Becker CPA Review vs Gleim

Updated on March 22, 2024
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Becker CPA Review vs Gleim Course

Both Becker CPA Review and Gleim CPA Review are industry-leading online CPA exam prep providers with over 50 years of market presence. Notwithstanding, the primary difference when discussing Becker CPA Review vs Gleim lies in their course structure, exam prep tools, and pricing.

Becker CPA Review vs Gleim

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Becker’s Adapt2U CPA exam review technology leverages big data analytics to let the students decide their best possible study schedule and offers predictive suggestions. Its competitor Gleim utilizes SmartADAPT technology to act as your personal tutor and deliver only the necessary content with performance metrics.

With its comprehensive syllabus, live classes, simulated exams, and Accounting for Empires game, Becker CPA Review is the choice of top 100 CPA firms for its employees. At the same time, Gleim CPA comes with a 91% pass rate, the largest bundle of practice simulations, downloadable audio lectures, and admirable student support.

To pass the especially challenging CPA exam, you must have a trustworthy and experienced prep partner. Both Becker and Gleim are test prep giants with their set of unique benefits and drawbacks. Therefore, take a mindful decision only after evaluating their individual features and considering your learning style and exam prep budget.

Now, here lies the ultimate showdown of Becker CPA Review vs Gleim!


Becker CPA Review vs Gleim Features

Comparative Table: Becker vs Gleim

Becker CPA Review vs Gleim: Which one to pick & why?

Becker CPA Review vs Gleim Features

#1 – Review Packages

Becker CPA Review

Becker presents three review course options for students: Advantage, Premium, and Pro. Let’s see what each one has to offer.

Becker CPA Review Packages

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Like Becker’s CPA review, Gleim also brings forth three-course packages at reasonable rates: Test Bank, Traditional, and Premium. Here lies the list of features in each package.

Gleim CPA Review Packages

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#2 – Pricing

Becker CPA Review

FeaturesIndividual Course PartsAdvantagePremiumPro
Flexible payment option$66.58/month$104.12/month$129.12/month$316.58/month


FeaturesTest BankTraditionalPremium
Single-part cost$447$799$949
4-part bundle cost$999$1599$1999
Flexible payment option$41/month$73/month$86/month

#3 – Course Highlight: Adapt2U technology vs SmartADAPT technology

Becker CPA Review

Its Adapt2U technology is powered by Sana Labs’s award-winning Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology. Its interactive tools permit you to evaluate your exam preparedness with a study plan and render one-on-one feedback. The initial assessment is administered to assess your knowledge level so that the focus is only on the required areas.  

Course Highlight - Features 1.jpg

This way, you practice more on your weaker points and get exam-ready in no time. 

Course Highlight - Features 1-1
Course Highlight - Features 1-2


Gleim’s SmartADAPT technology adjusts to your review needs and spots your weaker points to deliver an individualized study plan. It tells you exactly when you are ready to touch the passing scoreline. Moreover, it keeps modifying the schedule as you go along the way. 

Course Highlight - Features 1-3
Course Highlight - Features 1-4
Course Highlight - Features 1-5

The microlearning platform also covers in-depth visual analytics with an engaging study planner, and a Gleim digital book. 

#4 – Study & Prep Materials

Becker CPA Review

Becker puts forward the most thorough list of study materials across the prep course industry. It comprises 7000+ MCQs, 400+ TBSs, printed and digital textbooks, over 200 video sessions, 12 simulated exams mirroring the real test, and unlimited practice tests. 

Study & Prep Materials - Features 1
Study & Prep Materials - Features 1-1

The 50–55-minute video lectures complement the onscreen textbook in which the instructor constantly highlights key points. The add-ons constitute 1250+ digital flashcards, 400+ SkillMaster videos with TBS illustrations, real-time academic support, a mobile app, Accounting for Empires game, and live classes. 

Study & Prep Materials - Features 1-2
Study & Prep Materials - Features 1-3

The Premium users also obtain 1100+ MCQ bonus bank, a maximum of five tutoring sessions, a final review capstone course (new 800+ MCQs and 100+ TBSs), and one year CPE subscription. 

Study & Prep Materials - Features 1-4
Study & Prep Materials - Features 1-5


Becker may have beaten Gleim in inclusivity, but the latter is second-to-none in the simulations department. It contains over 1300 simulations, nearly thrice that of the Becker CPA Review. 

Study & Prep Materials - Features 1-6.png

Also, Gleim has detailed answer explanations, digital and printed books, audio lectures, 10,000+ MCQs, mock exams, and unlimited practice exams. Furthermore, it consistently upgrades its content as per the AICPA (American Institute of Certified Public Accountants) blueprint changes. 

Study & Prep Materials - Features 1-7

Note that Gleim Instruct video series and digital flashcards are exclusive to Premium package users. Though shorter than Becker, its video sessions lack engagement. Like Becker, Gleim also has a final review course. 

Study & Prep Materials - Features 1-8
Study & Prep Materials - Features 1-9

#5 – Free Trial Period

Becker CPA Review

Becker offers 14 days of free access to familiarize yourself with its format and features. You can access 31 hours of lectures, digital flashcards, almost 60 adaptive customized sessions, unlimited practice tests, two units per content section, around 1490 MCQs, and 100 TBSs with SkillMaster tutorials. 

Note that the free demo registration may take up to 30 minutes. Also, you may upgrade to the full package anytime and carry on exactly from where you left off. 


Gleim’s 7-day free trial period contains a lot fewer features than Becker’s CPA Review but sustains the quality factor. It covers SmartADAPT technology-led detailed answer clarifications, video lectures, and two full mock examinations. 

If preferred, you may also sign-up for a live Gleim CPA course walkthrough with its CPA Product Manager, Valerie Wendt. 

#6 – Access Period

Becker CPA Review

Becker’s Advantage package comes with a 24-month access period. At the same time, the Premium and Pro package users may utilize the study material until they ace the CPA exam. It proves that the packages by Becker are worth every penny of yours. 


Gleim’s Test Bank and Traditional package provides a limited access period. However, the Premium package users secure unlimited access to all the study materials. Though more inexpensive than Becker, it has a shorter access period than the latter. 

#7 – Final Review Course

Becker CPA Review

Becker CPA Review is a shorter review version available for Becker students. It is designed to retain your understanding of the most challenging exam concepts. In addition, it makes you feel well-prepared for D-day. 

It covers the following material:

  • Brand new 35+ hours of video lectures delivered in short modules
  • 1000+ MCQs
  • 100+ TBSs with SkillMaster videos
  • One simulated exam per section
  • Printed & digital textbooks
  • Full suite of integrated learning tools 


The Traditional and Premium package users may utilize the final review course weeks before the CPA examination. It assists them in reinforcing the significant concepts in no time and ensures a quick revision. Resultantly, it improves your CPA exam score to a great extent. 

Comparative Table: Becker CPA Review vs Gleim

ParticularsBecker CPA ReviewGleim
Founded in19591974
Course packagesAdvantageTest Bank
Learning technologyAdapt2USmartADAPT
Course formatsLive ClassroomOnline
Live Online
Self-study Online
Course price range$2,499-$5,999$999-$1,999
Video instructionOver 100 hoursOver 100 hours (Premium users only)
Live classesAvailableNot available
Practice questions7400+ MCQs10,000+ MCQs
475+ TBSs1300+ TBSs
TextbooksDigital & Printed TextbooksTest Bank  Printed Textbooks (optional)
Traditional & PremiumDigital & Printed Textbooks
Audio lecturesNot availableAvailable
FlashcardsOver 1250 digital flashcardsDigital flashcards (Premium users only)
Final review courseAvailable (Pro users only)Available (all except Test Bank)
Video gameAccounting for EmpiresNot available
Customer service24×7 student support & response within 2 business daysE-mail and phone support
Financing optionsFlex Pay (6, 12, or 24-month installment plans)Affirm (3,6, or 12-month installments)
Free trial period14-day trial7-day trial
Mobile appAvailableNot available
Pass Rate94% of CPA Exam sections passed by Becker Exam Ready students91%

Becker CPA Review vs Gleim: Which one to pick & why?

Both Becker CPA Review and Gleim have aided over one million CPA applicants to clear the exam with flying colors. But, unfortunately, only one of them can be the best for your educational needs.

Becker is deemed the cream of the crop, chosen by the “Big 4” firms, over 2900 organizations, and 90% of Elijah Watt Sells Award winners. In contrast, Gleim is favored by over 300 varsities with a laudable 99% satisfaction rate and 91% pass rate.

Students with no budgetary constraints on the lookout for an all-inclusive prep curriculum and an abundance of add-ons must pick Becker for guaranteed success. Conversely, Gleim is the best pick for students who are more inclined towards personal coaching and quality study material at a competitive price.

Still on the fence? Try out their free demo and decide which one is apt for you. Best of luck!

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