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Updated on April 26, 2024
Article byHimani Bhatt
Reviewed byDheeraj Vaidya, CFA, FRM

MDS CPA Review Course

MDS CPA Review is a well-acclaimed CPA Exam prep course known for its concise course content and personalized assistance. It confirms your exam preparedness with uniquely administered review course packages, including over 60 hours of classroom instructional video and one-on-one tutoring sessions. 

MDS CPA Review

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Founded by Steve Martin, the review course has been in the industry for over three decades. MDS is the only prep course provider in the market with a practicing CPA on its management team. 

The intelligent software deployed in its practice exams recognizes the underlying themes of questions you get wrong. This analysis allows you to channelize your study efforts more in the weaker areas. Moreover, unlike other review providers, all study materials are accessible for two full years with no additional payment. 

The review organizes a free info session to answer questions on everything about the CPA exam and testing. You may also take a quick look at the course with its 48-hour free trial period. This demo lets you know what makes MDS different from others.  

Don’t forget to check out the student, grad, and sponsored employee discounts available!


MDS Review Introduction

Features of MDS Review

MDS Review Course Packages

Pros & Cons


What do the customers say?

Final Verdict

MDS CPA Review Introduction

MDS review aims to discourage rote memorization by helping you gain finesse over principles and concepts that form the core of the real test. In addition, its packages steer clear of any high-priced add-ons or hidden charges. It ensures a dependable exam prep partner with the promise of top-class results. 

Moreover, MDS founder Steve Martin and lead instructor Justin Linscott are the authors of all its course materials. The in-house developed content symbolizes transparency, credibility, and absolute professionalism. The USP of the course lies in its brief yet comprehensive content covering all relevant topics.

Furthermore, its instruction videos are informative and engaging and are streamed alongside book videos for better time optimization. The MDS software platform uses analytic tools to create an efficient learning environment that keeps you constantly motivated.

The prep provider brings three review course packages in both four-part and single-part formats. First, the Online Classroom review allows you to learn at your own pace. It adjusts to your rigid schedule to decide the study timetable. Second, Live Classes provide personal instruction and simplify your in-classroom learning experience.  Finally, the Bootcamp program makes you exam-ready within 15 weeks.

Note that all three products have the same suite of features. You may access them through its 6-and 12-month payment plans. Moreover, successful CPA exam completion before the 12 month-period exempts you from further course payment. 

MDS also has an Extended Access option for college students with extra two-year access after graduation. If dissatisfied, you can claim a full repayment under certain terms and conditions. 

Features of MDS CPA Review

1. Live Classes

The practicing professionals impart one-on-one personal instruction to students in and around Columbus, Ohio. The live classes are split into four CPA exam sections, with each topic presented three times a year. All class sessions are streamed online to ensure you don’t miss out on anything. Also, you may even attend the live classes on Wednesday nights and Saturday mornings at your convenience.
Besides, you get the full suite of learning tools like sets of flashcards, online videos, and practice questions for two years with live classes.

2. Tutoring Sessions

MDS’s tutoring sessions put forward all the required information and additional resources to answer your questions. The custom-tailored tutoring assistance helps you design a personalized study plan, find resources to tackle test anxiety, along with identifying and improving the weaker areas. 

Each question on your review course dashboard has a Help button. Click it to contact a staff member for assistance. It helps you practice utilizing formulas and tools, avoid tricky wording, comprehend the concept behind the right answer, and more. 

Tutoring Sessions - Features 1

3. Bootcamp Session

MDS’s detailed Bootcamp Sessions are ideal for students or working professionals short on exam prep time. It makes you well-prepared for the test in 15 weeks flat. This program is indeed the quickest and most effective pathway to CPA exam preparation. These workshops have the same collection of materials as their conventional web-based review courses. 

The four-part combined course is worth $1799. With an extra $150 registration fee, you may also join in-person learning sessions for private, one-on-one coaching. 

4. Extended Access Option

Applicants currently enrolled in college may opt for an extended access option and begin the exam prep now. After graduation, they also secure additional two-year course access. In a nutshell, students can access three-plus years of full-course access for the price of two years. 

This package includes 100+ TBSs, 6000+ MCQs, 4 books, Test Techniques Video, over 60 hours of classroom videos, 24×7 access to professional advice, MDS homework help, and four sets of flashcards. Furthermore, it renders free change pages for all books to include any updates. 

This option saves your after-graduation prep time and lets you make the most of your study plan.

5. Plethora of Prep tools

Be it Bootcamp Sessions, Online Classes, or Live Classrooms, you gain access to an impressive amount of study materials with the MDS CPA Review. Let’s take a quick look at all of them. 

  • Lectures and Homework

Each exam section is segregated into classes with lecture topics. Each class topic comes with a thorough video lecture alongside the written guide. This way, you can watch the video and take notes simultaneously. You can select the preferred topic under any class and start studying.

Lectures and Homework - Features 1
Lectures and Homework - Features 1-1

Each class comes with a Homework section including three phases with a fixed number of questions.

Lectures and Homework - Features 1-2
  • Practice Tests

These timed practice tests emulate the real CPA exam experience. They contain 30 questions to be completed within a 30-minute target time. You can pause the timer anytime and continue even if time runs out.

Practice Tests - features 2

The date, status, and score of each practice test are displayed for assessment. In addition, practice tests have the option to bookmark questions for reviewing them later.

Practice Tests - features 2-1
  • Flashcards

MDS permits you to hand-pick the classes to be reviewed. If preferred, you may view only the bookmarked flashcards or shuffle all four sets of flashcards.

Flashcards - Features 3

Select the preferred number of flashcards to view the question. Then, click the screen to view the answer.

Flashcards - Features 3-1
Flashcards - Features 3-2
  • Simulations

You may finish the available 600+ simulations in any order as mentioned below.

Simulations - Features 4

Pick any description and enter the Title and Code.

Simulations - Features 4-1

For research-based questions, select Authoritative Literature to view the full document.

Simulations - Features 4-2

Moreover, your dashboard also has a Helpful Guides section for detailed instructions on different topics.

Simulations - Features 4-3
  • Progress Tracker

Your results of the practice tests, homework, and simulations are tracked across each exam section. It helps you identify your shortcomings and improve your momentum.

Progress Tracker - Features 5

MDS CPA Review Course Packages

MDS has three review products: Online Classroom, Live Classroom, and Bootcamp Session. All three come with a similar in-depth assortment of prep materials with a two-year access period.

  • More than 60 hours of classroom videos
  • Over 6000 MCQs
  • 100-plus TBSs
  • Four books
  • Four packs of flashcards
  • Testing techniques video
  • One-on-one instruction and guidance from the instructor/owner
PricingOnline ClassroomLive ClassroomBootcamp Session
Best value bundle pack$1799$1799$1799
For individual section$535$535
Additional registration fee for in-person sessions (optional)$150

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Pros & Cons


1. Versatile Financing Plans

MDS provides you with a 12-month payment plan to purchase a four-part in-person or online course. It empowers you to pay at your convenience without any undue pressure. But, of course, the best part about this plan is to pass the exam before 12 months and stop paying for the review! 

It embodies a $160 monthly payment with a one-time registration fee of $150 (optional for in-person courses). 

2. Return Policy & Money-back Guarantee

If you are unsatisfied with MDS CPA Review, return the course material within two weeks of purchase for a complete refund without any questions asked. 

Suppose you are unable to pass the exam within 36 months of purchase inspite of attempting all four sections at least twice a year with free repeat privileges between attempts. In that case, you become eligible for a complete purchase price refund. 

Note that the refunds described above are unavailable for purchases made via an affiliated re-seller or an affiliate discount code. 

3. Professional instructors

MDS aspires for 100% success with no compromise on the quality factor. Driven by this inspiring philosophy, both Justin and Steve only bring the best prep material to your screen. Each study tool on the MDS dashboard is intricately designed after a lot of research and development. 

They put the best-in-class tools into a tight budget. Resultantly, you get the most innovative platform for a successful CPA exam journey. Needlessly, their experience, years of training, and student-friendly approach guarantee excellent outcomes. 

4. No A-la-carte

There is no premium MDS course package option with attractive features. Instead, all the study materials are offered under the same package. It confirms equal treatment to each course product while sustaining their individual quality. The final selection is up to you as per your preferences and learning style. 


1. Extremely Short Free-trial Period

The 48-hour free trial period by MDS is way too short for making the final buying decision. Other prep course vendors like Surgent, Becker, Gleim, and UWorld Roger come with at least a seven-day free trial period. Hence, extending the current duration to at least five days would garner better results. 

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

Q#1 – Why MDS charges a live-class registration fee?

A – The live-class registration charge covers the rental of classroom space. Note that you must only pay a one-time nominal rate of $150 for the live classes.

Q#2 – Can I switch from online classes to live classroom sessions?

A – Yes, you can. Kindly email the MDS team to book a seat in the live classroom sessions. Also, don’t forget to pay up the one-time $150 to enjoy the in-person learning experience.

Q#3 – How do I get the course materials?

A – Students with the in-person classroom option will get the required prep tools on the very first day of class. Moreover, MDS will mail the necessary course materials to students with the online course within one business day of the purchase.

What do the customers say?

Here lie all the testimonials for MDS CPA Review. 

testimonials for MDS CPA Review 1
testimonials for MDS CPA Review 1-1
Going 4 for 4
Why they chose ad
Success with Bootcamp
Taking the test abroad

Final Verdict

Attempting the CPA exam is among your most important life decisions. On that account, determining the best prep course provider comes in a close second. MDS CPA review boasts of providing all prep materials under one umbrella with no lucrative costly bonus features. 

Furthermore, MDS harnesses cutting-edge technology to group common errors and grade your overall performance. It highlights the areas requiring additional scrutiny for assured success. Moreover, its three distinctive course packages are one-of-a-kind and enjoy well-deserved popularity among applicants. 

MDS takes immense pride in being a small organization with a reputation for success. The association with sundry local and international reputable companies and universities signals its worldwide reach.

Don’t just take our word! Rather, check out the 48-hour free trial period and decide for yourself. Then, if interested, become an MDS Student Rep and earn referral discounts on the four-part course package. 

A Guide to MDS CPA Review. Here we discuss the MDS CPA Review course features, study materials, and packages along with the pros & cons. You may also have a look at the below articles to compare CPA with other examinations –

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