Check Mark in Excel

What is Check Mark/Tick (✓) Symbol in Excel?

Check mark in excel which is used to show whether a given task is done or not, remember it is different from the checkbox, there are three simple methods to insert a checkmark in excel, the first one is just copying a tick mark and paste it in excel whereas the second option is inserting a symbol from the insert tab and the third is when we change the font to windings 2 and press the keyboard shortcut SHIFT+P.

Checkmarks/Tick Marks can be used as the buttons to style the content we are writing. This can be illustrated from the below example.

Check Mark in Excel Example 2

In the above example, the data in excel is represented as different points by using the tick mark.

The checkmark can be used for validation of the data in excelValidation Of The Data In ExcelData validation in Excel is used to limit a user's inputs to specified cells or input ranges by offering pre-defined inputs for selection to avoid multiple redundant data more. Here is the below example.

Check Mark in Excel Example 4

Here in the above example, the condition taken is salary > = 45, hence for all the data above 45 it is showing the checkmark and for all other data less than 45 it is showing exclamatory symbol.

How to Make Check Mark in Excel?

Lets follow the below steps.

  1. A checkmark is a wonderful option in Microsoft Excel, it is present in the “ Insert “ Tab and in the “ Symbol “  field.

    Symbol option

  2. If we click on the “Symbol” then a dialogue box is displayed as shown below.

    Check Mark in Excel Symbol insert

    After inserting the (✓) in the required cell, we can change the text associated with the checkmark.

    Users can change the user-defined text for the checkmark field.

  3. This can be done by the following process.

    After inserting the checkbox from the developer option, then right-click on the checkbox cell and select the “ Edit Text “ option.

    Checkbox Edit Text

  4. Write the user-defined text in the place of the CheckBox Text.

    Checkbox Text

    The excel tick marks are used to create checkboxes and also the checklist which is used for selection of single or multiple options at a time.

Top 7 Ways to Put Check Mark (✓ Tick) in the Excel

You can download this Check-Mark-Excel-Template here – Check-Mark-Excel-Template

#1 – By Using Tick Symbol Option in Excel

As we are aware that the Microsoft Office supports many symbols in Excel, the checkmark is also one of the symbols.

For this Go to Insert Tab, select the “ Symbols  “option.

Symbol option

A dialogue box will appear as shown in the below figure.

Check Mark in Excel (Symbol insert)

In that from Font option select “wingdings” font, and you will find many symbols and now drag the scroll bar till the end and then there will be two checkmarks or tick marks in excel.

Check Mark in Excel Symbol option 1

The next thing is the character code. The character code of Checkmark is “ 252“ and “254”. Now it is the time to choose the symbol which we want i.e. if the user wants only a tick mark in excel then “252” is the character code

Check Mark in Excel Symbol option 2

Or if the user wants to use a checkmark that is inside a square box, then “254” is the character code.

Check Mark in Excel symbol option

#2 – Using the Character Code

Step 1: Place the cursor in the cell where you would like to insert a checkmark. Go to the “ Home “ Tab and now change font settings to “ Wingdings”.

Character Code 1

Step 2: Now Click and hold the “ALT” key while typing the character code and then release the “ ALT “ key. The symbol which you typed will be displayed in the desired cell.

Check Mark in Excel (Character Code 2)

The character code of the tick symbol is “0252” and the character code of checkmark in the square box is “0254”.

#3 – Using a Keyboard Shortcut excel key to Insert Tick Mark

For this also the cell or column of cells where we want to insert checkmark, we need to have the Font settings in the Home tab. The Font settings are that the font style should be “ Wingdings 2 “ or “Webdings”.

There are two shortcuts for checkmarks in “Wingdings”. There are as follows.

Shortcut 1: Shift + P for inserting tick mark symbol in excel

Check Mark in Excel Keyboard Shortcut (Shift + P)
Check Mark in Excel (Keyboard Shortcut 1)

Shortcut 2: Shift + R for checkmark inside a square box.

Check Mark in Excel Keyboard Shortcut (Shift + R)
Check Mark in Excel (Keyboard Shortcut 2)

The excel shortcuts for checkmarks in the “Webdings” font style.

The above rule of font settings should be followed the same as with the “Wingdings”.

Keyboard shortcut: “a” is the shortcut for a checkmark in this font style.

#4 – Using Char Functions

Microsoft Excel supports many functions too in addition to the formulas and shortcuts.

Char() is the function in excelChar() Is The Function In ExcelThe character function in Excel, also known as the char function, identifies the character based on the number or integer accepted by the computer language. For example, the number for character "A" is 65, so if we use =char(65), we get more which will display the characters, special symbols, etc whenever it is necessary.

Example: char(252)

Char Function 1
=IF(C2=0, CHAR(252),"")
Check Mark in Excel (Char Function 2)

#5 – Using the Option in Conditional Formatting

For this Select “ Home” Tab, then go to conditional formatting, and in the drop-down select the “ Icon Sets “ option.

Conditional Formatting 1

Then you can see the Checkmarks in your data according to the conditions.

Conditional Formatting 2

#6 – Using the ASCII Code

The ASCII Code of the Checkmark is obtained by using the ASCII character. The ASCII character of CheckMark is Ü and the ASCII code of Checkmark is 252.

#7 – From the Bullet Library

The tick mark symbol can be found in the Bullet Library in Excel.

That can be used as a bullet option.

For this Go to Home tab -> Bullet Library -> select Tick mark.

The behavior of the Tick (✓) symbol in Excel>

  • Like the normal text and other numeric characters, the symbols also behave in the same way.
  • We can make the checkmark “ Bold “ or “ Italic “ by applying the styles
  • We can fill the cell color with the required color.
  • We can change the tick mark color to another one by changing it from the home tab.
  • Similar to the Check Mark in excel there is another option that we can use manually and can check that option whenever it is necessary. That is called a Checkbox.

Things to Remember

  1. Unlike Radio buttons in excelRadio Buttons In ExcelIn Excel, radio buttons or options buttons record a user's input. They can be found in the developer's tab's insert section. read more, this checkmark can be selected in multiple numbers.
  2. This checkmark can be used in filling any survey forms or any application forms to select the criteria.
  3. The checkmark is also used to select the compulsory options while reading the privacy policy etc.

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