Ratnesh Sharma

Ratnesh Sharma, Assistant Manager in a CA Firm, blends expertise in audits, taxation, and finance. A seasoned value stock investor and aspiring entrepreneur. Chartered Accountant since 2019.

Ratnesh Sharma


Audit, Taxation, Finance, Value Stock, Chartered Accountancy

Work Experience

    Ratnesh Sharma has been working as an Assistant Manager in a CA Firm in Pune (India). He has wide experience in the field of audits, taxation & finance. He is a regular investor in value stocks in the Indian stock markets and holds expertise in picking up the right stocks from the market, earning a great alpha.

    Besides this, Ratnesh has a passion for writing quality content considering the end objectives of the reader. He has developed his spirit of content writing through his association with WallStreetMojo.

    Ratnesh aims to be an entrepreneur in near future. He believes that there is no end knowledge and age is just a number if one has that spark to learn more and more.

  • Chartered Accountant (Year of Qualification: 2019)

Time is an essential non-refundable part of life. If you don't feel the pain of unproductive time lost, you are not valuing your time as precisely as you value monetary investments. Time investments will always fructify more than monetary investments.