Effective Duration

What is Effective Duration?

Effective Duration measures the duration of security with options embedded and helps in the evaluation of price sensitivity of hybrid securityHybrid SecurityHybrid securities are the combined characteristics of two or more types of securities, usually both debt and equity components. These securities allow companies and banks to borrow money from investors and facilitate a different mechanism from the bonds or stock offering.read more (bond and an option) to a change in the benchmark yield curve.

Effective duration approximates modified durationModified DurationModified Duration tells the investor how much the price of the bond will change given the change in its yield. To calculate it, the investor needs to calculate Macauley duration which is based on the timing of the cash flow.read more. But there is a difference in the denominator for calculation of both. The modified duration can be called a yield duration, while effective duration is a curve duration. This is so because the former is calculated using its own YTM, and the latter takes the market curve as a basis for calculation.

Effective Duration Formula

The formula is given below:

Effective Duration Formula

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Examples of Effective Duration

You can download this Effective Duration Excel Template here – Effective Duration Excel Template

Example #1

A US-based pension scheme under the Defined Benefit Obligation (DBO) structure has liabilities to the tune of USD 50 million. The benchmark yield is standing at 1%. if the benchmark yield changes by 5 bps, then the liability amount changes from 48 million to 51 million USD. Calculate the effective duration of pension liabilities.



  • PV= USD 51 million
  • PV+ = USD 48 million
  • PV0 = USD 50 million
  • Δr = 5 bps = 0.0005

Calculation of Effective Duration will be –

Example 1

Effective Duration Formula = (51 – 48) / (2 * 50 * 0.0005) = 60 Years

Example #2

Suppose a bond, which is valued at $100 now, will be priced at 102 when the index curve is lowered by 50 bps and at 97 when the index curve goes up by 50 bps. The current measure of the index curve is 5%. Calculate the effective duration of the bond.



  • PV= $102
  • PV+ = $97
  • PV0 = $100
  • Δr = 50 bps = 0.005

Calculation of Effective Duration will be –

 Example 2

Effective Duration formula = (102 – 97) / (2 * 100 * 0.005) = 5 Years


  • Calculate accurate duration for asset-liability management.
  • Works for hybrid securities.
  • Based upon market yield instead of its own YTM.
  • Helps in the calculation of the duration of complex items such as mortgage-backed securities.



The biggest limitation of effective duration measure is its approximation.

Take an example of an option embedded bond. The pricing of the bondPricing Of The BondThe bond pricing formula calculates the present value of the probable future cash flows, which include coupon payments and the par value, which is the redemption amount at maturity. The yield to maturity (YTM) refers to the rate of interest used to discount future cash flows.read more must be impacted by a number of factors:

But while calculating duration, only a change in the last factor that is the increase or decrease in benchmark rate is considered. All other factors are assumed to be constant for the sake of calculation.

Further, the increase or decrease in rate is assumed to be constant in both the directions and a price is determined, whereas the change in interest rate might be varying and would impact the price differently.

Furthermore, if the interest rates are constant and the credit rating of the issuer gets upgraded, then the issuer would be able to get credit at a cheaper rate, and it would trigger a call execution and redemption. But such things are not taken into consideration at the time of calculation.


Effective Duration is helpful in analyzing the sensitivity of hybrid instruments to the interest rate. Though the measure is an approximation, it is a widely used model for option embedded asset-liability management.

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