Becker CPA Review

Updated on April 29, 2024
Article byHimani Bhatt
Edited byAshish Kumar Srivastav
Reviewed byDheeraj Vaidya, CFA, FRM

Becker CPA Exam Review

Becker CPA Review is a highly reputed CPA Exam prep course. It offers a well-guided learning approach to prepare candidates for the rigorous CPA Exam. Though expensive, its judicious mix of superior content, personalized tools, and expert instruction makes it one of the most popular and sought-after CPA review courses.

Becker CPA Review

Becker includes four-course parts aligned to the four CPA Exam sections. You can either buy a study package consisting of all of them or individual course parts. Becker provides three review packages, namely, Advantage, Premium, and Pro.

You can pick the most suitable one as per your budget and learning requirements. Moreover, you can choose to make the payment all at once or in monthly installments. However, check your eligibility for any discounts through your association, employer, or university before making the payment. You may also try the 14-day free demo of the review course to check whether or not Becker is the right choice for you.

Table of Contents

Format of Becker CPA Review

The Becker review course is available in the following formats:

  • Self-study online – The online self-study format includes pre-recorded lectures, practice questions, simulated exams, and skill master videos.
  • Live classroom – Besides access to all the self-study tools, the live classroom sessions enable students to interact with their instructors and peers. They can clarify doubts and get personal guidance from instructors. However, the live classroom option is available only in select geographies.
  • Live online – The virtual classroom format offers access to all resources and instructors anywhere in the world through the Internet.

Salient Features of Becker CPA Review

#1 – Proficiency Badge

Powered by Becker’s Adapt2U Technology which assesses what you already know and tailors the student experience to focus on areas where they would need the most assistance, the Becker exclusive proficiency badge tracks and helps students visualize their level of proficiency around each section and key concepts to help determine areas where they may need more support. 

Salient Features of Becker CPA Review 1

Stars in the picture mentioned above indicate your proficiency level (both area-wise and section-wise) in the AUD section. Click them to view section-specific CPA Exam Blueprints. 

Salient Features of Becker CPA Review 1-1

As displayed, you can also check out your proficiency as per the exam topics. The proficiency stars are filled according to your performance. The stars allow you to focus time and effort in areas where you need support for efficient study that links directly to relevant exam content.

#2 – Practice Tests

Becker provides a vast database of multiple-choice questions (MCQs) and task-based simulations (TBSs). The number of questions may vary as per the chosen course package. 

Hence, you can generate countless number of custom-tailored practice tests based on your proficiency badge. The tests are personalized to ensure you get maximum practice in topics you are weak in without wasting time on sections you have attained proficiency in. This reduces your study time and prepares you effectively. Besides, the practice tests also familiarize you with the question format, layout, and response. 

You can choose either Random or Personalized practice tests. The former is a short-exam modeled test with random questions from each selected unit. While the latter offers an A2U-powered, uniquely chosen set of questions from your less-proficient areas. 

Salient Features of Becker CPA Review 1-2

As shown above, under the New Test tab, you can choose the mode, section, number of units, and question types to be included in the test. Furthermore, you can access your test results under the Reports tab.

Salient Features of Becker CPA Review 1-3

#3 – SkillMaster videos

These exclusive videos provide efficient tips and step-by-step procedures to answer TBSs with ease. They tell you the correct solution and explain the logic behind the answer. 

You can access the 15-minute-long SkillMaster CPA Review videos after the completion of each corresponding TBS. It features an experienced Becker instructor explaining how to apply theoretical concepts to real-world scenarios. 

Becker students have online and offline access to the complete video library for reference through Becker Exam Review mobile app. 

Select the SkillMaster videos section of your online dashboard and click Open to view the tutorial videos. 

Salient Features of Becker CPA Review 1-4

#4 – Live Online and Live Classroom

Becker’s review packages offer you a real-time online classroom scheduling option. Students of both the Premium and Pro packages can opt for Live Online scheduling. However, only Pro package students can avail of the Live Classroom scheduling option.

Unlike scripted lessons, these classes also equip you with some additional tips and strategies. In addition, it offers you a structured routine, daily teaching, and complete attention from Becker instructors

Salient Features of Becker CPA Review 1-5

You can view the date, day, and duration of your next Live Online/Live Classes on your dashboard. Moreover, you can also click View All to see all the upcoming live sessions. 

Salient Features of Becker CPA Review 1-6

As shown in the image, you can filter out the sessions per the sections, formats, or days of the week. For schedule, location, and class details, click View.  

Salient Features of Becker CPA Review 1-7

#5 – Adapt2U Technology

Becker caters to the different learning needs of the candidates through its Adapt2U Technology. This adaptive technology is powered by the Swedish award-winning Sana Labs’ AI machinery. It assesses each individual’s strong and weak points to provide them with a unique review session. 

The Adapt2U technology lets students decide the most efficient and quickest method for CPA Exam preparation. It utilizes a learning analytics engine to collect and evaluate student activities within the course. 

Besides addressing the content that you don’t know, it also reintroduces content via spaced repetition to help drill ideas into your study routine. This reinforces learning and ensures a better understanding of key concepts.

Furthermore, it offers plenty of other benefits: 

  • Performance tracking with simple graphics
  • Customized study routines
  • Better memorization of relevant concepts
  • Personalized simulations

#6 – Study Planner

Becker provides a study planner for candidates in their dashboard. It helps organize a student’s daily learning tasks. It is especially beneficial for candidates who have opted for a self-study format.

Salient Features of Becker CPA Review 1-8

To create your personalized study plan, click Create Plan. Then, enter details related to the exam section you are preparing for, exam dates, learning hours, and study days. The planner will generate a customized study schedule as per your preference.

#7 – Exhaustive and Up-to-date Content

Becker content includes an exhaustive list of lectures, books, practice questions, flashcards, etc. All contents are updated to reflect the 2021 changes to the CPA Exam Blueprints. Besides, you have unlimited access to all content under the Premium and Pro package until you pass the exam.

#8 – Success Coaches 

With Premium or Pro packages, you also have access to success coaches. These mentors help you in goal setting, planning a study routine, and course recommendations.  

By providing information, encouragement, and guidance, these mentors nurture your aspirations. In addition, they offer insights keeping in mind your abilities, skills, and performance over time.

#9 – Simulated Exams

Becker offers three simulated exams for each of the four exam sections that mirror the CPA Exam in format, style, functionality, and time. All simulated exams include brand new questions that are not recycled from other practice exams to ensure you are exam day ready. 

#10 – Flexible Payment Option

Becker offers installment payment options (0% interest) for purchases over $500. Moreover, you can get discounts on choosing specific packages. In addition, there is a group pricing option for candidates from certain firms or associations.

Becker also provides a three-month extension of classes if a candidate (with limited access) does not pass the CPA Exam. This extension is free of charge but subject to the fulfillment of certain conditions.

Becker CPA Review Course

Becker includes four-course parts aligned to the four CPA Exam sections: Auditing (AUD), Business (BEC), Financial (FIN), and Regulation (REG). You can opt for an individual course part or a combined study or review package consisting of all of them. 

Becker CPA Course

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The individual course parts are available at $799. They provide 24-month access to all study materials.

Besides, there are three CPA Review Packages: Advantage (starter), Premium (standard), and Pro (advanced). They vary as per the available resources and study materials. Therefore, you can pick the most suitable one as per your budget and learning requirements. 

Let’s discuss their differences in detail.

Pro, Premium, & Advantage Package

Pro, Premium, & Advantage Package

Please note that the Flex Pay option signifies a no-interest payment plan on the review course. Check out the Pros & Cons section for a better understanding.

Exclusive Discounts on Becker CPA Exam Review

–>> The #1 Solution for the 2024 CPA Exam. Becker has your Back! – Exclusive offers three review course products, Advantage, Premium, and Pro, with flexible payment plans and special discount offers. Becker offers mobile app, 7400+ multiple-choice questions (MCQs), 450+ task-based simulations (TBSs), 200+ video lectures, 1250+ digital and printed Flashcards, 400+ SkillMaster videos, and plenty of add-ons.

Pros & Cons

Let’s discuss some merits and demerits of the Becker review course. Please note that the pros of the Becker review course significantly outweigh the cons.


  1. Extensive study material

Students get to study from an expansive database of MCQs and TBSs selected by Becker’s subject experts. Besides, the study material is mapped to the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) Exam Blueprints.

Becker prepares you for all types of sims through its SkillMaster videos. The videos provide expert guidance with professional strategies and tricks to handle challenging sims.

Moreover, Becker provides an exhaustive list of practice questions to prepare you for the exam day as efficiently as possible. It offers over 7000 MCQs and 400 TBSs in the Advantage and the Premium package, while more than 8700 MCQs and 500 TBSs in the Pro version. 

2. Versatile study format

Becker prepares students for CPA Exam by designing a time-bound study schedule. This way, you can ensure to complete the course within the stipulated period. 

Becker CPA Pros 1

As displayed above, each exam section area is divided into several modules. Each module is further bifurcated into three parts: lecture, MCQs, and Simulations (sims). You can attend the lecture, go through MCQs, or attempt sims as per your preferences.

Becker CPA Pros 1-1

While answering the MCQs, you have the option to go through the lectures and find the answers. You can even bookmark the questions and review them later. Moreover, each question and the entire session are timed. 

Becker CPA Pros 1-2

With sims too, you have access to the SkillMaster Video related to the question being asked. In addition, each sim comes with a solution. You can check it through the Show Solution tab.

Attending the lectures and then answering related questions ensures that you understand the potential questions from each module. Since the questions are timed, you also get an idea of how quick you must be to guarantee exam success. 

3. Team of well-trained instructors

Becker boasts of some experienced CPAs and well-trained professionals from the field of business, law, and accounting.

With years of experience in their respective fields, the instructors at Becker are subject experts. Besides, they are adept at delivering classes in diverse modes, including classroom and live online.

Moreover, they are constantly updated with the latest trends in their respective sectors. Therefore, it guarantees that you get to study what is relevant in the current context. 

Also, the talented writers at Becker break down the highly technical content into easy-to-understand study material. This ensures better comprehension and easy recollection. 

4. Utilitarian Mobile App

You can download the Becker CPA Review mobile app on both Android and Apple tablets and smartphones. Then, log in with your credentials, and you’re good to go! 

You can also avail of automatic progress synchronization between your computer and mobile digital devices. Hence, it becomes easy to take up from where you left off.

Students may download the study material and access it offline while they are on the go. Here are some app reviews. 

Becker CPA Pros 1-3

5. Plenty of add-ons

Becker offers a lot of add-ons for CPA candidates. These include Printed Flashcards, Final Review Software, and MCQ Bank (for Pro users). 

Moreover, it also offers 1-on-1 tutoring sessions and CPE subscriptions for Pro users. This motivates the students to leverage as many resources as possible for assured results. 

6. Value-for-money packages

Becker keeps the students’ varying budgets in mind and offers three distinctive packages. It ensures that they can prepare affordably with the best available resources. 

Becker is often criticized as the most overpriced CPA Review Provider. However, the latest move by Becker to offer discounts on all packages has undoubtedly changed that fact.

Now, you can take advantage of the virtual live online classroom and success coaches with the Premium package without shelling out more on Pro.

7. Amazing student support

Students can get excellent support from Becker’s dedicated academic team. In addition, its customer support team is committed to providing complete assistance to the students.

This helps the candidates take every step toward their CPA Exam Prep with absolute confidence. The experts at Becker are always at the beck-and-call of the students. Moreover, they ensure to offer a personal response to any query within two days. 

8. Flexible Payment Options

Becker offers flexible payout options for all of its review packages. It means that you can choose a payment plan with no interest. It includes:

  • Semiannual, annual, or biennial installment plans on eligible CPA Review purchases of more than $500
  • A one-time and non-refundable ($49, $69, or $99) processing fee 

Becker also offers group pricing for candidates associated with specific firms or government agencies.

9. Interactive game – Becker Accounting for Empires

Accounting is generally regarded as a dull subject. Becker has given it an exciting twist by introducing the interactive game “Accounting for Empires.”

It requires you to answer questions and collect resources for building your empire. This way, students get to study in a more fun and entertaining way.

Besides, you can interact and compete with other CPA aspirants. Also, the game gives you a break from the monotonous MCQ Banks and video lectures. 

10. Customized review sessions

The predictive Adapt2U technology evaluates your performance as you study. Then, you are presented with a custom-tailored review session at the end of every unit. It demonstrates the areas to strengthen based on an individual’s performance. 

Becker CPA Pros 1-4

11. Attractive discounts, offers, and scholarships

For a limited period, candidates can save bucks and get attractive discount offers on review courses. For more information, please check the Becker website.

Moreover, candidates can also take advantage of the Newt D. Becker Scholarship program. Note that candidates eligible for this scholarship should have high moral character, possess excellent leadership skills, and must be dedicated to community service. As part of this program, Becker provided 110 candidates with the Becker Advantage Package in 2020.


Here are some of the demerits of the Becker review course.

1. No audio lectures

Students who are into auditory study material will be a bit disappointed with Becker. However, you can always listen to their engaging video lectures, which many students do. 

2. Expensive

Becker undoubtedly provides you with value-for-money packages. Still, it is a bit costly as compared to other CPA Review providers. Hence, it is suggested to make the most of the available discounts and offers. 

Free Demo: A Walkthrough for the Candidates!

Candidates doubtful of Becker can opt for a free 14-day demo class. Know that demo registration may take not more than 30 minutes. Afterward, you will receive an email with instructions on logging in to the account. Once you have logged in, you can access the course. Click here to register for Free Demo.

Note that the review course content is designed as per the AICPA Exam Blueprints and is updated continuously. Also, it mirrors the actual CPA Examination format, functionality, and layout. The software allows you to track your progress, create a structured study routine, schedule your Live Online/Live Classes, and solve practice tests. 

You can avail of the following through the demo class:

  • Adapt2U technology
  • Two units per exam section
  • Digital flashcards
  • Progress syncing (Demo-to-Purchase)
  • Adaptive customized review sessions (around 60)
  • Unlimited practice tests
  • 31 hours of lecture content
  • About 100 TBSs and SkillMaster videos
  • Around 1490 MCQs

Let’s give you a walkthrough of the free demo class. This is how your dashboard would look.

Walkthrough for the Candidates 1
  • Choose a section from the dropdown box to start prepping up. 
  • Section Proficiency displays your proficiency level for every area and the overall section. 
  • Click the Contact Support icon to avail of Academic or Customer support
  • Select the Bell icon to review the notifications about any exam updates. 
  • Go to your Profile to redeem materials and gather other information. 
  • Scroll down further to view additional features. 
Walkthrough for the Candidates 1-1
  • Exam Tracker asks you to enter the scheduled exam date (or schedule the exam if you haven’t). This helps with adequate preparation within the stipulated period. 
  • View the Getting Started Video to get an idea of what is waiting for you. 
  • Check out Glossary for technical or unfamiliar words. 
  • The Course Updates and Newly Released Questions facilitate your exam strategy by offering only the currently relevant questions. 
  • Click the bottom left arrow to view the offered features.
Walkthrough for the Candidates 1-2
  • Select SkillMaster to check out the TBS tutorial videos. 
  • Find Questions lets you search any particular question without having to go through the entire test bank. 
  • Performance dashboard enables you to track your performance.  
Walkthrough for the Candidates 1-3

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

Q #1 – How much does Becker’s CPA Review cost?

A – Becker’s CPA Review cost ranges from $2499-$5999 as per the chosen study package. You can get the Premium and Pro packages at the discounted rates of $2999 and $2299, respectively. However, the Advantage package costs $2399 without any discount.

Q #2 – Is Becker tougher than the actual CPA Exam?

A – Yes, it is. Popularly known as the “Becker Bump,” the methodology strives to prepare candidates for the worst. In addition, Becker utilizes a tougher scoring technique than the actual CPA Exam. This helps in pushing the limits of applicants.

Q #3 – Is Becker CPA Review worth the time, money, and effort?

A – Yes, Becker CPA Review is worth everything. Its well-designed content, customized support, expert practice tools, and professional instruction make it worthwhile. Also, “Big 4” accounting firms endorse the same, justifying its relevance.

What do the Customers Say?

Let’s see what the students have to say after using the Becker review course. 

using Becker CPA Review Course 1
using Becker CPA Review Course 1-1
using Becker CPA Review Course 1-2

Here are the AICPA’s user-produced reviews for Becker.

AICPA’s user-produced 1
AICPA’s user-produced 1-1

Final Verdict

Becker has been a pioneer in preparing CPA aspirants. Over the past 60 years, its comprehensive and innovative learning tools have revolutionized the CPA exam preparation process.

Becker’s almost $3 million investment in the last two years has led to this elegant and cutting-edge review course. It offers everything accounting students can ask for, along with creative add-ons. As a result, candidates choosing Becker have seemingly outperformed their counterparts. The Becker CPA pass rates stand witness to it.

In 2020, Becker Exam Day Ready students passed 94% of the attempted CPA Exam sections. Precisely put, they qualified over one-third of all exam sections passed in 2020. This proves the impact this review course makes on students’ preparation process.

Moreover, Becker has maintained an excellent track record of delivering outstanding results every year. For the last 14 years, 90% of the Elijah Watt Sells Award winners have used Becker.

Till now, over one million professionals have relied on Becker CPA Review for exam preparation. Besides, more than 2900 organizations trust Becker to crack the CPA Exam, including the “Big 4” accounting firms.

From the state-of-the-art Adapt2U technology and personalized practice tests to exclusive SkillMaster video, Becker has transformed the face of CPA preparation. Hence we can affirm that as long as you stay committed to your study routine, Becker’s path-breaking review course will guarantee you 100% success.