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New Sheet Shortcut Keys in Excel

When you are working, we may need to quickly insert a new worksheet to enter something very important, so in those cases, our shortcut key is important to quickly have a new worksheet in place. Can we include all the information or data in a single worksheet itself? Answers are almost 99.99% of the time “No” only because data may contain multiple information that needs to be stored in multiple worksheets of the workbook. So keeping in mind the importance of having a new sheet. In this article, we will teach you the shortcut keys to insert new sheets in excel.

How to Insert New Excel Worksheet?

I don’t know whether you have noticed or not; by default, when we open the new workbook, we will have 3 worksheets in place in the name of “Sheet1, Sheet2, and Sheet3”.

Excel New Sheet Shortcut Example 1

However, we can modify this default setting, and that is a different topic altogether; you can refer to our article on “Insert New Worksheet” to have detailed information about it; let’s get back to this topic, “Excel Shortcut New Sheet.”

Inserting a new worksheet is often required while working in excel, so we can insert excel worksheet in excelInsert Excel Worksheet In ExcelTo add a new worksheet, go to the bottom of the screen and press the '+' button. You can also navigate to 'Home', 'Insert,' and then 'Insert Sheet' to add a new sheet.read more using multiple ways.

You can download this New Sheet Shortcut Excel Template here – New Sheet Shortcut Excel Template

#1 – New Excel Worksheet Shortcut Using Manual Process

Follow below steps to manually add new excel worksheet.

  1. To insert a new worksheet, we need to right-click on any of the existing worksheets.

    Example 1.1

  2. When you right-click on the worksheet, we can see the option “Insert”, and if you click on this, it will open below dialogue box for us.

    Excel New Sheet Shortcut Example 1.2

  3. From the above, choose “Worksheet”, and we will have the new worksheet in place.

    Example 1.3
    One thing we have noticed here is when the new sheet is inserted, it will push the existing worksheet to the right, and the new sheet becomes the active sheet.

There is also another manual way of inserting a new worksheet, and that will be much easier than the above method.

Go to the HOME tab in the ribbon and choose the “Insert” button under the HOME tab.

Excel New Sheet Shortcut Example 1.4

Now select Insert Sheet option. This will insert the new worksheet by pushing the active worksheet to the right side and acquires the position of the active sheet.

Example 1.5

#2 – Insert New Excel Sheet by Using Shortcut Key

Manual steps are always the time-consuming and frustrating thing to do, but using shortcut keys, we can quickly insert new worksheets. Below is the shortcut key to insert a new sheet in the excel workbook.

Shortcut key to Insert New Sheet:

Excel New Sheet Shortcut Example 1.14

You need to hold the SHIFT key and press the F11 function key to insert a new sheet in the existing excel workbook.

  • If you press the F11 key by holding the SHIFT key, it will keep inserting the new worksheets in the serial order of the worksheet. For example, look at the below existing worksheet in excel.
Excel New Sheet Shortcut Example 1.6

We have worksheets named “Sheet 1, Sheet 2, Sheet 3, and Sheet 4” and the active sheet is “Sheet 1”.

  • Now I will press “Shift + F11” and see the position of the new worksheet and its name.
Example 1.7

The new worksheet position is to the left of the active sheet, and the new sheet name is incremental of the previous worksheet name.

  • For example, the previous worksheet name was “Sheet 4,” and when the new worksheet was inserted, it becomes “Sheet 5”.
Excel New Sheet Shortcut Example 1.8
  • Now I will delete the worksheet “Sheet 5”.
Example 1.9
  • Now again, I will insert the new sheet by using the shortcut key “Shift + F11”.
Excel New Sheet Shortcut Example 1.10.0

Now, look at the worksheet name; instead of getting “Sheet 5” as the new worksheet name, we have got “Sheet 6”. This is because we have already inserted Sheet 5 and deleted, so excel keeps count of how many worksheets are inserted.

Replica of Existing Sheet as New Sheet by Using Shortcut

In many cases, we may need to create a new worksheet to have the existing data in the new worksheet. If you are following the process of inserting a new worksheet then copying the data to a new worksheet, we will show you new techniques now.

  • For example, look at the below data in excel.
Example 1.11
  • In Sheet 2, we have the below data. Now we need the same data in a new worksheet as well.
Excel New Sheet Shortcut Example 1.12
  • So the new technique holds the Ctrl key and drags the worksheet to the right side. When you are dragging, we will see a small “PLUS” icon appears.
Replica of Existing Sheet
  • The moment you place your cursor outside the sheet release control key and release mouse holding, this will create a new worksheet.
Example 1.13

Like this, we can create a new sheet in excel using shortcut keysExcel Using Shortcut KeysAn Excel shortcut is a technique of performing a manual task in a quicker way.read more.

Things to Remember Here

  • SHIFT + F11 is the shortcut key to insert a new worksheet.
  • Ctrl + Drag will create the replica of the existing worksheet, and the only changes are sheet name.

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