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Updated on May 19, 2024
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Top MBA Admission Books [Updated 2023]

Looking for great advice on top Business Schools or how you can set yourselves up for this high-level game of MBA entrance? Below is the list of top books on MBA Admission to read in 2023:

  1. Your MBA Game Plan ( Get this book )
  2. Complete Start-to-Finish MBA Admissions Guide ( Get this book )
  3. Graduate School for Working Adults ( Get this book )
  4. 65 Successful Harvard Business School Application Essays ( Get this book )
  5. How to Get into the Top MBA Programs ( Get this book )
  6. Case Studies & Cocktails ( Get this book )
  7. The MBA Reality Check No products found.
  8. GMAT Secrets Study Guide ( Get this book )
  9. Creative Strategy: A Guide for Innovation ( Get this book )
  10. Great Applications for Business School ( Get this book )

Let us discuss each MBA admission book in detail and its key takeaways and reviews.

MBA Admission Books

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#1 – Your MBA Game Plan

by Omari Bouknight  & Scott Shrum

Your MBA Game Plan, Third Edition: Proven Strategies for Getting Into the Top Business Schools

MBA Admission Books Review

This top MBA admission book offers a fresh and extensive perspective on what matters the most in the admission process of the MBA course. The competition to enter the top business school is fiercer by the day. This edition factors in the same by including many more sample essays and resumes from successful applicants. It offers fresh insight into 35 leading business schools from around the globe and offers advice tailored specifically toward international applicants. This book will show:

  • How to select targeted institutions and develop the personal characteristics that they seek
  • Navigate with the GMAT or GRE
  • Avoidance of mistakes that can damage the chances of thousands of applicants every year
  • Tips to flawlessly execute admission interviews

The candidate can follow the plan the author is offering and elevate themselves from where they stand. It includes in-depth school profiles, sample essays, and specific advice for various types of school participants.

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#2 – Complete Start-to-Finish MBA Admissions Guide

by Jeremy Shinewald

Complete Start-to-Finish MBA Admissions Guide

MBA Admission Book Review

To conquer the fiercely competitive MBA admission process, one must distinguish themselves from the massive sea of applicants considered for the coveted institution. This best MBA admission book includes examples and exercises, taking the readers step by step through the entire MBA admission process. The following chapters are covered:

  • Long-term planning for ensuring a competitive candidature
  • Creative brainstorming for building a foundation of a strong essay
  • Drafting an attractive and result-driven resume
  • Writing dynamic personal goal statements and goals
  • Steps to obtain compelling and supportive recommendations
  • Preparation for an effective interview with a list of 100 potential interview questions

Key Takeaways from this Top MBA Guide

Highly appreciated by the readers, this book is considered a useful resource, written concisely and laid out in a very logical manner. It is broken out into various components of the application process and timeline making it helpful to navigate easily. The author has also clarified many myths about the application process and tailoring the applications to various schools. The author has also offered a free consultation, which is highly appreciated and utilized.

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#3 – Graduate School for Working Adults

by Donna Ledbetter

Graduate School for Working Adults: Things You Should Know Before You Commit

MBA Admission Books Review

Getting back to business school for a working adult can be a challenging decision to be taken. One will require sacrificing the existing income source and returning to the continuous focus on studies that may have been completed or given up several years back. Based on personal experience, the author delivers a thoughtful and well-rounded picture of what a potential student can expect and what they may not have thought of. The book is methodically divided into helpful sections, from family life to finance. The aim is to choose a program well suited to the expectations and one that provides good networking opportunities. It discusses the perils of taking a student loan and how the overall commitment can affect the relationships with children, spouses, and friends. Readers will understand how to balance all these responsibilities in such circumstances with tips for scheduling and prioritizing.

Key Takeaways from this Best Admission book for MBA

Important suggestions are for avoidance of unnecessary stress in graduate schools. In addition, topics like traveling factors, online programs, financial issues, planning of study schedules, and general management issues that one can encounter have also been touched upon. It is a great resource for prospective graduate students and a wonderful reading addition for college libraries.

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#4 – 65 Successful Harvard Business School Application Essays

by Lauren Sullivan & The Staff of The Harbus

65 Successful Harvard Business School Application Essays, Second Edition: With Analysis by the Staff of The Harbus, the Harvard Business School Newspaper

MBA Guide Review

The application essays for the top business schools can be a daunting task for even seasoned professionals. Applicants require clear and compelling arguments to help them grab admission offers and stick to them. Since these essays are associated with the entrance to Harvard Business School, it gives business professionals and undergraduates the insider’s knowledge to market themselves most effectively and truly take ownership of the process.

This book includes 41 essays, which are new additions to the book and the remaining from the previous edition, providing an updated insight into the institution’s expectations. Though it does not offer a complete analysis of the entire picture, it is definitely considered an important reference MBA guide while making preparations. The focus has to be avoiding common pitfalls and playing to the applicants’ strengths.

Since being associated with the Harvard Business school is a niche segment, one needs to completely revamp their thinking before preparing such essays. Such examples can provide a path for the same.

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#5 – How to Get into the Top MBA Programs

by Richard Montauk

How to Get Into the Top MBA Programs

MBA Admission Books Review

This book provides a complete overview of what the top business schools look for in their applicants. It features concise and step-by-step MBA Admission Books towards the entire application process with priceless detailed advice from more than 30 admission directors, a valuable insight not offered by many other books. It offers guidance on the following aspects:

  • Development of optimal marketing strategies
  • Assessment and up-gradation of the credentials of the applicants
  • Choosing appropriate programs applicable according to the skill sets of the applicants
  • How to write the essays in a qualitative manner offering the maximum impact
  • Cracking the interview
  • Successful choosing and managing of recommenders
  • Preparation for the specific business school and getting the most out of the program

This revised edition additionally offers expanded coverage of Asian programs, North American accelerated programs, and the latest insights on the new GMATs and GRE, making it the most comprehensive and trusted MBA guide on the market. The top MBA guide should not be considered a definite secret to success but helps demystify every aspect of the admission procedure and maximize the chances of being accepted as a student.

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#6 – Case Studies & Cocktails

by Carrie Shuchart & Chris Ryan

Case Studies & Cocktails: The 'Now What?' Guide to Surviving Business School

MBA Admission Books Review

Once cracking through the application process, the battle for achieving the business degree still needs to be completed, but it is an entrance towards a long road to success. It is a go-to MBA guide as one prepares to enter MBA programs throughout the duration. The authors, who are themselves MBA graduates, have drawn their personal experiences and interviews conducted with multiple prospective candidates for an insider view of every aspect of the top B-Schools.

Key Takeaways from this Top MBA Admission Books

This resultant handbook offers the school’s social side and an academic focus on the material candidates must master. It also includes a glossary of need-to-know jargon, which is essential while executing the course. In addition, the book offers an easy-to-read language and great tips inside and outside the classroom more useful for full-time students than part-time students. The overview of major topics such as Financial accounting encountered in any MBA program is particularly helpful, along with the career-building section with tips on networking and interviewing.

A large part of the book also focuses on the minute details of the B-school experience, such as how to find a roommate, deal with recruitment procedures, expectations from classmates and professors, etc. These are general opinions but must be carefully considered during the course.

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#7 – The MBA Reality Check

by David Thomas & Evan Forster

No products found.

MBA Admission Books Review

This best MBA admission book is a crisp version of getting into business schools when the entire industry requirements are evolving, and competition is at a cutthroat level. An MBA course is not only associated with getting top grades and high scores but having students with a transformative approach. The authors have displayed what it takes to succeed in a highly competitive marketplace, including:

  • How can applicants create a unique base that can distinguish them from the other students?
  • Various aspects that a B-school would like to know about the candidate.
  • How to convert a question into an opportunity to illustrate unique leadership qualities?

Key Takeaways from this Best MBA Admission Books

With the authors’ rich experience, the aim is to create an application that will stand out from the rest and create an application that is genuine and comes from a place of honesty, passion, and vulnerability. Multiple examples of students who balance the quantum of risks while writing their essays are considered, as this allows the readers to get a glimpse of their character, fears, and desires. In short, all aspects covered are authentic.

No products found.

#8 – GMAT Secrets Study Guide

by GMAT Exam Secrets Test Prep Team

GMAT Prep Book: GMAT Secrets Study Guide 2019 & 2020, Full-Length Practice Test, Step-by-Step Review Video Tutorials for the GMAT Exam: (Updated for the Latest Official Test Outline)

MBA Guide Review

This book is an ideal prep solution for any candidate who desires to crack the Graduate Management Admission Test as a comprehensive guide to the GMAT. This book also provides practice test questions with detailed explanations for each answer. In addition, it is filled with critical information required to perform well in the tests: the concepts, procedures, principles, and required vocabulary expected to be mastered before giving the exams.

Key Takeaways from this Top Book on MBA Admission

The MBA guide contains detailed and specific information keys for enhancing the GMAT score. It is laid out logically and organized so that one section flows from the preceding one. Since it is written to enhance technical accuracy and accessibility, it has been crafted using language which is not very difficult to absorb. In addition, scores of test questions with an in-depth explanation for the answers have been provided, making the principles and reasoning crystal clear and equipping the candidates to face any questions in the GMAT exam.

It consists of the guidelines for the quantitative and verbal tests and a comprehensive explanation of the reasoning section with relevant examples.

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#9 – Creative Strategy: A Guide for Innovation

by William Duggan

Creative Strategy: A Guide for Innovation (Columbia Business School Publishing)

MBA Admission Books Review

This book successfully offers a step-by-step best MBA guide to help individuals and organizations understand how creative ideas form in the human mind and how one can implement them to work for their innovations. The author shows how creative strategy follows the natural 3-step method of the human brain:

  • Breaking down a problem into its elements parts
  • Scanning of the sources to find precedents that fit into each element
  • Combining a subset of those precedents to solve a problem

Illustrations about creative strategy through real-world cases of innovation that use the same method are highlighted, such as that used in Netflix, Ford, or even Google. The focus is also on integrating creative strategy into other currently used methods, such as Porter’s Five forces or Design Thinking. It aims to take the mystery out of innovation and put it within reaching distance of the readers.

This approach spends less time and resources on initial strategic analysis and a lot more effort on investigating what other firms, industries, and cultures are performing to discover precedents that could be import as components of an entirely new strategy. As a result, the strongest strategies devices through external research and combination instead of internal reflection.

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#10 – Great Applications for Business School

by Paul Bodine

Great Applications for Business School, Second Edition (Great Application for Business School)

Books on MBA Admission Review

This acclaimed book offers a practical and flexible system for enabling B-school applicants to find the central theme of their applications. It also involves crafting an outline of the theme and brainstorming on the essays created by the applicants and how one can further enhance it.

This edition, which refines the previous edition, contains the following material:

  • 44 practical and complete essays and other essential documents were by admitted applicants from top business schools such as Harvard, Stanford, Wharton, INSEAD, etc.
  • Treatment of the latest trend in admission essays, including PowerPoint and multimedia essays
  • Ten case studies display how applicants with specific challenges overcame their admission obstacles to gain admission to the top programs.
  • Extended appendixes on admission interviews (including sample responses) and wait-list letters (before and after versions of 2 successful letters).

Key Takeaways from this Best books on MBA Admission

Most successful applicants with good writing skills have also appreciated the content, which gives them a sharp edge over the other applicants. In addition, the author has offered detailed strategies for answering the most common MBA admission essay topics such as goals, accomplishments, and self-assessment of the essays to diversify, teamwork and leadership, creative, or other multimedia topics.

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#11 – Beyond The MBA Hype

By Sameer Kamat

Crystall Ball

MBA Admission Book Review

Many assume an MBA degree will magically open doors to name, fame, and fortune. And all the success stories of high salaries published by the leading magazines and newspapers have only fueled the hype further.

The author, Sameer Kamat, is a Cambridge MBA graduate and the founder of MBA Crystal Ball – a top MBA admissions consulting company. It has received reviews from representatives (including deans and admission officers) of the most elite business schools in the world.

There are two editions available on Amazon – international and Indian. Make sure you pick up the right one based on relevance.

Key Takeaways from this Top MBA Guide

While the book covers all the basic information related to MBA admissions, the bigger focus is on what happens after a candidate starts the MBA journey. It’ll help you understand if you’re cut out for an MBA. It covers what you can expect in the MBA classroom and the challenges you will likely face with internships and job hunting. It’ll also help you gain better clarity on your career goals. It’s a quick read, doesn’t sound preachy, and has also been appreciated for its humor. Could you give it a read?


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