Blank Invoice Excel Template

Blank Invoice Excel Template

A blank invoice is basically a billing document consisting of details like purchased items, amount, and mode of payment. Invoices are source documents for accounting, used to record sales transactions. Excel blank invoice templates are useful as they have inbuilt excel formulasInbuilt Excel FormulasThe term "basic excel formula" refers to the general functions used in Microsoft Excel to do simple calculations such as addition, average, and comparison. SUM, COUNT, COUNTA, COUNTBLANK, AVERAGE, MIN Excel, MAX Excel, LEN Excel, TRIM Excel, IF Excel are the top ten excel formulas and more and hence help to perform the calculations with great ease, thereby also saving so much of time and effort.

Components of Blank Invoice Template

#1 – Header

  • Invoice Number: Invoice Number is a unique number that the seller assigns so as to distinguish this invoice from the invoice that another seller sends. It is present in the header section (on top of the page)
  • Invoice date: Invoice date is the date on which the invoice is generated
  • Payment Terms: This contains the mode of payment and states if the payment is due (with the amount due) on some other date
  • Billing Company Information: This contains the name and contact number of the business/store in the header section
  • Client/Customer Information: This contains the name and contact number of the client/customer in the header section

#2 – Body

This section contains the number of items or services purchased, and their amount and description

  • Total charges of items/services: This consists of a summary of charges for or services being billed.
  • Taxes or other costs due, if applicable: This includes any type of applicable taxes and shipping charges listed below the total charges.
  • Total due: This is the full amount or grand total owned by the customer.
  • Payment Instructions: This includes a description of the mode of payment.
  • Additional comments: This includes instructions related to return or exchange, and any discount information. The discount information is sometimes present in the body section in some of the invoices. It can also have an additional line stating the opening and closing hours and days of the store or organization.

Like a simple invoice template, a blank invoice excels template is used to offer the basics of an invoice without any complicated functions.


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How to Create a Blank Invoice Excel Template?

You can download this Blank Invoice Excel Template here – Blank Invoice Excel Template

Let us say we wish to create or generate a blank invoice template. Now the following steps can be used to do so (basically in Excel 2013 & 2016):

Let us say we wish to create or generate a blank invoice template. Now the following steps can be used to do so (basically in Excel 2013 & 2016):

  1. Open Microsoft Excel and click on the ‘File’ tab and click on ‘New’:

    Blank invoice Template Example 1

  2. On doing this, we will see some templates for invoices as below:

    Blank invoice Template Example 1-1
    We can see in the above screenshot that there are some ready-to-use templates for an invoice. We need not open each template before selection; instead, if we just click on a template, its preview appears, which will give us an idea of how the template looks in terms of layout and formatting in excelFormatting In ExcelFormatting is a useful feature in Excel that allows you to change the appearance of the data in a worksheet. Formatting can be done in a variety of ways. For example, we can use the styles and format tab on the home tab to change the font of a cell or a more. Also, these templates are completely customizable, i.e., we can change it as per our requirement.

  3. So, after deciding which template to be used, click on that template, and then click on the ‘Create’ button, which is to the right of the template’s preview.

    Blank invoice Template Example 1-2

  4. Now we can edit the template as per our needs:

    Blank invoice Template Example 1-4

  5. As we can see in the above screenshot, most templates have ‘Company/Company Name’ written on the top. We can replace this with the actual name of the company by double-clicking on the cell text and replacing it as below: Let’s say we are creating the invoice for a merchandise sales store whose name is ‘Trendy Diva.’

    Blank invoice Template Example 1-5

  6. So, we have changed the ‘Company Name’ to ‘Trendy Diva’ in the invoice. In the upper left, along with the company name, a personalized company logo can also be added by pasting the logo there. This is followed by the contact information of the business firm or store, and then the contact information of the client/customer:

    Blank invoice Template Example 1-6

  7. Along with the contact information of the client, there is an Invoice number and invoice date on the right, as illustrated in the below screenshot:

    Blank invoice Template Example 1-7

  8. Thereafter, there is a line-by-line description of the money owed along with the price and quantity of items or rate and number of services. In case there is a discount, it is usually entered in a separate column, or mentioned along with the total in the end and subtracted thereafter.

    Blank invoice Template Example 1-8

  9. For instance, in our ‘Trendy Diva’ invoice, which is a merchandise store, let’s say two dresses (1 Gown and 1 Long Maxi Dress) are purchased:

    Blank invoice Template Example 1-9

  10. Finally, there is the grand total of all the items or services purchased, along with any applicable taxes. Also, in case there is any due amount, it is also mentioned (which is also mentioned at the top in some of the invoices).

    Blank invoice Template Example 1-10

  11. You can apply the tax rate.

    Blank invoice Template Example 1-11

  12. Here, we can see that the sales taxSales TaxThe government levies sales tax on the consumption of various goods and services as the percentage added to the product and services from which the government earns revenue and does the company's welfare. In the United States, 38 different states have different taxes, from Alaska (1.76%) to Tennessee (9.45%).read more is automatically calculated.

    Blank invoice Template Example 1-12

  13. If any other amount is charged, then enter that amount in the “Other” column.

    Blank invoice Template Example 1-13

  14. Finally, the total amount is automatically calculated in “Total” cell.

    Blank invoice Template Example 1-14

  15. After all the changes have been made in the selected blank invoice template as per the user’s requirements, we will have to save it by clicking on ‘File’ -> ‘Save As in ExcelSave As In ExcelSave as is located in the worksheet's file tab. It can be accessed from the quick access toolbar or by pressing F12 and choosing "save as," or CTRL + S, which opens the save as dialogue box to save the more.’

    Blank invoice Template Example 1-15

  16. Then enter a save location and the name of the invoice to be saved, and then click on ‘Save.’ This will save the customized invoice template in the mentioned save location.

    Blank invoice Template Example 1-16

Things to Remember

  • In business, Invoice is a standard part. However, there is no single standardized form for the use of the invoice.
  • We can also create our own invoice template in MS Excel.
  • Blank invoice templates are generally used by services that need to provide an on-site bill to customers.
  • Custom invoicing software packages, business applications, and online cloud-based services are also used by some of the organizations or stores to create their own invoice templates.
  • The invoice templates available in Microsoft Excel are customizable in terms of layout, formatting, etc. and can be edited as per the user’s requirements.
  • The Excel invoice templates can easily be converted to PDF format and can be sent to the client via mail.
  • Some of the Excel invoice templates that can be downloaded for free in versions: Excel 2003, 2007, 2010, and 2013, are:

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