Best CPA Review Courses

Updated on March 22, 2024
Article byHimani Bhatt
Reviewed byDheeraj Vaidya, CFA, FRM

Top 5 Best CPA Review Courses

CPA review courses are online test prep programs for CPA aspirants. Choosing one of the best CPA review courses is vital to ensure that your study hours and money is invested in the right direction. Nonetheless, you must do a thorough assessment before determining the right one for yourself. 

Best CPA Review Courses

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Note that there is no “one-size-fits-all” approach to picking the best review course. Instead, there are numerous aspects to consider like exam prep software, content quality, number of practice questions, pricing, and student support. Besides, your final decision also depends on your preferred learning style and budget. 

In this guide, we have evaluated the best five CPA review courses. So, let’s dig in to know which one serves you right. 


  1. Becker CPA Review
  2. Surgent CPA Review
  3. Wiley CPAexcel Review
  4. Gleim CPA Review
  5. UWorld Roger CPA Review

#1 – Becker CPA Review

Comprehensive, Reputable, and Experienced!

Brief Overview

With over 60 years of market presence, Becker has become synonymous with the CPA Exam prep industry. The bigwig has assisted over one million students to ace the exam and is backed by the Big 4. Also, over 2900 enterprises trust Becker CPA Review to make their staff exam-ready. 

It offers three review course products, Advantage, Premium, and Pro, with flexible payment plans and special discount offers. In addition, it has a mobile app, 7400+ multiple-choice questions (MCQs), 450+ task-based simulations (TBSs), 200+ video lectures, 1250+ digital and printed Flashcards, 400+ SkillMaster videos, and plenty of add-ons. Becker also avoids repetitive questions and offers an additional test bank. 

Students often score higher in real CPA exams than Becker’s mock exams, the “Becker Bump.” Becker’s exclusive LiveOnline and Live classroom sessions are a big hit among CPA aspirants. In addition, 90% of the Elijah Watt Sells Award winners are Becker students, making it the preferred choice of the top 100 CPA firms. 

  • Extensive course coverage
  • Customized learning through Adapt2U technology
  • “Accounting for Empires” video game
  • Practice exams that mirror the real test
  • TBSs with SkillMaster videos
  • Flexible format, including live online and live classroom sessions
  • Access to success coaches
  • No audio lectures
  • Relatively overpriced
  • Long and monotonous video lectures
Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)
Q#1 – How much does it cost to buy Becker’s CPA review course?

A – The Becker CPA review course pricing depends upon the chosen package. The Advantage package is worth $2,499, the Premium one costs $3,099, and you can buy the Pro package for $3,799.

Q#2 – What is the validity period of Becker’s CPA review products?

A – The Becker Advantage package comes with a 24-month access period. However, you can access the Premium and Pro packages for unlimited time. 

Ideal Choice: For students with no budgetary constraints looking for the most comprehensive and reputed review course. 

#2 – Surgent CPA Review

Revolutionary Technology with Experienced Instructors!

Brief Overview

Surgent CPA Review’s award-winning A.S.A.P (Adaptive Study, Accelerated Performance) technology combined with ReadySCORE prediction (98% accuracy) is a game-changer in the market. It is well-integrated with the course to offer a seamless learning experience.

Its adaptive technology identifies your weak areas and customizes your study plan accordingly. As a result, it reduces your study time considerably. Besides, its score predictor indicates when you are exam-ready. Thus, it claims to get you exam-ready in just 89 hours of study, i.e., four times faster than its competitors. Moreover, it boasts of 92% pass rate.

Surgent offers three packages, i.e., Essentials, Premier, and Ultimate. It has a targeted CPA exam prep approach with 7700 MCQs, 400+ TBSs, 350 nano-sized video lectures, printed flashcards, printed textbooks, and a lot more. Also, its easy-to-navigate and innovative course design is second to none. 

The prep course provider has a mobile app for digital flashcards to reinforce relevant concepts. Also, the unsuccessful students can be a part of its Pass Guarantee program and, if eligible, qualify for a tuition refund. 

  • A.S.A.P technology
  • ReadySCORE predicts exactly when you are ready to pass the exam
  • Experienced instructors
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Audio lectures (with Ultimate package)
  • Unlimited access period
  • Prolonged initial diagnostic quiz
  • Extremely short free trial period (5 days)
Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)
Q#1 – Does Surgent offer payment plans?

A – Yes, Surgent brings forth flexible payment plans with affirm. The Essentials costs $145/month, the Premier is $217/month, and the Ultimate pass is worth $271/month.

Q#2 – Can I access Surgent’s CPA review on a trial basis?

A – Yes, you can try out Surgent’s five-day free trial period. It offers you access to its adaptive technology and allows you to know what makes it stand out from others. 

Ideal Choice: For students on the lookout for a targeted CPA exam prep course provider that helps them pass the exam in the least amount of time with just the required amount of study. 

#3 – Wiley CPAexcel Review

Largest Set of Practice Questions!

Brief Overview

Wiley CPAexcel claims to have almost a million successful CPA applicants, with 9 out of 10 Wiley students passing all four sections. Its FocusME technology, live online classes, extensive question banks, and one-on-one tutoring offer it a competitive edge in the market.

Its innovative adaptive technology analyses your proficiency level to assess the areas for improvement and designs the questions accordingly.  The bite-sized lessons, coupled with adaptive review and exam planner, manage your time well and effectively prepares you for the exam.

It has three CPA review package options: Pro, Platinum, and Ultimate. In addition, Wiley has the largest set of practice questions with 12,000+ MCQs, 140+ hours of video lectures, 300+ TBSs, 4,000 digital and 1,000 printed flashcards, along with countless add-ons. 

The self-study course with one-on-one tutoring sessions and pre-recorded video lectures is apt for all learners. Its features, like eight full mock tests and upgraded study materials, are why 93% of the surveyed accounting experts are most likely to suggest it as the best CPA review course.

  • Most gigantic set of practice questions
  • Advanced learning technology
  • Handy mobile app
  • Varied preparatory content
  • Live online classes
  • Unlimited access until you pass the exam
  • No money-back guarantee
  • No audio lectures
Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)
Q#1 – Is Wiley CPAexcel a better option than Becker CPA Review?

A – It depends upon your preferred learning style. Both Wiley and Becker have distinctive individual advantages. However, Wiley is a better option in terms of practice questions and add-ons. While Becker has an edge in the case of quality, comprehensiveness, experience, and pass guarantee.

Q#2 – How long can I access the Wiley CPAexcel review packages?

A – All three Wiley CPAexcel review products come with an unlimited access period. Hence, you can use the prep tools of the chosen package until you pass the examination. 

Ideal Choice: For self-studying students searching for a flexible course format with an extensive set of practice questions and online classes. 

#4 – Gleim CPA Review

Detailed Prep Course at Affordable Price!

Brief Overview

Gleim CPA Review boasts of getting over one million CPA exams passed with a 91% pass rate. Its teaching methodology focuses on building a thorough understanding of concepts that will help you in the CPA Exam and beyond in your career.

SmartADAPT, Gleim’s adaptive online platform, reviews your existing knowledge to develop a personalized exam planner and recommend study materials just like a personal tutor. The course also offers dedicated individual counselors to provide you with support and guidance throughout your journey. Moreover, it’s mock tests and final reviews build your confidence to face the test day fearlessly.

It provides three CPA review products: Test Bank, Traditional, and Premium, with flexible payment plans. Its 99% satisfaction rate has made over 300 varsities choose Gleim as their exam prep partner.  

Gleim CPA Review guarantees your exam preparedness with a vast number of questions and personal coaching. Each question comes with a brief answer clarification. In addition, it has one of the largest test banks with 10,000+ MCQs, 560+ TBSs, over 100 hours of video lectures, digital flashcards, detailed textbooks, etc. 

  • Large collection of MCQs & TBSs
  • Competitive pricing
  • Commendable student support
  • Audio lectures
  • Detailed answer explanations
  • Affordable pricing
  • Limited downloadable elements
  • Too much amount of prep material
  • Lectures can be a bit boring
Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)
Q#1 – Is Gleim a good CPA review course?

A – Yes, it is. It has one of the largest test banks with the Gleim Instruct video series, flashcards, textbooks, mock exams, and exceptional student support. Needlessly, Gleim is a value-for-money CPA review course that assures guaranteed results.

Q#2 – Can I use Gleim CPA as a standalone course?

A – Yes, you can. Gleim comes with a comprehensive course with detailed printed and digital textbooks and a large set of practice questions. Additionally, it has audio lectures, a video series, unlimited practice exams, a final review course, and personal coaching sessions. 

Ideal Choice: For students who want the most detailed prep course and a personal counselor at a pocket-friendly rate. 

#5 – Uworld Roger CPA Review

A Treat for Visual Learners!

Brief Overview

UWorld Roger CPA Review has helped more than two million students prep for high-stakes exams. The course claims a 94% CPA exam pass rate. Its SmartPath predictive technology compares your performance with previous successful students and provides study recommendations to ensure successful exam completion within three months. 

The course offers high-quality practice questions with flowcharts, tables, and educational demonstrations. Moreover, Roger Phillip’s engaging video lectures have a reputation across the industry. He briefs even the most boring accounting concepts with fun and an unmatched energy level. 

UWorld Roger presents two four-part review course products, i.e., the Premier package & Elite-Unlimited package, along with individual section-specific packages. In addition, it has user-friendly software with 6000+ MCQs, 100+ TBSs, 100+ hours of video lectures, downloadable audio lectures, and practice tests emulating the real exam environment. 

With quality content, engaging teaching methodology, and time-saving SmartPath technology, UWorld perfectly fits the rigorous needs of CPA preparation. Besides, UWorld has been recognized as a leader in education technology with a slew of awards like the Steve Award,  EY Entrepreneur of the Year (2020), and many more, making it the toast of the town.

  • Most interactive and explanatory lectures
  • Interesting and innovative instruction
  • SmartPath predictive technology
  • Fully-featured mobile app synced with the desktop version
  • Personalizable flashcards with spaced-repetition technology
  • Excellent student support
  • Relatively fewer practice questions
  • Only Elite-Unlimited package students have unlimited access
Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)
Q#1 – When does my review course duration time begin?

A – Once you purchase the preferred package, the course duration starts only after activation within the student account. So, for example, if you buy a four-part bundle review package, all four courses will be activated at once.

Q#2 – Does my review course package include the SmartPath predictive technology?

A – Yes, it does. SmartPath predictive technology is an integral aspect of UWorld Roger’s learning process. Therefore, it is included in both four-part and single-section review packages. 

Ideal Choice: For audio and visual learners looking for a streamlined learning experience. 

Comparative Analysis

ParticularsBeckerSurgentWileyGleimUWorld Roger
Unlimited accessPremium & Pro packageAll packagesAll packagesPremium packageElite-Unlimited package
Best feature60+ years of experienceAward-winning technologyMost CPA test prep questionsExhaustive contentEngaging video lectures
Video lecture hours100+ hours350+ lessons140+ hours100+ hours100+ hours
MCQsOver 74007700Over 12000Over 10,000Over 6000
TBSsOver 400 – 500Over 400Over 500Over 560 – 1300Hundreds of TBSs
Student support24×7 student support & response within 2 business days24×7 student support & response within 1 Business Day (Ultimate pass holders)24×7 customer serviceE-mail & Phone supportStudy Hub with 24×7 availability
Mobile appAvailableAvailable (for flashcards only)AvailableUnavailableAvailable
Final review courseAvailableUnavailableUltimate & Platinum packageTraditional & Premium packageElite-Unlimited users
Audio lecturesUnavailableUltimate packageUnavailableTraditional & Premium packageAvailable
FlashcardsDigital & PrintedSpiral-bound for Premium & Ultimate PackageDigital & PrintedOnly Digital for Premium usersOnly Digital
Pass Rate94% of exam sections passed by Exam Day Ready students92% average pass rateEvery 9 out of 10 Wiley students are successful91%94%

Bottom Line

The CPA exam is among the most difficult professional certification examinations requiring months of hard work, dedication, and commitment. Thus, you don’t have to make this tedious journey more frustrating by selecting the wrong CPA review course.

Becker has an edge in terms of experience and inclusivity, while Surgent provides an award-winning technology to target only the required areas. At the same time, Wiley provides innumerable practice questions, Gleim offers a detailed prep course at an affordable price, and UWorld has carved a niche with its engaging and effective video lectures.

Undoubtedly, each prep course provider has its unique selling points. So, assess your study goals, learning style, and budget to pick the one with all the required ingredients to ensure a custom-tailored success plan. Best of luck to all you future CPAs!

This article is a guide to Top 5 Best CPA Review Courses including Becker, Surgent CPA Review Course, Wiley CPAexcel, Gleim, and UWorld Roger CPA. You may also have a look at the below articles to compare CPA with other examinations –

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