Surgent vs Becker CPA Review

Surgent vs Becker CPA Review

Both Surgent and Becker are online prep course providers for Certified Public Accountant (CPA) exam applicants. However, the primary difference between Surgent vs Becker CPA Review lies in their approach to exam preparation. 

Surgent vs Becker CPA Review

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Surgent utilizes an Artificial Intelligence (AI)-enabled software to target only the weak study areas. In contrast, Becker leverages the Adapt2U technology to ensure that students learn everything in the curriculum.

Becker has years of industry experience serving the “Big 4” and top accounting firms. Besides, it offers several additional features like a mobile app, study planner, digital flashcards, final review cram course, etc. 

On the other hand, Surgent is a relatively new program. However, its unique features like ReadySCORE, MyMCQ, and A.S.A.P (Adaptive Study, Accelerated Performance) methodology are second-to-none. 

Precisely put, the final choice depends upon your preferred learning style, budget, and timing of the CPA exam. First, let’s discuss different aspects of the Surgent and Becker review courses and compare them.


Surgent vs Becker CPA Review Features

Comparative Table – Surgent vs Becker CPA Review

Surgent vs Becker: Which One to Pick & Why?

Surgent vs Becker CPA Review Features

#1 – Review Packages


Surgent offers three affordable CPA exam prep packages: Essentials Pass, Premier Pass, and Ultimate Pass. Here are the attributes of each package.

Surjent Review Packages

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Becker offers three highly-priced but value-for-money review packages: Advantage, Premium, and Pro. Take a look at their features. 

Becker Review Packages

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#2 – Pricing


FeaturesIndividual Course PartsEssentials PassPremier PassUltimate Pass
CostMarket price – $599Market price – $1599
Discounted price – $899 (with code ESS700)
Market price – $2399
Discounted price – $1399 (with code PREM1000)
Market price – $2999
Discounted price – $1899 (with code ULT1100)
Flexible payment option$55/month$145/month$217/month$271/month


FeaturesIndividual Course PartsEssentials PassPremier PassUltimate Pass
Cost Market price – $799Market price – $2399Market price – $2999
Discounted price – $2099
Market price – $3499
Discounted price – $2299
Flexible payment option$66.58/month$99.95/month249.91/month$291.58/month

#3 – Course Highlight: A.S.A.P vs Adapt2U Technology


Surgent’s A.S.A.P technology is a boon for CPA candidates. It works in four phases: Assessment, Study, Study and Simulation, and finally, Practice and Pass. First, the software evaluates your initial knowledge in the assessment phase (10 quizzes with a total of 350 questions).

Then, it generates a baseline ReadySCORE identifying your weak areas. After analyzing it, the software produces a custom-tailored study plan. This directs your focus on only the areas requiring improvement. 

Assessment Quiz 1

Hence, you dedicate your time, energy, and effort in the right direction. Surgent prepares you not for what you already know but for what you find difficult to understand. As you progress further, it eliminates the topics you have mastered and targets the ones you struggle with.

Surgent uses its unique tool, ReadySCORE, for your CPA exam score prediction. It estimates your score (with 99% accuracy) at any given time. This keeps you on your toes and encourages you to do better. While comparing Surgent vs Becker, this feature of the Surgent CPA Review tips the scale in its favor.


The Adapt2U technology by Becker aims at consistent performance tracking with easy-to-understand graphics. Please note that it is powered by the Swedish award-winning Sana Labs’ AI machinery. 

Its learning analytics engine gathers and assesses your activities throughout the course. In addition, it tracks your performance in every module through the proficiency badge.

Besides, Becker provides the students with an engaging and customized study planner. This helps ensure on-time review completion with personalized sims. 


#4 – Study & Prep Material


Surgent offers you over 350 bite-sized video lectures. These are highly informative, easy-to-understand, short, and to-the-point. Each video is of 10-20 minutes. Additionally, it provides you with a set of textbooks (digital and hardcopy) for quicker comprehension. 

Study & Prep Material

Each section is divided into areas. Each area consists of videos effectively covering all its contents. Besides, area-specific study questions for practice are also featured there.

The “2019 Silver Stevie Award winner” also contains more than 7700 MCQs, a flashcard app, and 400 simulations (sims). Though not as voluminous as Becker, Surgent never compromise on the quality of the questions. Each MCQ has text explanations to eliminate any doubts. 

Moreover, its practice exam mirrors the actual CPA exam layout, functionality, and format. This helps you effectively handle the exam-day stress without affecting your performance. 

Study & Prep Material 1


Unlike Surgent, Becker’s study material is highly comprehensive. Thus, it ensures complete exam preparedness. Furthermore, Becker has over 7000 MCQs, 400 TBSs (with SkillMaster videos), and 190 hours of mini video lectures in store. 

Audit Reports

Each exam section is bifurcated into modules. Each module presents lectures, MCQs, and sims. You can listen to the lecture and attempt MCQs or sims as per your preference. Lectures consist of video sessions along with the digital document.

digital document

Students can pause the video and take notes wherever necessary. They can also search for and go through a specific concept. Moreover, they can see the SkillMaster video tutorial and read the answer explanation for each sim. 

Becker provides students access to the complete SkillMaster video library to help with simulations.

SkillMaster video library

Needlessly, Becker students have the upper hand in terms of attending the live lectures. Besides, there are detailed textbooks (digital and print) to supplement the learning process. This ensures a comprehensive understanding of the content. 

While comparing Surgent vs Becker, Becker CPA Review prepares candidates beyond the CPA exams. On the other hand, Surgent takes a myopic view of just passing the exam.

#5 – Learning Approach


If you don’t have much time left for the exam, the Surgent review course is the right option. It helps you target only the topics you find challenging to handle. This way, you can attain guaranteed results in no time. 

Moreover, it keeps tracking your performance and adapting your study plan accordingly as you proceed with the course. Precisely put, Surgent paves an optimized learning path for CPA applicants. 


Becker incorporates an all-inclusive learning approach for CPA exam applicants. It offers more detailed books, LiveOnline classes, and hundreds of high-quality practice questions. Besides, it also has an MCQ bonus bank and more than 1250 flashcards for effective preparation. In a nutshell, the Becker review course is worth every penny of yours. 

#6 – Pass Rates


Surgent claims an 88% CPA exam pass rate for students with a ReadySCORE of 75 or beyond. In addition, it dedicates around 144 hours less average study time per section than Becker. 

Furthermore, the Surgent review course is four times faster than other courses while saving over 400 hours of learning time. Hence, they achieve a 40% higher pass rate than the National Average. 


In 2020, Becker Exam Day Ready students passed 94% of the attempted CPA exam sections. It amounts to over 33,000 sections, that is, more than 1/3rd of all sections passed in the year. 

More than one million students have chosen Becker for their exam prep over the years. Also, 90% of the Watt Sells Award winners (2005-2019) were Becker students. On comparing Surgent vs Becker pass rates, Becker CPA Review clearly emerges as the winner.

#7 – Access Period


All of the Surgent review packages offer unlimited access to candidates. Also, it provides a money-back guarantee to unsuccessful CPA exam applicants. However, they must satisfy the required terms and conditions. 


Becker’s Advantage package comes with 24-month access. However, the Pro and Premier package allows unlimited access to students. 

Moreover, the “Becker Promise” allows unsuccessful CPA exam candidates to re-take the course for free. However, they must fulfil the eligibility requirements to qualify for the same. 

#8 – Discounts & Offers


As specified above, Surgent is currently offering discount on its course packages. Each customer can avail discount by clicking here – Surgent CPA Review discounts

You can also switch to Surgent from any other prep course provider and save up to $1200. However, you must fulfill the eligibility requirements. 

Furthermore, you can also receive a special discount code by attending a free live webinar (30-45 minutes). This offers some significant savings on your review purchase. 


Now, you can check for discounts on Becker review packages here – Becker’s Premium and Pro Discount package. Also, Becker students planning to re-start their studies after inactivity may get special discounts.

Students may also check their eligibility for Newt. D Becker Scholarship program. They can contact the Customer Support team at 877-272-3926 for details. 

Comparative Table – Surgent vs Becker CPA Review

Founded in19851957
Content access periodUnlimitedUnlimited (except the Advantage Package)
Course price range$1599-$2999$2399-$3499
Free trial period5-day free trial period15-day Free trial period
Video lecturesOver 350Over 200
FlashcardsPrinted (with Premium and Ultimate Pass)Printed (with Pro package only)
Digital (with all packages)
MCQs7700 (all packages)Advantage – 7000+
Premium & Pro – 7400+
TBSs400+ TBSs400+ TBSs
Financing optionsFlex Pay (3,6, or 12 months with 0% interest)Flex Pay (3,6, or 12 months with 0%-30% interest)
Customer Service24×7 student support & response within 1 Business Day (For Ultimate pass holders)24×7 student support & response within 2 business days
Course FormatsOnlineLive, LiveOnline, and On-demand
Mobile AppFor flashcards onlyFor overall CPA Exam Prep
Money-back guaranteeMoney-back guarantee option available (conditions apply)Complete tuition refund within 10 days of initial purchase/first log-in (conditions apply)
Free course updatesFree updatesOnline content – Free
Printed text with content upgrades – $25
Average study hours46 hours per section190 hours per section
Study PlannerContinuously updated with suggested study timeStatic calendar with no suggested study time

Surgent or Becker: Which One to Pick & Why?

Surgent and Becker approach the idea of CPA exam prep with two different strategies. So, it entirely depends upon your preferred learning style and budget to pick the most suitable one. 

Both companies have a well-established reputation in the online CPA exam prep industry. Surgent emphasizes on your weaker areas to obtain quick results. In comparison, Becker takes the entire curriculum into account for assured success.

The Surgent review course is a clear winner regarding price, accurate score prediction, and supplemental resources. However, Becker CPA Review takes the cake in terms of coursework, books, and simulated exams. 

Both offer an impressive user interface, impeccable teaching, and quality content. Hence, you can choose either to ensure a stellar CPA exam result. 

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This has been a Guide to Surgent vs Becker CPA Review. You can learn more about the CPA Review packages here –

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