Reschedule CPA Exam

CPA Exam rescheduling

Rescheduling is usually required in the event of your inability to take the CPA Exam due to lack of preparation or any other extenuating circumstance. In such an instance, you must notify Prometric of the change in your schedule at the earliest to avoid paying the CPA Exam rescheduling fees. You can either do it online or contact customer service.

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The CPA ExamCPA ExamThe CPA Exam assesses accounting professionals not just on their financial knowledge, but also on their ability to review and seek out key more is conducted by the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA) in collaboration with the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA), Prometric, and U.S. State Boards of Accountancy (BOA).

Prerequisites to rescheduling CPA

To reschedule your exam appointment, you must keep the following at hand:

  • Notice-to-schedule (NTS) with exam section ID
  • Confirmation number of your initial scheduling

When to reschedule CPA Exam?

You can reschedule your appointment up to 24 hours before the day of the examination. However, try to reschedule as far in advance as possible to avoid paying rescheduling fees. This is because rescheduling fees are usually charged depending on when you notify Prometric of the change in your schedule.

Moreover, remember that rescheduling does not affect your NTS expiry date. Hence, reschedule within the NTS validity period (six months). Or else it will result in a no-show attendance status. You cannot refund your exam fees with a no-show status.

Furthermore, you can reschedule without any penalty in case of test center closure due to an emergency. Always reschedule an exam section only after you have prepared for it.

Where to reschedule CPA Exam?

U.S. candidates

You can choose any of the 55 US jurisdictions to reschedule as per your preferences. Moreover, it is not compulsory to pick the Prometric CPA center in the same jurisdiction you wish to be licensed. 

Know that you need to pay an additional surcharge to reschedule your CPA Exam from a domestic to an international location. 

International candidates

International candidates can quickly reschedule the CPA Exam at any of the select international or domestic Prometric centers. However, they won’t receive a refund of the international surcharge for changing to a domestic testing location. 

Also, there are limited or no testing accommodations for testing at international locations. The testing accommodations approved at international locations are usually informed to candidates by NASBA through an email.

How to reschedule?

You can reschedule the CPA Exam through any of the following two approved methods:

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Online rescheduling

The easiest and fastest way to reschedule your CPA Exam appointment is by visiting the Prometric website. Just enter the following details and reschedule the section(s) within minutes: 

  • Confirmation Number (from the original appointment)
  • Up to the first four characters of your last name

Finish the rescheduling process with the Reschedule Appointment: Appointment Complete screen. The Appointment Verification screen follows it. Then, wait for a confirmation email from Prometric to ensure successful rescheduling. 

Note that candidates with testing accommodations must contact the Candidate Services Call Centre to reschedule the CPA Exam. They are not allowed to reschedule online.

Rescheduling through Candidate Services Call Centre

Alternatively, you can contact the Candidate Services Call Centre for rescheduling at 800-580-9648 anytime from 8 AM to 8 PM Eastern Time (Monday-Friday). Please note that the contact number and its time of operation vary as per your country. 

Soon after the call, you will get an email confirmation of the appointment. Note down the time, location, date, and confirmation number for each appointment beforehand to match it with the details in your email confirmation. 

If you don’t receive the email, visit the Prometric website and get a print-out of your appointment confirmation. 

Reapplying for the CPA Exam

The following table presents the instances where you cannot reschedule or receive a fee refund.

ParticularsAttendance StatusReschedulingFee RefundReapply
NTS expires before reschedulingNTS ExpiredNot PossibleNot PossibleAfter 7 days (with required fees)
Cancellation without reschedulingNo-showNot PossibleNot PossibleAfter 5-7 days (with required fees)
Missed the exam appointmentNo-showNot PossibleNot PossibleAfter 5-7 days (with required fees)

However, if you missed your scheduled appointment due to extreme circumstances, you can request an extension. You may contact NASBA immediately with the required documents for the extension. Or else, approach your BOA or its designated agent with additional fees to reschedule.

In the event of reapplying, ensure to apply only after the specified period. This is because Prometric takes 5-7 days to send your no-show attendance status to NASBA. Also, NASBA takes around seven days to process the NTS expired status.

CPA Rescheduling fees

You should pay a particular fee amount to reschedule the Prometric CPA Exam appointment depending upon when you notify Prometric of the change or cancellation. 

Days before the scheduled appointmentCancellation/Rescheduling FeesRescheduled date
More than 30 daysNo feesCan be before or after the originally scheduled date
6-29 days$35Can be before or after the originally scheduled date
5 days and up to 24 hours before the exam day$83.76Must be after the originally scheduled date
Less than 24 hoursCan’t rescheduleCan’t reschedule

Please note that the rescheduled date should fall before your NTS expiry date and after five days of your rescheduling date.

Now, you know that rescheduling your CPA Exam is an easy and convenient affair, so reschedule as soon as possible. Don’t let any personal dilemma hold you back from passing the exam with flying colors. However, don’t reschedule in haste and consider your priorities before taking the final decision. 

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