Page Break in Excel

What is Page Break in Excel?

Page breaks are used to divide an excel worksheet into multiple different pages, it is totally up to user to define the format of the page breaks, as the worksheet is printed it is printed in that page breaks, page breaks are available in the page layout tab in page setup section and when we click on it we have the option to insert a page break.

How to Insert a Page Break in Excel? (with Examples)

Example #1 – Create a Vertical Page break in Excel

Let’s consider the below data set, as shown in the below table, to apply the Page break to break the page vertically.

Page Breaks Example 1

Select any cell from Row 1 where you want to place the page break. Here we have selected the C1 cell. Go to the page layout menu and then select the Insert Page Break option.

Page Breaks Example 1-1

You can see a vertical line on your worksheet, as shown in the below figure, which indicates the page break which you have created.

Page Breaks Example 1-2

Example #2 – Create a Horizontal Page break

Let consider the same sales data to apply the Page Break on it.

Page Breaks Example 2

Select any cell in Column A or the row right below the row where you want to insert the page break on.

In this example, we have selected the A9 cell and apply the Breaks. Go to the Page Layout menu, and then select Insert Page Break.

Page Breaks Example 2-1

Your horizontal page break is inserted in the selected sales table. You can check the Horizontal page break in the below figure:

Page breaks Example 2-2

Example #3 – Move a Page Break

You can move the Page break by using the below steps:

  • Open the worksheet where you need to modify or move the page break. Click on View and then on Page Break Preview.

Example 3

Page Break Preview looks like as given below:

Example 3-1

  • You can move it from simple dragging options shown in the below figure.

Page Breaks Example 3-2

Example #4 – Delete a Page Break

You can also remove the page break from your worksheet; steps are as follows:

  • Select the row or column of the page break you wish to delete. Select the Page Layout Tab and click on Breaks. Select Remove Page Break.

Page Breaks Example 4

  • It will delete the page break selected page break.

Example 4-1

  • You can delete all Page breaks by selecting the Reset All Page Breaks option, as shown in the below figure.

 Example 4-2

Things to Remember

  • It is a separator that breaks/divides an excel worksheet into a separate page for printing.
  • Basically, it is used to insert a page break in an Excel worksheet to specify where a new page will begin in the printed copy.

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