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Excel Translate Function

Excel Translate is a function which helps to convert any sentence or word in one language to another. It is available in reviews tab under the section of languages but there is one important part which we need to keep in mind is that excel has its own pairs or language for translation such as English to Spanish or English to French, there are three translation options available, one is the online dictionary second the dictionary available when downloaded and third is the machine translation.

Where to Find Translate Function in Excel?

The translate function is found in the review tab of ms excel.

translate tab

You must be wondering what its use is! Let us understand with the following example.


We have a text–

  1. What is this” in our excel. To understand this function, we click on the Translate in Review tab and then press Turn on (highlighted in green color).

    translate example 1.1

  2. As we perform the above task immediately, we come across the following screen.

    translate example 1.2

  3. There is a range of languages to be selected from, as produced in the screenshot below. The languages are shown in alphabetical order, and the last language is “Yucatec Maya.” There are hundreds of languages to select from.

    excel translate function example 1.3

  4. The translate function can also swap the “to” and “from,” as shown in the screenshot below.

    translate example 1.4

    translate example 1.5

    Let’s check your mind! You must be wondering that short sentences could also be googled, then what is excel translate’s actual use?

    Well, here is the answer.

  5. Suppose we have got a long sentence – “Hi Amme, My name is Animisha. I am here to help you with your works.” Well, if you try googling such long sentences, Google might arrive at the various suggestions. However, for immediate understanding, we require instant software that automatically converts the foreign language into English or the local language.

    translate example 1.6

Add Excel Translate Function in Quick Access ToolBar

If we have to use language conversion regularly, we can create a shortcut for the same in excel for easy access.

Go to File and click on Options and then select the Quick Access toolbarQuick Access ToolbarQuick Access Toolbar (QAT) is a toolbar in Excel that may be customized and is located on the upper left-hand side of the window. It enables users to save important shortcuts and easily access them when needed.read more.

translate example 2.1

In the Quick Access Toolbar, on the right-hand side, we have an option – Choose commands from, as shown below. We must select “Review Tab” on it, then select a translate option from under it.

translate example 2.2

Once you select Translate, click on Add>>.

example 2.3

As soon as the Add>> option is pressed, we get the Translate option on the right-side pane, and we shall press OK.

example 2.5

After clicking OK at the Home tab, an automatic option of Translate function will be available at the quick access toolbar in excelToolbar In ExcelThe toolbar, also known as the quick access toolbar, is located on the left top-most side of the excel window and has only a few options by default, such as save, redo, and undo. Users can, however, customize it to their liking and add any option or button to make it easier to access the commands.read more.

example 2.4

Use of Translator

Now you must be wondering why and where is it used so widely?

Well, the answer is as follows.

  • Many companies like call BPO, Pharmaceutical, Medical, and other companies deal with their products and demands internationally. For such industries, the translate function comes as a savior to use and get reliable information. Also, it can handle and convert multiple data at a time.
  • It also helps in conducting surveys for new products or services by asking for customer reviews from the places where the markets need to be set up.

To pitch in more clarity, here is an example of a market survey done for new multiple product-line businesses that were tested and tried upon 10 people, and their reviews have been taken into consideration before creating an actual market. So, people from across the globe have sent reviews in their own language in writing. With the help of the Excel Translate function, all the words can be converted into English or any other convenient language.

Following is the list of products and customers from various parts of the world and their reviews based upon the taste and usage of products:

example 3.1

With the help of the Excel Translate function, we can easily convert it into the English language and save it for our further reference. All we have to do is apply one by one the procedure mentioned above. And the desired answer would be as follows:

example 3.2

The above is an example of 10 consumers; however, in a real-life scenario, there may be close to a thousand such reviews on an everyday basis.

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