Excel Shortcut to Select Row

Select Row Shortcut in Excel

Those who use Excel in their workplace perform some activities that are routine in nature, so these routine tasks are unavoidable for those who perform these activities need to work on smarter ways to perform those regular tasks. There is not the better smart way to perform regular tasks than shortcut keys, so a one activity that we all perform is “select rows” in excel, so in this article, we will show you some of the circumstances where we can make use of shortcut key to select the row in excel.

General Scenarios of Selecting a Row in Excel

Selecting a row or column is differs from case to case, so let’s illustrates some of the cases here.

  • Deleting a Particular Row: If we want to get rid of a particular row or number of rows, then usually we need to select those rows then delete the selected rows.
  • Inserting a New Row: Like how we need to select row before deleting them similarly, we need to select columns or columns to insert the new one. If you select and hit the insert option, then only one column will be inserted, like these new rows will be inserted as many numbers of columns as selected.
  • Formatting a Row: If we want to apply any specific formatting to the particular row or rows, then we need to select then row then apply the formatting as per our liking.

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How to Select a Row?

Below is an example of using the keyboard shortcut keyUsing The Keyboard Shortcut KeyAn Excel shortcut is a technique of performing a manual task in a quicker way.read more to select the row in excel.

You can download this Shortcut to Select Row Excel Template here – Shortcut to Select Row Excel Template

Selecting a row is often performed manually by beginners, but to work productively, we need to use shortcut keys before that, let’s recollect the manual way of selecting a row.

  • For example, look at the below data set.
Excel Shortcut to Select Row Example 1
  • If we want to select the row number 4 then we just need to place a cursor on the row header (numerical header), then we should see a small arrow key.
Example 1.7
  • As soon as you see the arrow key, press the left key of the mouse, and the targeted row will be selected.
Example 1.1

After selecting the row, we can press further shortcut keys depending upon the requirement like “Inserting a new row,” “Deleting the row,” selecting further rows below or above.

Shortcut Way of Selecting Row in Excel

I would like to mention that there is no major difference between selecting the row manually and selecting row using the shortcut; the only difficulty here is you need to move your hand from the keyboard to the mouse that all, but once you get the hang of shortcut keys you will start loving them.

The Shortcut Key to Select a Row:

Excel Shortcut to Select Row Example 1.5
  • For example, take the above data table only to illustrate this example. Assume we need to select the row number 4, so we need to select any of the cells from this row first.
Example 1.2.0
  • I have chosen the A4 cell in row number 4, now simply press the Space bar by holding the Shift key.
Example 1.3

So as soon as we have pressed the shortcut key, it has selected the entire row of the active cell (active cell was A4 cell).

  • Now assume after selecting row number 4, we need to select all the rows which are below the selected row, then we can press another shortcut key “Shift + Ctrl + Down Arrow.”
Excel Shortcut to Select Row Example 1.6
Example 1.4
  • So the moment you press this, it will select all the rows which are below the selected row.

If you press one more time, “Shift + Ctrl + Down Arrow,” it will take you to the next non-break cell or row.

Similarly, if you want to select all the rows which are above the selected row, then we need to press the shortcut key “Shift + Ctrl + Up Arrow.”

Things to Remember Here

  • To select the row, we should have selected the cell in that particular row before pressing the shortcut key.
  • We need to press the shortcut key in order of Shift then Space.

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