Fast Forward Academy CPA Review

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Fast Forward CPA Review

Fast Forward Academy CPA (Certified Public Accountant) Review is one of the most streamlined and affordable educational programs for CPA Exam preparation. It aims to revolutionize the way you learn by employing advanced study materials, powerful learning tools, and unique instruction methodology. Its efficiently designed learning platform puts you on the fast track for CPA Exam success.

Fast Forward Academy CPA Review

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The review course has comprehensive section-specific textbooks, 80+ hours of condensed video lectures, and over 7000 briefly explained practice questions. Also, it offers free online content upgrades until you pass the examination. Hence, it ensures that you access only updated and the most relevant study material during your exam preparation. 

With modern teaching aids and synchronized data, the CPA review course allows you to spend more time studying and less time searching for relevant content. Additionally, its 30-day money-back guarantee gives you the liberty to back off without any undue pressure.

Furthermore, its FastFocus feature is just the perfect final review you need. This attribute helps you shorten the course by targeting only your weakest parts for overall success.

Students in doubt may opt for the 14-day free trial alternative and track their performance along the way. In addition, you get 80 hours of video instructions, section-specific online textbooks, and complete community support with this trial. 


Fast Forward CPA Review Introduction

Features of Fast Forward CPA Review

Fast Forward CPA Review Packages

Pros & Cons


What do the customers say?

Final Verdict

Fast Forward Academy CPA Review Introduction

The CPA review course comes with three packages, i.e., Study Guide, Online Course, and Smart Bundle. Except for the Study Guide, the remaining two-course options provide you with unlimited access and upgrades until you clear the test. 

Fast Forward Academy’s learning tools are compatible with all devices, i.e., mobile, tablet, and desktop. In addition, it takes the idea of time management to another level by enabling you to retrieve the learning materials simultaneously with split-view. 

Digital flashcards, integrated authoritative literature, functional excel spreadsheets, and instructor support are among the umpteen other awesome features of the CPA review course. Furthermore, performance tracking and timed practice exams are like the icing on the cake. 

Fast Forward Academy has also designed an all-inclusive online community to embrace the concept of group learning. It connects you to fellow applicants so that you can discuss your doubts and receive first-class support.  

Features of Fast Forward Academy CPA Review

1. Exhaustive Textbooks

Choose Fast Forward Academy and gain access to online and printed textbooks with upgraded content. Note that both online and offline versions contain the same information. So accordingly, pick the one that suits your learning style. 

You can access the online textbook through your dashboard and navigate through it using arrows and a table of contents. The interface allows you to bookmark important topics and effortlessly highlight relevant details. In addition, you can access your bookmarks list any time later through its quick access tools.

Exhaustive Textbooks

Besides, you can also make color-coded notes or flashcards. There is a search option to look for relevant topics in the textbook. The book interface also offers a split-view experience.

2. Practice Quizzes

The review offers quizzes to assess your performance. It covers more than 6800 Multiple-choice Questions (MCQs) along with 215+ Task-based Simulations (TBSs) and Written Communications (WCs). You may attempt the quiz with any one of the question options: All, Unattempted, Flagged, or Incorrect.

Practice Quizzes
Practice Quizzes 1

The most remarkable feature of these quizzes is that it gauges your confidence in attempting each question. With every question, you must choose whether you are certain or unsure of your answer. With this assessment, the review provides recommendations to improve your performance.

3. Informative Video Lectures

The custom-built video player with over 80 hours of videos provides you with the option of skipping to the parts you find relevant. The 470 brief videos are grouped according to the chapters. Each of the video lessons is divided into two or three topics. You may select the preferred one and watch that particular part of the video. Note that the duration of each video is 5-20 minutes. 

Informative Video Lectures 1

You can listen to the videos from the Lectures or Book section by clicking the monitor icon on your right-hand side.

Informative Video Lectures 1-1

Meanwhile, the corresponding slides specify the related content. Additionally, you can set the video speed according to your preferences. Easier comprehension is ensured through real-life examples to explain the concepts.

Informative Video Lectures 1-2

4. Countless Practice Exams

With Fast Forward Academy, you gain access to unlimited practice exams. They mirror the actual CPA examCPA ExamA Certified Public Accountant (CPA) is a US state board-issued license to practice the accounting professionread more interface to evaluate and improve your preparedness level. It is recommended to dedicate at least 1-2 hours per day, 4-5 days a week, and 3-5 months per section to confirm nothing but excellence. 

The Study tab on the dashboard displays timed practice exams. As shown below, these mock exams include the same number of testlets and questions as on the real examination. Remember to cover all topics of an exam section before attempting a practice exam.

Countless Practice Exams 1
Countless Practice Exams 1-1

5. Online Community

The Fast Forward Academy CPA Review course operates an online community to maximize communication with fellow students and instructors. No matter what you are doing, it brings the conversation right to you for end-to-end interaction. 

Online Community 1

Access the Community tab on your dashboard and create your post. You may also filter out the conversation as per the popularity, latest, or exam section. Moreover, click the relevant section to get follow-ups on the topics you find most interesting. 

Online Community 1-1

6. Integrated Authoritative Literature

Fast Forward Academy strives to optimize your learning time as much as possible. Therefore, all the study tools are just a click away so that you get the necessary support on time. Moreover, the Integrated Authoritative Literature tool is available in the study tools listing on your dashboard. 

The highlighted icon in blue in the below image leads you to the available literature. The split-screen option lets you access it alongside video or text.

Integrated Authoritative Literature 1

While studying, you can choose the preferred topic and use the literature material for reference.

Integrated Authoritative Literature 1-1

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Fast Forward Academy CPA Review Packages

Fast Forward provides three CPA review course options as described below.

FeaturesCPA Study GuideCPA Online CourseCPA Smart Bundle
Pricing1 Section$2101 Section$3671 Section$542
2 Sections$3482 Sections$6082 Sections$899
3 Sections$4863 Sections$8493 Sections$1254
4 Sections$6004 Sections$10494 Sections$1549
Unlimited Practice ExamsAvailableAvailable
Paperback TextbookAvailableAvailable
Digital Flashcard CreatorAvailableAvailable
Integrated Authoritative LiteratureAvailableAvailable
Desktop, Mobile, & Tablet CompatibilityAvailableAvailable
Access & Updates Until You PassAvailableAvailable
Academic SupportAvailableAvailable
Video Instruction Hours1 Section16 hours1 Section16 hours
2 Sections35 hours2 Sections35 hours
3 Sections60 hours3 Sections60 hours
4 Sections80 hours4 Sections80 hours
Study Questions & Simulations1 Section16381 Section1638
2 Sections34232 Sections3423
3 Sections48173 Sections4817
4 Sections7000+4 Sections7000+

Pros & Cons


1. Absolute Compatibility

The CPA review course takes away the hassle of being stuck on your computer screen for hours. Rather, its compatibility with any mobile or tablet confirms a pleasant learning experience. So, all you need is a web browser with Fast Forward Academy, and you’re good to go!

2. Split-View Experience

Fast Forward Academy CPA Review has an exceptionally distinctive side-by-side platform design. It allows you to gain access to the study tools more swiftly and effectively. 

Just pick any section on your dashboard, and click the desired icon. Accordingly, you will be able to view any two combinations of video, textbook, flashcard, or authoritative literature simultaneously without any technical interference. 

Split-View Experience

3. Digital Flashcard Creator

Fast Forward Academy authorizes you to note down the relevant definitions in a customized deck of flashcards. You can go through them anytime, anywhere, and on any device. It magnifies your retention ability and helps in last-minute revisions. 

The flashcard or notes icon appears under the quick access tools on the dashboard. First, you can create a title. Then, pen down the concept within 600 words and color code them for prompt identification. And finally, save the flashcard for later use. 

Digital Flashcard Creator 1

Note that you can view all flashcards in the Flash/Notes section. Pick the preferred chapter, type (All, Notes, or Flashcards), and source. You may also use the search bar for immediate results. 

Digital Flashcard Creator 1-2

These flashcards are also printable. Just click on the Print option, modify the settings as per your preference, and obtain the physical version.

Digital Flashcard Creator 1-1

4. Innovative Study Planner

The CPA review course has a brilliantly administered Study Planner. It leverages real-time analytics (Not Ready, Progressing, Ready, & Not Started) to evaluate your overall performance. This way, you know exactly what, when, and why you are learning the specific portion. 

The Study section on the interface opens your study planner. You may select all or only the preferred unit for performance tracking. Under the Opportunities area, a circle with targeted points demonstrates your performance. Click the desired study source, Textbook, Lectures, or Quiz to proceed further. 

Innovative Study Planner


1. No Audio Lectures

Needlessly, audio lectures are the need of the hour for every CPA review course. So, not having this pre-requisite feature in its list is a major drawback for Fast Forward Academy. Therefore, it must encompass audio lectures in its study tools and play them alongside the textbook. 

2. No Mobile App

The review course does not offer a mobile app. However, the review has a mobile, laptop, and desktop-friendly interface. Developing a dedicated mobile app will ensure uninterrupted course access to students on the go.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

Q#1 – Do I have limited access to the Fast Forward CPA Review course?

A – No, Fast Forward Academy grants unlimited access to the upgraded study material for both Smart Bundle and Online Course options as long as you ace the CPA exam. Also, you don’t have to spend more cash to get the relevant learning content.

Q#2 – Can I access the course with my Apple/Android Products?

A – Yes, you can access the course with any Apple or Android Products. Fast Forward Academy CPA Review course ensures that its software is compatible with any electronic device.

Q#3 – Does Fast Forward Academy have a return policy?

A – Yes, the review course has a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you feel dissatisfied with any of the three review course options, you may claim a refund within the next 30 days.

What do the customers say?

The CPA review course claims not to flaunt deceptive pass rates or vague marketing tactics. Nevertheless, here are some of the customer reviews of the Fast Forward Academy CPA course. 

students feel Fast Forward Academy 1
students feel Fast Forward Academy 1-1

Final Verdict

Fast Forward Academy review course enlivens its “Easier to Learn, Easier to Succeed” motto with patented technology, professional instruction, and outstanding community support. Additionally, one-click intelligent learning ensures that you stay focused on the right subjects. 

The four pillars of this company are undoubtedly its academic assistance, custom-tailored learning, customer service, and user-friendly design. Besides being credible, Fast Forward is light on your pocket as well. 

If you look closely, its packages are not extraordinary but come with a steady and focused approach. So, candidates with a low budget but high hopes may rely on this review course for confirmed success. Just be consistent and motivated, and make a schedule that works for you!

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