“Save As” Shortcut in Excel

Save as is located in the file tab of the worksheet in excel but there are also some keyboard shortcuts of using it, one being on the quick access tool bar or we can press F12 and display the save as option or we press the keyboard shortcut CTRL + S which opens the save as dialog box for us to save the file in the desired path.

Excel Shortcut: “Save As”

“Save” and “Save As” both of these shortcuts belong to the “File” class functions of excel. Save and Save As Shortcut Keys in excel save the temporary data that we have in excel to an excel file.

Save and Save As Shortcuts in excelShortcuts In ExcelAn Excel shortcut is a technique of performing a manual task in a quicker way.read more are the most important functions as they enable the user to save the data that is created in excel, without these functions, the user will lose the data that has been made in excel once the file is closed. So this is very important that these functions must be understood clearly.

  • The “Save As” shortcut key in excel is different from the “Save” shortcut of excel as the “Save As” function enables a user to store the data in a separate file or even in an independent format from the original format.
  • It was introduced when observed that the user loses the original file once the changes are saved in the file. The “Save AS” shortcut function in excel enables a user to save the changes that have been made in the primary file in a new file. Now, by using the save as function user has the option to save the file in the same format or a different name or even at a different location.
  • So “Save as” shortcut function of excel offers more functionality than the traditional “Save” function of Excel.

Save As Shortcut in Excel Examples

  1. Using Save As shortcut key in excel – F12

    shortcut key example 1

  2. Adding the Save As function to the quick Access toll bar.

    shortcut key example 1-1

  3. Adding the Save As function to the ribbon.

    shortcut key example 1-2

  4. Using VBA

    shortcut key example 1-3

How to Use Save As Shortcut in Excel?

Below are the four methods of using the Save As Shortcut in Excel.

Method #1 – Using the Excel Keyboard Shortcut for Save As

Step 1st Make sure that No undo of actions is required.

Before saving the file, this should ensure that no action that has been performed needs an undo. If Undo is required, we must first undo the action and then only save the changes.

Step 2nd

Use the keyboard excel shortcut key “F12” to open the “Save As” dialogue.

Step 3rd

Please choose a new file name, file type, and the location where we want to save the file.

Keyboard key method 1

Method #2 – Add Save as Function to the Quick Access Toolbar in Excel

Step 1st

Go to the quick access toolbarQuick Access ToolbarQuick Access Toolbar (QAT) is a toolbar in Excel that may be customized and is located on the upper left-hand side of the window. It enables users to save important shortcuts and easily access them when needed.read more and click on the little “Dropdown” key.

Save as quick access method 2

Step 2nd

From the options, choose the option of “More Commands.”

Save as quick access method 2-1

Step 3rd

From the menu, choose the “All Commands” and add the “Save as” function to the Quick Access toolbar.

Save as quick access method 2-2

Step 4th

After adding the “Save As” function, we can use it with a single click.

quick access method 2-3

Method #3 – Adding “Save as” Option to the Ribbon in Excel

The “Save as” function can also be added to the ribbon.

Step 1st

Click on the “File option” and choose the “option” from the menu.

ribbon method 3

Step 2nd

From the customize ribbon tab, choose all commands and search for the “Save as” function and add that to the ribbon.

ribbon method 3-1

Step 3rd

After the “Save as” function is added to the ribbon, then it will appear as below.

method 3-2

Method #4 – Use VBA as a Save As Shortcut

VBA can also be used as a shortcut for “Save as” by using the code.

Use VBA method 4

Activeworkbook means the excel that is active.

Save as means the “Save as” function that needs to be executed.

“save this as this name” enter the name by which the file has to be saved.

Explanation of “Save As” Function in Excel

Whenever we are working on a spreadsheet that’s shared between teammates, then this becomes important that the primary file is not edited by the other members of the team. Let’s suppose a situation where the manager of the team has created a file and shared the file with the teammates, and some of the teammates have altered the formulas as per there need and also saved the changes in the file.

Now, this will create a problem for the user that has created the primary file as the changes that are made by the teammates are already saved in the same file, and this is now not possible to restore the changes and get back the original file. So, to take care of both the situations that are to save the changes and also to keep the primary file, we use the “Save As” function of Excel.

  • “Save As” function of excel not only allows the user to save the changes by a new file name but also allows the user to change the file type and location where the file has been saved.
  • By using the “Save as” function, this can be possible that the user can create the file that has a new location and a new file type. Sometimes the user has to save a file as a Pdf and sometimes want to change the file type to a macro-enabled worksheet, and in such cases, this becomes important that the user has some inbuilt option to do so and hence we have the “Save as” function in excel.
  • So whenever we want to save the changes and the primary file, use the “Save as” function. There are many ways to add the shortcuts for the “Save as” function.
  • We can use the keyboard shortcut key combinations and also add these “Save as” function in the ribbon or in quick access toolbar. Using Save As shortcut keys will enable a user to cut the time that is used in saving the file with the conventional methods. Moreover, we also have the VBA code that can be used to easily used to execute the “Save As” shortcut key in excel.

Things to Remember About “Save As” Shortcut in Excel

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