How to Delete Pivot Table?

Updated on April 4, 2024
Article byTanuj Kumar
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Delete Pivot Table in Excel

As you know, a PivotTable is used to summarize the raw data into an informative table. And you can easily remove a PivotTable by following the below simple steps; generally, the PivotTable has shown the error message -“We can’t make this change for the selected cells because it will affect a PivotTable” to prevent the accidental deletion of data.

How to Delete Pivot Table From Excel?

Let us understand this with some practical examples.

Example #1 – Removing a Pivot table

Below are the steps used for deleting pivot table from excel –

  1. If we cannot make this change for the selected cells because it may affect a PivotTable, as shown in the screenshot below, we must choose the whole PivotTable by pressing u0022Ctrl + Au0022 and then press the u0022Deleteu0022 button again.

    Delete Pivot Table Example 1

  2. Then, pick a cell anywhere in the PivotTable to show the Pivot Tools on the ribbon.

    Click on the u0022Selectu0022 tab, select the u0022Entire PivotTable,u0022 and then press the u0022Deleteu0022 key.

    Delete Pivot Table Example 1-1

    Else, we must select the u0022Clear Allu0022 option under the u0022Analyzeu0022 in the same tab, u0022Clearu0022 (as shown in the below screenshot).

    Delete Pivot Table Example 1-2

    Raw Date:

    Delete Pivot Table Example 1-3

    Pivot Table Data:

    Delete Pivot Table Example 1-4

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Example #2 – Remove the Pivot Table by Keeping the Stored Data

We first create a backup for the PivotTable data and then remove the pivot tablePivot TableA Pivot Table is an Excel tool that allows you to extract data in a preferred format (dashboard/reports) from large data sets contained within a worksheet. It can summarize, sort, group, and reorganize data, as well as execute other complex calculations on it.read more.

  • Copy the data from the PivotTable and paste it as values to another location, as shown in the below figure.
Example 1-5
  • Then follow the step of Removing a Pivot Table.

Example #3 – Removing the Entire Worksheet

We can delete the entire Excel sheet with the PivotTable to remove a PivotTable from an Excel workbook.

Select the sheet in which the PivotTable is located, right-click on the sheet name, and select the “Delete” sheet to delete the entire worksheet, as shown in the figure below.

Delete Pivot Table Example 1-6

Things to Remember Here

  • We must always take a backup of data before removing the PivotTable.

You can download this How to Remove Pivot Table in Excel template here –  Remove Pivot Table Excel Template

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