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Updated on April 11, 2024
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12 Best GMAT Preparation Books [Updated 2023]

If you dream of higher education, sitting for a GMAT entrance can open many doors for you. And a great starting point would be flipping through the best prep books on GMAT. Below is the list of books for GMAT Preparation in 2023:

  1. The Official Guide to the GMAT Review Bundle + Question Bank + Video ( Get this book )
  2. Kaplan GMAT Complete 2020 ( Get this book )
  3. All the GMAT: Content Review + 6 Online Practice Tests + Effective Strategies to Get a 700+ Score ( Get this book )
  4. Complete GMAT Strategy Guide Set: Manhattan Prep GMAT Strategy Guides ( Get this book )
  5. Ace the GMAT: Master the GMAT in 40 Days ( Get this book )
  6. GMAT for Dummies ( Get this book )
  7. 1,138 GMAT Practice Questions: Princeton Review (Graduate School Test Preparation) ( Get this book )
  8. GMAT Test Prep ( Get this book )
  9. The GMAT Roadmap: Expert Advice Through Test Day ( Get this book )
  10. 30 Day GMAT Success ( Get this book )
  11. Franklin GMAT Vocab Builder ( Get this book )
  12. GMAT Clarity: The Official Guide for GMAT Self-Study ( Get this book )

Let us discuss each of the GMAT preparation books in detail, along with its key takeaways and reviews.

GMAT Preparation Books

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#1 – The Official Guide to the GMAT Review Bundle + Question Bank + Video

by GMAC (Graduate Management Admission Council)

GMAT Official Guide 2021 Bundle: Books + Online Question Bank

Who can guide better than the council itself?

Book Review

It is a complete course on GMAT. If you’re serious about GMAT and want to score higher, it’s the finest resource you will ever find. This guide is used by teachers, trainers, and people looking to crack the GMAT on the first try. This bundle has everything you need to study GMAT questions & answers, and it will show you how GMAT thinks (the pattern of questions).

The only pitfall of this bundle is that it doesn’t provide any test-taking strategies. It would help to look for other preparation books for GMAT strategies. It is curated and prepared mainly for beginner students. If you read this bundle along with a great book, you will be prepared for the exam. The price of the bundle is also very reasonable for every student.

Key Takeaways

  • You will receive this bundle in 3 books and actual questions from GMAT exams. You will also receive a GMAT review guide, a quantitative review guide, and a verbal review guide.
  • Along with the bundle, you will receive over 1500+ questions in question banks and online access videos.
  • This bundle is 1,440 pages. So you can understand how comprehensive the material is.
<< Get this book >>

Financial Modeling & Valuation Courses Bundle (25+ Hours Video Series)

–>> If you want to learn Financial Modeling & Valuation professionally , then do check this ​Financial Modeling & Valuation Course Bundle​ (25+ hours of video tutorials with step by step McDonald’s Financial Model). Unlock the art of financial modeling and valuation with a comprehensive course covering McDonald’s forecast methodologies, advanced valuation techniques, and financial statements.

#2 – Kaplan GMAT Complete 2020

by Kaplan Test Prep

GMAT Complete 2021

About the book

The book and the available online resources will help you grow your knowledge, skills, and confidence so that you can perform best on the day of the GMAT exam.

Book review

One of the most important aspects of prep books is the relevancy of their content. This book is the updated version for 2021, as suggested by its title. It breaks down the entire course into three parts: GMAT Prep Plus 2021, GMAT Math Workbook, and GMAT Verbal Workbook. The types of questions asked in the exam. Besides, six full-length online tests cover verbal, quantitative, and reasoning topics, 2,000 practice questions with detailed explanations, and a customizable question bank of more than 500 questions. The content could be better if the publisher promises to pay back the money if the study material doesn’t enhance your GMAT score.

Key Takeaways

  • If you read all three books thoroughly and take the practice test, you will do well in the GMAT exam.
  • It can be a very useful resource if you prepare for GMAT, given the publisher’s experience in the field.
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#3 – All the GMAT

Content Review + 6 Online Practice Tests + Effective Strategies to Get a 700+ Score

by Manhattan Prep

All the GMAT: Updated Syllabus for GMAT Focus 2024 + Online Starter Kit + GMAT Navigator (Manhattan Prep GMAT Prep)

About the book

This book is one of the top-selling GMAT prep guides across the globe as it provides comprehensive, in-depth, and effective materials available for GMAT preparation.

Book review

This book is an updated and expanded version and the 7th edition in the complete GMAT strategy guide series. It comprises all the 10 guides in the previous editions and consolidates them into three books: GMAT All the Quant guide, GMAT All the Verbal guide, and GMAT Integrated Reasoning and Essay guide. Additionally, it covers expanded content and strategies that can help secure higher exam scores. Besides, two exclusive e-books cover more difficult quant and verbal content, six full-length computer adaptive practice tests, and an official solution guide. One can access additional practice questions and interactive video lessons on the digital platform. Overall, this is a very good book for GMAT preparation.

Key Takeaways

  • It will teach you all the tips and strategies needed to be followed to ace the GMAT exam.
  • The study material provided both online and offline routes can be helpful in the preparation.
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#4 – Complete GMAT Strategy Guide Set

Manhattan Prep GMAT Strategy Guides  by Manhattan Prep

All the GMAT: Updated Syllabus for GMAT Focus 2024 + Online Starter Kit + GMAT Navigator (Manhattan Prep GMAT Prep)

This bundle is by instructors who have scored 99th percentile for students who want to score the same.

Book Review

This bundle will seem invaluable to you if you start your GMAT preparation. But why should you buy this bundle when there are a lot of bundles written by several others? This mammoth bundle consists of 10 guides of 1912 pages, covering every area you need to learn to score above 700+ in GMAT.

This bundle doesn’t emphasize the strategy of how you can score 700+ plus, but it will provide all the tools and resources to you so that you can succeed. Readers worldwide mentioned that this bundle could push you from scoring a mediocre 600 to over 700+ (rarely any good school accepts around 600 scores in GMAT).

Many students have scored over 700+ by studying these 10 guides and nothing else. These guides are written just for the students who are beginning to prepare for the GMAT.

Key Takeaways

In this bundle, you will get everything you need to be ready for the GMAT. Have a look at the books this bundle includes:

GMAT Roadmap

  • Number Properties GMAT Strategy Guide
  • Fractions, Decimals, & Percent GMAT Strategy Guide
  • Algebra GMAT Strategy Guide
  • Word Problems GMAT Strategy Guide
  • Geometry GMAT Strategy Guide
  • Critical Reasoning GMAT Strategy Guide
  • Reading Comprehension GMAT Strategy Guide
  • Sentence Correction GMAT Strategy Guide 
  • Integrated Reasoning & Essays GMAT Strategy Guide

Along with all these editions, you will also receive one year of access to online computer-adaptive question banks and GMAT practice exams.

<< Get this book >>

#5 – Ace the GMAT: Master the GMAT in 40 Days

by Brandon Royal

Ace the GMAT: Master the GMAT in 40 Days

This book is unique. If you’re struggling with the strategy of GMAT, this is the right resource for you.

Book Review

More than one book is required for sound preparation. If you’ve found a book on study areas, you need to find another one that will guide you in setting strategies for the exam. It is 420 pages and will guide you throughout. It has covered practice questions and what sort of questions you can expect in GMAT. It also provides a detailed study planner, which helps you zero in on what’s necessary to prepare daily.

It is a great addition to your GMAT library if you’re serious about the exam. It is a sort of course written with the average student in mind. But the best thing about the book is you can also use it to teach students GMAT courses. Many GMAT trainers have been utilizing this publication’s materials to guide their students. In a nutshell, if you’re planning to appear for GMAT, this is a must-read.

Key Takeaways

  • Many sections stand out. However, the best part is a detailed 40-day study plan, which helps you stay on course and maintain discipline.
  • You can understand the right type of GMAT questions and also be able to practice.
  • It has provided a great analysis of the argument essay (cause & effect, representatives, implementation, comparison and analogy, evidence, etc.).
<< Get this book >>

#6 – GMAT for Dummies

by Lisa Zimmer Hatch and Scott A. Hatch

GMAT For Dummies 2021

It will provide you with a combination of text plus strategy to ace your GMAT exam.

Book Review

It would help if you did not use it as a textbook. Instead, use it as a reference book because this book is great for recapitulation but not exactly for comprehensive reading! We included it in the list because you need a book that explains the GMAT exam in detail, how to take it, how to prepare for it, what areas to focus on, and the purpose behind targeted segments in GMAT. One won’t find the information provided by this guide in any other book.

This book will act as a great supplement to your textbook, and you will be able to clear the exam with clarity and preparation. And you can also use it at the end of your preparation (exactly before the exam), as this will help you practice what you already know and brush off some dust to remain sharp.

Key Takeaways

  • In this 448 page book, you will find ten writing errors to avoid, an explanation of the test’s format, how to calm your nerves, how to make an educated guess, ways to save time during the exam, and a lot more other useful sections.
  • You will also get four important areas covered: verbal section, analytical writing, mathematics, and critical reasoning.
  • Along with this book, you will also receive a CD where you can take five simulated GMAT tests.
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#7 – 1,138 GMAT Practice Questions: Princeton Review

Graduate School Test Preparation

1,138 GMAT Practice Questions, 3rd Edition (Graduate School Test Preparation)

As the title suggests, this book is for practice.

Book Review

Practice doesn’t make perfect, but practice can help you improve. And that is what this book is for. You must pick this book up if you want to foolproof your preparation. Many students have mentioned that even after devouring “GMAT bundles,” they cannot score higher. Why? Because they need more practice. If you feel the same, this book’s 1138 questions will be perfect for many practice sessions.

You can switch from quantitative questions to verbal and from verbal to integrated reasoning. You will not only get a question bank filled with relevant questions but also be able to access online questions for a realistic experience. We’re not suggesting that this is the only book you should read. You can read a strategy book or a textbook (any of the bundles on GMAT). This one is for a practice session. Set aside some time daily, open this book up, find a section, set a timer, and start practicing.

Key Takeaways

  • You will get extensive practice sections for quantitative, integrated reasoning, and verbal questions. You will also receive online questions to get a simulated experience.
  • You will also be able to go through 60+ drills, strengthening your grip over the subject areas and repairing any loophole in any subject.
  • The purpose of this book is to supplement practice with understanding core concepts. Under 800 pages, it has done a great job.
<< Get this book >>

#8 – GMAT Test Prep

GMAT Secrets Study Guide: Complete Review, Practice Tests, Video Tutorials by GMAT Exam Secrets Test Prep Team

GMAT Prep Book 2020 & 2021: GMAT Secrets Study Guide, Full-Length Practice Test, Detailed Answer Explanations: [Includes Step-by-Step Review Video Tutorials]

What if you can get all the guides for GMAT along with video tutorials? Will you succeed in GMAT? You bet.

Book Review

Don’t look at the page number to judge the worth of this book. It is a gem because it only includes things that are of utmost importance and discards all the fluff. This book is very comprehensive and offers a detailed review of GMAT exams.

It also goes on to analyze the GMAT tests section by section. As a result, you can quickly understand what to read, how to approach the GMAT, and what pitfalls to avoid. Along with that, you will also get practice questions where you can implement whatever you learned.

Plus, you will receive 118 video tutorials that will guide you step by step. Now, after looking at the book’s material, let’s look at the price. It’s so cheap if we compare the value it provides. Moreover, it is organized so you can browse through the entire book within a week. It is very effective if you’re looking to supplement your preparation with some last-minute tools – it will provide the same.

Key Takeaways

  • Your search ends here if you need a short guide that includes all the critical information, like concepts, principles, procedures, and vocabulary that GMAC expects you to master.
  • You will get a detailed review of the entire GMAT test, a review of the quantitative test, integrated reasoning, an analytical writing assessment, an analysis of the verbal test, and comprehensive practice questions for thorough preparation.
<< Get this book >>

#9 – The GMAT Roadmap: Expert Advice Through Test Day

Manhattan GMAT Strategy Guides by Manhattan GMAT

By Manhattan Prep GMAT Roadmap: Expert Advice Through Test Day (6th Sixth Edition) [Paperback]

Looking for a go-to guide to help you see the big picture of GMAT? It is the book you should pick.

Book Review

Stop right here. If you need to learn about GMAT and how to take the test, this is the first book you should read. And it is relatively short, just 256 pages. But remember, if you have already taken the test and want to sit for GMAT to improve your score, it may help you less. This book is for people with no experience in the GMAT test and who want to learn everything in detail.

Starting your preparation with GMAT will help you gain clarity about the test and will make you ready for the test. If you don’t read any other strategy book and end up reading this one, other books would seem redundant. This guide will also help you plan for your study to make preparation manageable (for example, read for only 2 hours at a stretch). Along with test-takers, it will also help professionals train students for GMAT preparation.

Key Takeaways

  • You will learn everything you need to know to crack the GMAT. For example, you will learn about the GMAT structure, how schools use it, the difference between GMAT and GRE, how to get organized for preparation, how to learn the content of GMAT, the big picture of GMAT sections, assessing your progress, and so on.
  • It is a great reference book during GMAT preparation. It will also help you plan for your study.
  • It also includes 6 free online exams to give you a simulated experience.
<< Get this book >>

#10 – 30 Day GMAT Success

How I Scored 780 on the GMAT in 30 Days and How You Can Too!  By Brandon Wu and Laura Pepper

30 Day GMAT Success, Edition 3: How I Scored 780 on the GMAT in 30 Days and How You Can Too!

It may seem like a fairy tale, but don’t go by the name, read the book to find out.

Book Review

Yes, the material presented in this book will deliver, but you should remember one thing – 30 days is too little time to prepare if you want to score well. It will help you get a great score within 30 days. We recommend taking more time than 30 days and using the strategies mentioned in this book to make a plan. Let’s say you have 60 days to prepare. You know the strategies mentioned in this book; you will be good to go.

The only pitfall is that it suggests that you need to study 3-4 hours for 30 days to score well, which is different from what is true in reality. However, if you read a textbook, you will surely pass the exam with flying colors. And it is also a perfect guide for people with little or no preparation time. So the idea is to take enough time, read a textbook thoroughly, and use this strategy guide to understand how to prepare.

Key Takeaways

  • This book is a strategy guide if you’re looking for a quick fix without wasting any time. You won’t find any fluff; it covers only important points. Thus, reading would be easy and very rewarding.
  • You will also receive an “idioms cheat sheet,” “easy reference math terminology,” “verbal and math practice questions,” and also a new section on “integrated reasoning.
<< Get this book >>

#11 – Franklin GMAT Vocab Builder

4507 GMAT Words for High GMAT Score

2018 Franklin GMAT Word List: 4507 GMAT Words For High GMAT Verbal Score

If you read only this for verbal comprehension, you will clear the verbal section of the GMAT.

Book Review

There is a huge difference between UK and US English, and if you need to know where you may make many mistakes. But this book will get you covered. It will not only teach you 4507 words for GMAT success but also enable you to understand the coherent meaning so that you can easily remember. It is a replica of the Franklin Vocab Builder Audio Program.

If you buy this, you can download the first CD of the whole 22 CD program. Quantitative questions are easy to answer if you practice regularly since mathematics entirely depends upon understanding logic. But verbal ability is all about remembering the right words to clear the sections. The specific methods and techniques used in this book will help you ace the verbal section with ease. Better yet, if you can buy the whole audio program and the book – it would be a great resource for clearing the verbal ability questions in GMAT.

Key Takeaways

  • You will know more than 4,500 words just by purchasing one book. Moreover, you will get to know how to remember so many words with ease. Plus, you will also get audio (first CD) free of cost with this book.
  • It is a complete guide to vocabulary. It will also help you determine the difference between US and UK spelling.
<< Get this book >>

#12 – GMAT Clarity: The Official Guide for GMAT Self-Study

by Thomas Hall and Nexus Education

GMAT Clarity: The Official Guide for GMAT Self-Study

Have you ever done a clarity course on GMAT? This book is a course on clarity.

Book Review

It is another strategy guide on GMAT. But it’s written in a completely different manner. Many readers have mentioned that they have used textbooks to prepare for GMAT, but along the way, they felt they needed help to retain most of the information. And then discovered this particular strategy guide, which helped them create a realistic study plan, make them more disciplined in studying, and evaluate their progress.

And especially if you study all by yourself and decide not to do any course for GMAT, this guide would be invaluable to you. It may take a while to understand, but once you browse through the whole book, you will get an idea about how to prepare for the GMAT. It will also save you a lot of time for preparation, and you will also be able to raise your score by 70-100 points a month.

Key Takeaways

  • If self-study is your thing, but this strategy guide and having the Manhattan/GMAC bundles handy, you will surely score 700+ marks in GMAT.
  • It will not only save you time and money (no lecture is required), but it will also save you a lot of heartaches. Ask someone who has sat on GMAT and couldn’t score well!
  • This edition will take around four hours to complete. And if you follow it, you will be given a study plan to finish the complete course within 64 to 308 hours.
<< Get this book >>


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