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Hide Shortcut in Excel

When the data is large, or the summary table includes drill down summary, we choose the option of grouping the columns and rows, so that if we required, we can expand or collapse things to dig deep. However, in certain cases, we cannot group rows or columns; rather, we need to hide those rows and columns, so this task is often regular for regular excel users, so maintaining the efficient way of doing this is very important. In this article, we will show you how to hide rows and columns in excel, using the shortcut keys to work efficiently.

Hiding Rows and Columns in Excel

Excel has rows and columnsExcel Has Rows And ColumnsA cell is the intersection of rows and columns. Rows and columns make the software that is called excel. The area of excel worksheet is divided into rows and columns and at any point in time, if we want to refer a particular location of this area, we need to refer a cell.read more, so we can hide these two things only apart from hiding worksheets; in the end, we will also show you how to hide worksheets as well.

In a worksheet that contains data, we need to first decide what the row is and column that we need to hide accordingly, we can hide those rows and columns. To hide rows and columns, we have several methods; first, let me show you a manual way of hiding rows and columns in excel.

For example, look at the below data table.

Shortcut for Hide Example 1

Assume we need to hide a column in excelHide A Column In ExcelThe methods to hide columns in excel are - hide columns using right-click option, hide columns using shortcut cut key, hide columns using column width, hide columns using VBA code.read more “E,” then first we need to select the column to hide the column.

Shortcut for Hide Example 1-1

Now go to the Home tab and click on the “Format” option.

Home tab- Format Option

Now we can see many different “Format” options, under “Visibility,” choose “Hide & Unhide,” and then choose “Hide Columns.”

Shortcut for Hide (Hide columns)

Now the selected column will be hidden.

Shortcut for Hide (Hidden E column)

Similarly, for rows too first, we need to choose the row that we wish to hide, then follow the same steps and select “Hide Rows” instead of “Hide Columns.”

Shortcut for Hide (Hide rows)

This option looks lengthy, isn’t it? Going through all the above steps is frustrating, but we have next-level options as well. After selecting the column that we need to hide right click on that column header and choose the “Hide” option.

Shortcut for Hide (Hide through right click)

This will hide the selected excel column.

Shortcut for Hide (Hidden E column)

Now assume we need to hide row number 5, then first select that row and right-click.

Shortcut for Hide (Hide row through right click)

Now the selected row will be hidden.

Shortcut for Hide (No Row)

This option looks much better, isn’t it??

Now we will show you an even quicker excel option, i.e., by using shortcut keys.

Hide Rows & Columns Using Shortcut Keys in Excel

A shortcut is very important to save a lot of time, and hiding rows & columns are no different either. In earlier cases, we need to select the row or column before we choose the hide option, but using excel shortcutsExcel ShortcutsAn Excel shortcut is a technique of performing a manual task in a quicker way.read more, we need not do all these.

The shortcut keys to hide rows & columns in excel are as below.

To Hide Excel Column: “Ctrl + 0”

Shortcut for hide Column

To Hide Excel Row: “Ctrl + 9”

shortcut for hide Row

One thing we need to keep in mind here is 0 & 9 should be pressed from keyboard numbers, not from the number pad of the keyboard.

Onscreen keyboard

Ok, now we know about excel shortcut keys.

Assume we need to hide column “D,” so select any of the cells in this column first.

Select cell D

I have selected the cell D3, now hold the Ctrl key, and press 0. As soon as you press the shortcut key, column “D” is hidden.

Shortcut for Hide (column D)

Now assume we need to hide row number 5, so select any of the cells in this row.

Select row no 5

I have selected a C5 cell, so row number 5 is active now by holding the Ctrl key press number 9 from keyboard numbers.

hide row

Here you can see the overview of rows and columns.

Shortcut for Hide (Column and row hidden)

Ok, we have seen how to use shortcut keys effectively now assume we need to hide multiple rows and column which are not in continuous rows or columns.

Hide Multiple Rows and Columns in Excel

For an example, if we need to hide columns “E” & “F” we can select both these continuous columns and simply hide it; similarly, if we want to hide row 5 & 6, we can select these continuous rows and hide it if we want to hide column “E,” column “B,” column “G” and rows like row number “4”, row number “6”, row number 2 we need to use a different strategy.

Now let’s select one cell in each column that we need to hide.

hide row

Note: Hold the control key and select each cell in respective columns to select multiple cells.

In the above image, I have selected B3, E3, and G3 cells; after selecting the cells, simply press the shortcut key Ctrl + 0.

Hide multiple column

As you can see above, all the selected cell columns are hidden.

Similarly, select row numbers.

Shortcut for Hide (Hide multiple row)

I have chosen A2, A4, and A6 cells, now press Ctrl + 9 to hide selected cells rows.

Shortcut for Hide (hide rows shortcut)

There you go shortcut key has hidden rows of selected excel cells.

Things to Remember

  • Numerical values 0 & 9 should be pressed from keyboard numbers, not from separate number pad of the keyboard.
  • In the case of multiple rows & columns hiding, we need to select respective rows and columns cells then use the shortcut key to hide.

This has been a guide to excel hide shortcuts. Here we discuss how to hide rows and columns in excel using the shortcut keys to work easily, along with practical examples and a downloadable excel template. You may learn more about excel from the following articles –

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