Break Links in Excel

How to Break External Links in Excel?

In the excel worksheet, there are two different methods to break external links. The first method is to copy and paste as a value method, which is very simple, and the second method is a little different, you need to go to the DATA tab and click Edit Links and you will find the option to break the link.

Break Links in Excel

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2 Different Methods to Break External Links in Excel

Method #1 – Copy and Paste as Values

Break links Method 1

Now paste as values.

Break links Method 1-1

You can see here that this value does not contain any links. It shows only value.

Break links Method 1-2

Method #2 – Edit Options Tab

The second method is a little different. Go to the DATA tab and click on Edit Links.

Break links Method 2

Now we will see below dialogue box.

edit links

Here we can see all the available external links. We can update the values, open-source files, and many other things. Apart from all these, we can also break these links.

Click on the break link.

Edit links

As soon as you click on Break Link, we will see below the dialogue box.

Method 2-3

Once you break the External link in excelExternal Link In ExcelExternal links are also known as external references in Excel. When we use a formula in Excel and refer to a new workbook, it is the external link to the formula. In other words, an external link is when we give a link or apply a formula from another more, we will not be able to recover the formulas. So we cannot undo the action once you break the link. This is unlike our Pate Special method.

If you want to break all the links at once, then you need to select all the links and click on Break Links.

Things to Remember/h3>

  • Having links to external sources in Excel is a dangerous thing to have.
  • Once you break the link in Excel, you cannot undo the action.
  • Using *.xl will cover all kinds of file extensions.

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