this VBA GoTo Excel Template here – VBA GoTo Excel Template

#1 – Application.GoTo Method

If you want to go to the specific workbook or specific worksheet in all the opened workbooks, we can use the statement Application.GoTo method.

Let’s look at the syntax of the Application.GoTo method

VBA Go to Formula

If you want to go to a specific cell in the specific worksheet, we can use the Goto method. I have 3 sheets named Jan, Feb, and Mar.

VBA Go to Example 1

If I want to go to cell C5 in the Jan sheet, I will use the below set of codes.

Step 1: Start the excel macroExcel MacroMacro in excel is a series of instructions in code that helps automate manual tasks, thereby saving time. Excel executes those instructions in a step-by-step manner on the given data. read more name.


Sub GoTo_Example1()

End Sub
VBA Go to Example 1-1

Step 2: Start the method “Application.GoTo


Sub GoTo_Example1()


End Sub

VBA Go to Example 1-2

Step 3: In the reference argument, we need to specify the worksheet name, and in that worksheet, we need to mention the specific cell.


Sub GoTo_Example1()

Application.Goto Reference:=Worksheets("Jan").Range("C5")

End Sub
VBA Go to Example 1-3

Step 4: Mention the scroll as TRUE.


Sub GoTo_Example1()

Application.Goto Reference:=Worksheets("Jan").Range("C5"),Scroll:=True

End Sub
VBA Go to Example 1-4

Step 5: Now run this code using the F5 key, or you can also run this code manually, it will take you to the specified sheet and specified cell.

Example 1-5
Example 1-6

Now I will change the scroll argument to FALSE and see the change it will encounter.

Sub GoTo_Example1()

Application.Goto Reference:=Worksheets("Jan").Range("C5"), Scroll:=False

End Sub
Example 1-7

If you want to go to a specific workbook, then you need to mention the workbook name as well before the workbook name.

Sub GoTo_Example1()

Application.Goto Reference:=Workbooks("Book1.xlsx").Worksheets("Jan").Range("C5"), Scroll:=False

End Sub

#2 – Error Handler Method

When the particular line of code encounters an error, then VBA stops executing the rest of the code and shows the error message.

For example, look at the below line of code.

Sub GoTo_Example2()



End Sub

The above code says to delete the sheet in April and add a new sheet. In the active workbook, if there is any sheet name called April, it will delete, or else it will show the below error message dialogue box.

Example 1-8

When I run this code, my workbook didn’t have a sheet called April, so the VBA codeVBA CodeVBA code refers to a set of instructions written by the user in the Visual Basic Applications programming language on a Visual Basic Editor (VBE) to perform a specific task.read more couldn’t find the sheet name and throws the error. Sometimes we need to ignore this error because oftentimes, if there is no sheet name called April, then we need to go on with the other lines of code.

To eliminate this error, we can use the GoTo method as an error handler.

Now I will modify the code as On error goes to the next line.

Sub GoTo_Example2()

On Error GoTo NextLine


End Sub

If you run this, it will add the new sheet even though there is no sheet name called April.

The statement “On Error GoTo NextLine” understands that if any error occurs, it will jump to the next line, and in the next line, VBA code is to add a new sheet.

Things to Remember

This has been a guide to VBA GoTo. Here we learn how to use the VBA GoTo statement using Application.GoTo and Error Handler Method along with examples and downloadable excel template. Below are some useful excel articles related to VBA –

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