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Updated on May 10, 2024
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What Is A Projected Income Statement?

A projected income statement refers to a snapshot of an organization’s forecasted cost of sales, and expenses. This financial statement plays a vital role in forward planning. Moreover, it helps make better business decisions by offering the management an idea of what the results of various scenarios might be.

What Is A Projected Income Statement

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Such statements show future expectations obtained from reasonable projections based on the real-world data available when making the forecast. Their format is the same as a regular income statement. Nevertheless, unlike traditional income statements, projected ones do not record past figures. Typically, there are three components of this financial statementgross profit, operating income, and net income.

Key Takeaways

  • A projected income statement refers to a financial statement that shows the prediction regarding a business’s performance for a specific period in the future. Preparing this income statement is vital to ensure better future planning.
  • This financial statement offers various benefits to the company. For example, it improves stakeholders’ decision-making with regard to the company. Moreover, such an income statement allows businesses to prepare budgets more effectively.
  • A key difference between cash budgets and projected income statements is that the latter does not depict cash movement. 

Projected Income Statement Explained

A projected income statement refers to a financial statement that shows the amount of income a business may earn in the future over a certain duration, for example, a quarter or year. Preparing this statement at fixed intervals allows for improved future planning. Moreover, it allows business owners to make better business-related decisions.

As noted above, such a financial statement generally includes operating income, net income, and gross profit. However, organizations may not use only those three elements. If individuals want a clear idea regarding the format of this financial statement, they can look at the template below.

Projected Income Statement Chart


Creating this type of income statement becomes a straightforward task when individuals fully understand the organization’s business model, addressable market, competitive position, sales strategy, and key customers.

Business owners must remember that any number of individuals or organizations could utilize the projections to make decisions regarding the business. Hence, entrepreneurs must understand what details the financial statement offers and what the information in it indicates.

How To Make?

The preparation of such an income statement includes the following aspects:

#1- Sales And Expenses

First, one needs to look at sales and figure out the total number of customers over the period of projection and estimate the total hours of service offered or units sold. Also, they should determine the prices charged besides estimating the overall cost of goods sold. Next, they must extrapolate the expenses, including fixed and variable costs, for example, marketing expenses. Note that breaking things item by item is not necessary.

#2- Draw Up The Statement

Suppose a projection for the upcoming quarter is being created. Individuals can begin with the estimated sales income. Then, they can subtract the overall cost of goods sold to obtain the gross margin. After that, one must subtract the operating expenses to obtain the net operating income. Lastly, they need to subtract interest payable to obtain the net income.

After drawing up the financial statement, one can use it to decide whether changing the business’s plans is necessary. It is not surprising if a projected income statement for new businesses shows that an organization is set to incur losses. This is because businesses often start out carrying out operations at a loss. That said, the losses must not be high enough to force the business to shut down.

Note that individuals must keep certain things in mind before preparing such a statement. Let us look at them.

  1. When making projections of an established organization, past expenses and sales give individuals an idea of future numbers.
  2. If the business is a startup but the individual has experience in the industry, they must utilize their experience to prepare the statement.
  3. If business owners lack experience in the industry, they can consider extrapolating from their market research conducted for the startup. Alternatively, they can hire an experienced accountant.


Let us look at a few projected income statement examples to understand the concept better.

Example #1

Suppose ABC is an online cosmetic company that has been in business for more than 5 years. The organization’s accounting department created a projected income statement consisting of the business’s estimated future cost of goods sold, expenses, and sales for the next 6-month period. After preparing the statement, the company realized that it was necessary to change its plan for the future. This is because the estimated expenses for the next 6-month period suggested that the company might be forced to shut down.

Example #2

Suppose Company XYZ is a t-shirt manufacturer. The organization’s projected income statement created in the last financial year suggested that the organization’s sales would rise by a significant margin. Moreover, its expenses would decrease substantially as well. Based on these key figures, a renowned venture capital firm invested in the organization.

The additional funds raised by the company helped it expand its operations and establish manufacturing units in different parts of the country. Seeing the estimated figures, the creditors also offered financial assistance to the organization on favorable terms. 


One can go through the following points to understand the importance of projected income statements for new businesses and established organizations better.

  1. It enables business owners to make better decisions.
  2. With the help of such a statement, organizations can set their objectives, which they can achieve to ensure business growth and success.
  3. It allows businesses to examine the projections or expected results concerning different approaches and actions.
  4. It allows businesses to prepare budgets and anticipate cash flow more efficiently.

Lastly, investors can utilize the projections to decide whether to invest in the organization and at what price. 

Difference Between Projected Income Statement And Cash Budget

Individuals new to finance often find the concepts of cash budget and projected income statement confusing. The key differences between them are as follows:

Projected Income StatementCash Budget
The statement shows the expected profit a business can generate over a duration.A cash budget does not show the estimated profit for a specific duration.
It presents an account for every income source to be tapped. Moreover, it shows the different types of expenses a business will incur in a future period.A cash budget depicts cash movement 
This financial statement enables a company’s stakeholders to make better decisions.It helps evaluate whether a business has adequate cash to carry out operations over a certain duration.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How do I create a projected income statement in Excel?

Individuals can create such a financial statement in Excel by following these steps:
– Open Excel with the organization’s historical sales data.
– Next, select the data in a couple of columns with the net revenue data and date.
– After clicking on the ‘Data’ tab, select the ‘Forecast Sheet’ option.
– Type in the date on which the projection will end and select ‘Create.’
– Save the financial projection.

2. What is the 12-month projected income statement?

A 12-month projected income statement for any existing company is a snapshot of the business’s estimated sales, expenses, and cost of sales for a 12-month period starting from the latest business year’s end. Also, one must remember that the organization must compare the projection with their previous results.

3. How do you write a projected income statement for a startup?

To create accurate financial projections, a startup must utilize past financial statements that consist of liabilities, assets, tax returns, and estimates for expenses and revenue. Market research can help the business figure out expenses and revenue, while the remaining projection can be based on the personal financial information already available to the business owner.

This article has been a guide to what is Projected Income Statement. Here, we explain its examples, how to make it, importance, and differences with cash budget. You may also find some useful articles here –

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