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Free Weekly Planner & Calendar Excel Template

A weekly planner helps us to stay on track with all our weekly goals. The best part of it is, it can be used for the official planned tasks as well. You can set all the meetings for next week well before you have a visit to the office branch at another location next week on a particular day; no worries, you can add under weekly planner. The best part of this planner is, it can be printed. In that way, you can always have it pinned in front of your eyes and have no chance to miss any activity. We have two ways to create a free weekly planner excel template:

  1. Using built-in excel weekly schedule/planner templates. These are created by Microsoft itself with ease of use as the main purpose. These can be downloaded and used as it is.
  2. Creating an excel weekly planner template on your own from scratch and use it. The benefit of this one is, you have all the control for creation.

We will see both these ways to create a free weekly planner excel template.


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2 Ways to Create Free Weekly Planner & Calendar Excel Template

Here we explain the 2 ways to create a free weekly planner & calendar excel template.

You can download this Weekly Planner Excel Template here – Weekly Planner Excel Template

Example #1: Built-in Weekly Planner Template

Following are the steps involved in accessing the free built-in weekly planner template in excel.

  1. Open a new Excel. Click on File menu > click on New.

    Excel New Option

  2. As soon as you click on New, it will show you a list of excel templates with a search box. Put “Weekly Planner” as search criteria under the search box and click Enter to search all the templates which are readymade for you.

    Excel Template Search Box

    As of now, we only have these three planners. But don’t worry, if you type “Weekly Schedule”, you’ll have a lot of templates as well.

  3. Click on the Simple Meal Planner template.

    Simple Meal Planner

  4. After that, click on the Create button, which appears on a window that pops-up as soon as you click on the template.

    Create Simple Meal Planner Template

  5. As soon as you click on the Create button, the template gets downloaded and can be seen as shown in the partial screenshot below:

    Meal Planner Template

    Though it seems to be the meal planner for the week, never get disappointed. We have thousands of online templates provided by users and Microsoft itself. You can always download those through the net and use it as a ready to go templates. Make sure you are connected to a well-speeded network for doing so.

Example #2: Creating a Weekly Planner Template

In this example, we discuss how to create a free weekly planner excel template.

Step 1: In cell C2, use the formula as =TODAY()-WEEKDAY(TODAY(),2)+1 this formula will capture the date for Monday in a current week every time you open the sheet up. Since the day I am writing this article on November 18, 2019 (Monday), the date for Monday will be November 18, 2019.

Weekly Planner Template - Example 2.1

Step 2: Now, across cells D2 to I2, use C2 as a constant value and add 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 as increments. This should give you all the dates associated with that particular week starting from Monday. Looks like the one in the screenshot below:

Weekly Planner Template - Example 2.2

Step 3: For line C3, use the Text formula in excelText Formula In ExcelTEXT function in excel is a string function used to change a given input to the text provided in a specified number format. It is used when we large data sets from multiple users and the formats are different.read more as =TEXT(C2,”dddd”), which will extract the day associated with the date value under cell C2. Drag this formula across D3 to I3 for getting the days associated with those dates present under D2 to I2.

Weekly Planner Template - Example 2.3

Step 4: Format C2:I3 as follows: Font/Font Size – Calibri/12, change cell color, make bold and bordered, add custom date format as “dd mmm.”

Weekly Planner Template - Example 2.4

Step 5: In cell C4:I4, use the keyword “To-Do List.” This will be the field where all the to-do tasks you can write. Format it with Font/Font Size – Calibri/12, Bold, Italic, and Text Color – Gray. We will put some rows as blank below this text so that the user can add the to-do notes across those rows. It should ideally look as below:

Weekly Planner Template - Example 2.5

Please note that we also have added the Outside Border and Right Border to give it a table-like look.

Step 6: Repeat the same procedure as in Step 5 to add the meetings/appointments list under the planner from rows across C10:I15. See the screenshot below:

Example 2.6 - Meetings/Appointments

Note that, Meets/Appts stands for Meetings/Appointments.

Step 7: Finally, take a moment to add the notes under the weekly planner across the rows C16:I21, following the same procedure as of Step 5.

Example 2.7 - Add Notes

Step 8: Now, we would like to add a nice quote that can motivate the user all along the week every time they open up this planner. Use Merge & Center in excel + Wrap Text option to merge cells B2:B6. And add a quote as “Stay Focused.” Format it with Font – Lucida Calligraphy, Bold, Text Color – Black.

Example 2.8 - Quote

Note that we have used Outside Border across cells B2:B6.

Step 9: On cell B7, type “Weekly To-Do List” Font/Font Size – Calibri/12, Alignment – Center. This would be the space where you can mention all your weekly to do’s. Format it with cell border and use 2 lines each for the weekly To Dos across all the cells. You can separate every two-line by using the Bottom Border and Left Border.

Example 2.9 - Weekly To do list

The final layout of the weekly planner should look as below:

Example 2.10 - Final Layout

Note: One more thing we used here is we removed the Gridlines. You can remove Gridlines by navigating to View > Gridlines (uncheck the box) under the Show section.

Weekly Planner Template - Example 2.11

This is how we can create a weekly planner under Microsoft Excel. Let’s end this article with some points to be noted.

Things to Remember

  • There are thousands of online templates available that are compatible with excel and can be used as a ready-made option for the weekly planner. These templates are customized, and hence you can download the one which you feel is good as per your need and use.
  • Creating a weekly planner of your own from scratch is also the best way since you can customize the template as per your necessities and format accordingly.
  • Always keep an eye on formatting, cell style, merging while you create your own template since it plays a big role in the visual appearance of the template.

This has been a guide to Excel Weekly Planner Template. Here we discuss 2 ways to create a free weekly planner & calendar template in excel with examples. You can learn more about excel from the following articles –

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