GetPivotData in Excel

GetPivotData Excel Function

GetPivotData function in excel is a query function in excel which is used to fetch values from a pivot table based on some specific criteria such as the structure of the pivot table or the reference provided to the function, this function can be only applied on the pivot table and not on the normal table arrays.


GetPivotData Function Formula

There are three parameters that are used in GetPivotData.

Note: The values must be present in the below details:

How to use the GetPivotData Function in Excel? (Examples)

You can download this GetPivotData Function Excel Template here – GetPivotData Function Excel Template

Example #1

Suppose you have a region in the first column, Month in the second column, agent names in the third column, sale in the fourth column, and target in the sixth column. Now you have to simply find the total sale by using GETPIVOTDATA. Below is the data; you can copy it and paste it into your excel for practice.

Example 1

Now simply create a pivot table.

Example 1-1

Below is the Image as well for your understanding.

Example 1-2

Below is the example that how to use the GetPivotData function to find out total sales.


=GETPIVOTDATA(“Sum of Sale”,C4)

Example #2

The next question is to find out the total target by using the GETPIVOTDATA function.

(Use same data which mentioned above)


=GETPIVOTDATA(“Sum of Target”,D4)

Example #3

In the next question, By using the same data, let’s find out the sale of Mar month.

GetPivotData Function Example 3

Now there are two ways to find the sale of Mar Month. First, you can type item of field names in the GETPIVOTDATA in Excel function, and in the second one, you can refer to worksheet cells.



Example #4

In the next question, By using the same data, let’s find out the Target of Mar month.

GetPivotData Function Example 4



Here you need to know important things

If you change the first argument, data_field, to a reference F4, the result is a getpivotdata #REF! error

GetPivotData Function Example 4-1

So, always remember to use text in the data_field syntax for ignoring errors.

Example #5

Now Let’s move to another task that how to use Dates in the GetPivotData function.

If you use dates in the GETPIVOTDATA formula, there might be a few errors. Below are a few examples.

In the below-given table, we have a date in the first column and sale in the second column.

GetPivotData Function Example 5

Now just create a pivot table.

create a pivot table

By using this table, find out the sale of 26th May.

To get a correct answer while typing a date.


Things to Remember

There are two kinds of errors found in the GetPivotData function.

  • GETPIVOTDATA will return a #REF error if any supplied fields name puts incorrectly.
  • The GetPivotData function always accepts the name of the data_field and field/item values in the double-quotes.

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This has been a guide to GetPivotData in Excel. Here we discuss the GetPivotData Formula in excel and how to use GetPivotData Function on Excel along with practical examples and downloadable excel templates.

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