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Updated on March 22, 2024

Prometric is a company providing computer-based testing and assessment services through its global network of test centers. The CPA Exam is one of the several professional certification tests conducted by it. Besides the CPA Exam, Prometric also offers exam registration, scheduling, rescheduling, and testing services to a number of other academic and professional bodies.

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The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA), Prometric, and the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA) collaborate to administer the CPA Exam. For the CPA Exam, Prometric manages test appointments, delivers the exam to authorized test centers, and returns the results to AICPA for final scoring.

What is a Prometric CPA Center?

Prometric makes all necessary arrangements for the smooth delivery of the CPA Exam through its web portal and test centers. Its test centers provide all necessary pre-requisites like computers, proctors, exam software, and security for administering the exam. At the same time, the web portal assists in registration, scheduling, and testing services.

Prometric has test centers across the globe to boost exam accessibility for everyone. It has over 6000 computer-based test centers in more than 180 countries. However, all these test centers do not deliver the CPA Exam. Therefore, you can take the exam only at designated Prometric centers.

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US Testing centres

You can take the exam in any of the authorized Prometric centers in the 54 US jurisdictions. You can also take the exam at Prometric centers in Canada and Guam, as there is no specific residency or citizenship requirement for testing in these countries.

International Testing Centres

Candidates can sit for the CPA Exam at any of the 17 designated international locations. First, however, they must fulfill the residency or citizenship requirement and complete the international registration process.

Please note that a passport is mandatory to schedule the examination at an international location. You can take the exam at any of the below-mentioned locations, irrespective of its physical distance from the preferred US jurisdiction. 

The designated international locations for taking the Prometric CPA exam are Japan, South Korea, Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Kuwait, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, England, Scotland, Ireland, Germany, India, Nepal, and Israel.

Prometric CPA Scheduling 

You must complete the application process and receive your Notice-to-Schedule (NTS) before scheduling for each section of the CPA Exam with Prometric. 

Where to schedule?

You can pick any US jurisdiction of your choice. Please bear in mind that it is not mandatory to select the Prometric center in the jurisdiction you plan to be licensed.

When to schedule?

You must schedule at least five days before the desired test date. However, NASBA recommends scheduling at least 45 days before the exam date. This ensures you get the desired date, time, and place.

While scheduling more than one exam section in a day, beware of overlapping appointment times. Always ensure that you leave enough time between two exam sections to complete the necessary check-in process.

Take each examination section within the NTS validity period (as per your state board). Or else you will lose your exam fees and have to re-register. 

How to schedule?

You can schedule your Prometric CPA exam online or call a candidate service call center.

Online scheduling

Follow these steps to book your seat at your preferred (domestic or international) test center. But before you start the online scheduling process, keep your NTS handy for quick reference.

  1. Go to the Prometric website
  2. Under the Actions menu, click Schedule. The Test Information page appears.
  3. Click the Schedule icon.
  4. Select your country/state to go to the Information Review page.
  5. Click Next to go to the Policy Information page.
  6. Give your consent and proceed further.
  7. On the Eligibility Information screen, enter the following details and proceed:
    • Exam section Identification number (appearing on the NTS)
    • First four letters of your last name
  8. Select a location.
  9. Click on Schedule an Appointment.
  10. On the Biometric Collection and Disclosure Information page, select the desired option.
  11. Select the preferred date and time.
Scheduling Through Candidate Services Call Centre

Alternatively, you can call the Candidate Services Call Centre at 800-580-9648 anytime from 8 AM-8 PM (Monday-Friday) Eastern Time. You may schedule the appointment for one or more CPA Exam sections at a time. 

In case of multiple scheduling, ensure to identify the times, locations, and dates you wish to take each section. After finishing the scheduling process, you will get an email confirmation of the appointment.

Furthermore, keep your NTS to provide details to the customer service representative. You can also ask the directions to the test center.

Prometric CPA Rescheduling or Cancellation

Like scheduling, you can also cancel or reschedule an appointment using the following two approved methods:

  • Prometric’s web scheduling tool
  • Prometric Candidate Services Call Centre


To reschedule or cancel an appointment in the web scheduling tool, you must enter the following details:

  • confirmation number you received during the initial scheduling
  • four characters of your last name

Remember to finish the online rescheduling process with the “Reschedule Appointment: Appointment Complete” screen.  After that, wait for the confirmation email to ensure successful rescheduling.

Please note that if you cancel but don’t reschedule, you won’t receive a refund of the examination fee paid. Also, there won’t be a refund of the international surcharge for changing the testing location from an international to a domestic (any US territory) one. 

Please note that cancellation or rescheduling of the appointment does not affect the NTS expiration date. So, ensure to cancel the appointment within the NTS expiration date and arrive at the test center with the right NTS or personal identification (ID) documents. Otherwise, you will be noted as a “no-show” and will lose your exam fee. 


Prometric takes around 5-7 days to send your no-show attendance status to NASBA. Also, NASBA takes seven days to process the NTS expired status. Therefore, you must reapply only after the aforesaid time period.

Appointment particularsStatusRescheduling or refund of feesReapply
Failure to cancel the appointmentNo-show attendance statusNot possibleAfter 5-7 days (with appropriate fees)
Failure to schedule the appointment within the NTS validity periodNTS expired statusNot possibleAfter 7 days (with appropriate fees)
Failure to appear for the appointment (extreme circumstances)No-show attendance statusPossible (Request your state board or its designee)

Rescheduling/Cancellation Fees

You must pay a specific fee amount to reschedule your appointment depending upon when you inform Prometric of the change or cancellation. 

Days before the scheduled appointmentCancellation/Rescheduling Fees
More than 30 days$0.00
6-29 days$35
5 days and up to 24 hours before the examination day$83.76
Less than 24 hoursCan’t reschedule

Locating the Nearest Test Centre

Know that not every Prometric testing center offers the CPA Exam. Hence, select your exam first and then go through the scheduling process carefully. 

Follow these steps to locate the nearest Prometric CPA test center:

  1. Go to the Prometric website.
  2. Under the Test Takers tab, select Find My Exam.
  3. Search for CPA Exam and click on it.
  4. Under the Actions menu, click Locate.
  5. Select the exam section you wish to sit for (AUD, BEC, FAR, REG).
  6. Enter the desired location and date range (with not more than a gap of 2 weeks).

Finalize the scheduling process as soon as possible since the availability may change anytime. 

In case of unexpected test center closures, the Prometric rescheduling department will contact you within 48-72 hours to reschedule your exam without penalty. Besides, you can visit the Site Updates page and check out the status of your testing center location. 

Payment Process

Credit cards

You can opt for credit card payment to schedule the Prometric CPA Exam. Moreover, certified bank checks, wire transfers, or money orders may also be acceptable for some programs. So, check accordingly. 

Prometric Vouchers

Candidates may also utilize a Prometric voucher (discounted or prepaid exam certificate) for CPA examination payment. Just provide the voucher number during online/telephonic scheduling. Or you can also present it at the local test center. 

Please note that you can’t redeem these non-refundable and non-returnable vouchers after the expiration date. The CPA examination payment criteria vary as per the concerned jurisdiction. Hence, check with your state board and request a payment receipt from the concerned organization. 

Also, you can contact Prometric and avail of a confirmation letter detailing the amount paid for the exam. 

Test Drive

The Test Drive program offers you a chance to take a 30-minute dry run of the CPA test center experience (per the available appointments) before the actual examination. You can take a tour of your test center with all check-in and testing processes performed as on the test day. 

It provides you with an opportunity to get familiar with the look and feel of your exam to avoid pre-test mistakes. Please note that the questions in the Test Drive session are just samples of question types that may appear in the actual examination.

You can sign-up for the session unlimited times to get yourself familiar with the overall procedure. Moreover, neither the Test Drive session is scored nor does it affect your actual CPA Exam. Ensure to resolve any query about Test Drive with a Prometric representative. 

The step-by-step test drive process includes:

  1. Check-in at the physical testing location.
  2. ID confirmation
  3. Biometric-enabled check-in
  4. Image capture
  5. Seating
  6. Tutorial
  7. Sample test
  8. Survey of the experience
  9. End-of-test report
  10. Check-out

What to Expect on the Test Day?

Please note that AICPA, Boards of Accountancy, and NASBA have developed the Prometric CPA Exam steps. 

Pre-requisite documents for CPA Exam Day are:

  • Two forms of ID (one with a recent photograph)
  • NTS

The appointment time on your confirmation notice will display four hours and 30 minutes. Know that the additional half an hour includes exam log-in, survey, and a standardized break.

  1. You should arrive (with the correct NTS and personal ID) at the test center 30 minutes before the scheduled exam time, or else you will forfeit the appointment and exam fees.
  2. The exam must start within 30 minutes of the scheduled start time. Wait or request to reschedule in case of any technical error. 
  3. You should place your personal belongings in the Prometric storage lockers. Remember to return the locker key upon your departure from the test center. Keep in mind that test center personnel are not responsible for stolen or lost items. 
  4. You can use soft, foam wireless earplugs for the exam but only after its inspection. 
  5. Your ID is scanned thoroughly. 
  6. A digital photograph of your face will be taken.
  7. You will be scanned through a hand-held metal detector before entering the test room (including returns from breaks).
  8. You will be required to provide a fingerprint via the biometric fingerprint-capturing system before and after breaks. 
  9. You should write your exam launch code on noteboards. They are provided to make notes. Remember to return the noteboards to the test center staff upon exam completion. 
  10. You will be taken to your exam seat by the test center staff. Once the exam is launched, remain in your seat until authorized to leave the testing room. 
  11. You should read and proceed through the introductory exam screens within five minutes. Failing to do so will result in automatic termination of the test session and forfeiture of the exam fees. 
  12. You should report any technical problem immediately to the test center staff. 
  13. Upon finishing the exam, you should leave the exam room silently and sign in your test center logbook. 
  14. Keep the Confirmation of Attendance Form with you and report issues/incidents (if any) to the address given in the form. 

So, ensure to familiarize yourself with the Prometric CPA Exam appointment process. This way, you can ensure impressive and stress-free performance. 

Nevertheless, try to arrive at your local testing center a bit earlier than required. In case of any queries, contact the customer service representative as soon as possible. In a nutshell, make the most of your testing day!

This article has been a guide to the Prometric CPA Exam. We discuss Prometric CPA Exam, Prometric reschedule or cancel the Prometric CPA Exam. You may also have a look at the below articles other articles on CPA examinations: –

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