Shortcut to Merge Cells in Excel

Shortcut Key to Merge Cells in Excel

It is most widely used in data formatting for better Layout or appearance. Merge cells can be done through controls in the Alignment tab dialog box under the Home tab toolbar.

Merge cells

Merging can also be done through the alignment section in format cells. In-text control option, you have to click or select merge cells in excelMerge Cells In ExcelMerging a cell in excel refers to combining two or more adjacent cells either vertically, horizontally or both ways. Merging excel cells is specifically required when a heading or title has to be centered over an area of a more.

Merge cells (Format cell)

  • To Organizing multiple sections under one heading, i.e., It is used most commonly when Big title of tabular datasets is to be centered over the top in a particular section of a spreadsheet
  • It is used to combine the First Name, middle name & Last Name columns into one single column as Full name
  • When you pull out a data from a database or another source, it contains the address in the split format in several columns with Street, City, Zip, State fields separately. For this data, with the help of the merge option, we can combine those fields into a single “Address” column

Top 4 Types Of Merge Cell Options in Excel (with Shortcuts)

Merge Cells: It’s an art of combining multiple cells of rows or columns to a single cell.

You can download this Shortcut to Merge Cells Excel Template here – Shortcut to Merge Cells Excel Template

Various types of Merge options with Shortcut keys to merge cells in excel are as follows:

  1. Merge Cells (Excel Shortcut keyExcel Shortcut KeyAn Excel shortcut is a technique of performing a manual task in a quicker moreALT H+M+M)
  2. Merge & Center (Excel Shortcut key – ALT H+M+C)
  3. Merge Across (Excel Shortcut key – ALT H+M+A)
  4. Unmerge Cells (Excel Shortcut key – ALT H+M+U)

#1 – Merge Cells (Excel Shortcut)

Merges the range into a single cell, but the position of text in cell content is not centered.

Use the excel shortcut – Merge Cells (ALT H+M+M)

Merge cells

For Example

Merge cells 1

#2 – Merge & Center (Excel Shortcut)

Merges the range of cells into one cell, and the position of text in cell content is centred here. i.e., a position of text horizontally centres the content.

  • Note: only the left column of data will be kept, and the data of other columns will be deleted.
  • Use the excel shortcut key – Merge & Center (ALT H+M+C)

Merge & center

For Example

Merge & center eg

#3 – Merge Across (Excel Shortcut)

It will combine each row in the selected range across the columns in the range. It will not merge the data into one cell.

  • Note: only the left column of data will be kept, and the data of other columns will be deleted.
  • Use the excel shortcut key – Merge Across (ALT H+M+A)

Merge across

For Example

Merge across example

#4 – Unmerge Cells (Excel Shortcut)

It reverses the merge option where it returns the merged cell back to a range of individual cells (Unmerged) when you are working on a dataset. If you have mistakenly merged some of the cells, then this option is helpful to unmerge it.

Use the excel shortcut key – Unmerge Cells (ALT H+M+U)

unmerge cells

For Example

unmerge cells example

Important Note:

All the merge options can only merge the cells, but not the text present within these cells.

For Example, In the below-mentioned example, Suppose If I try to merge the texts of cells A2 & B2, A popup appears asking you “merging cells only keeps the upper-left value and discards other values” it means it will keep the text from the leftmost cell (A2 in this case) and remove the text from another cell, i.e.(B2).

merge cell popup

If you click ok, only the content or text of the cell A2 appears in the merged cells. The text of B2 cells disappears (Note: It warns you before this happens, with popup window).

Things to Remember

With the merge option, your spreadsheet looks visually presentable and highly organized

There is also an alternative to Merge Cells in Excel – You can select the data which you want to merge, then right-click, choose format option, format cell window appears and at last select Center Across Selection in text alignment section.

center across selection

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