Amortization Table

Amortization Table Definition

Amortization table reflects the schedule of periodic payments to be made in respect of a loan undertaken, representing the principal amount and the interest amount payable in each periodic installment. Thus, it is a detailed working of the loan repayment, containing particulars of equated installments, its principal portion and interest portion for each installment until the loan is repaid.


An amortization tables work best for the following kind of loans.

  • The loan disbursement is done as a lump-sum-amount.
  • The loan has to be repaid over a while in monthly installments.
  • The installment that is paid each month is of equal amount, known as equated installment.
  • The rate of interest that is being applied to the loan is fixed.

How does Amortization Table Work?

It is a repayment schedule for any loan. It reflects the total number of installments that are to be made for full amortization, i.e., the entire repayment of the loan. The loan amortization scheduleLoan Amortization ScheduleLoan amortization schedule refers to the schedule of repayment of the loan. Every installment comprises of principal amount and interest component till the end of the loan term or up to which full amount of loan is paid more reflects the monthly installment and the breakup of principal repayment and interest in each installment. Although the monthly installment will be the same for each month, the separation of principal repayment and interest will be different for each month because loan outstanding will differ each month. By referring to this table, a person can be aware of future payments and the due loan amount.


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How to Calculate Interest on the Amortization Table?

The interest portion reflected in the amortization table is calculated by multiplying the outstanding opening principal by the monthly rate of interest. The monthly rate of interest can be calculated by dividing the yearly rate of interest by twelve. The outstanding principal is always mentioned in the amortization schedule. As the exceptional principal keeps on decreasing with each monthly repayment, the interest portion will also fall.

Example of the Amortization Table

The details of the loan as follows:

  • Loan Amount = $1,00,000
  • Interest Rate = 12% P.A.
  • Tenure = 24 Months
  • Loan Date = 01.01.2019

The amortization for the above loans looks like below.

Amortization Table Example

The amount of EMI payable per month is $4,614, and the tenure of the loan is 24 months.

What does the Amortization Table Show?

A table, as presented above, shows the following particulars.

How to Use the Amortization Table?

This table is used to calculate certain factors such as the EMI amount and the total interest cost involved in forgiven loan amount at the given rate of interest for a fixed tenure. The table will provide exact details of the same, and the borrower can ascertain the effect of the same on his financials. The same is also helpful in keeping track of the upcoming loan repayments.

Amortization Table vs. Payment Schedule

The amortization table and payment schedule may sound similar terms; however, they differ.

The main difference is that the amortization table contains the breakup of the principal and interest portion, along with the same. However, a payment schedule will only reflect the total payment and not include the division of principal and interest amounts. Thus, while the amortization table is a detailed table of loan repayment, the payment schedule is as good as a calendar showing the due dates for the repayment of the loan at periodic intervals.


An amortization table is useful to the borrowers as well as the lenders. The same reflects the detailed data of the repayments of the loan, the interest involved, and the tenure of the said loan. It also works as a reminder for loan repayments, which is an added benefit.

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