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Updated on December 26, 2023
Article byJeevan A Y
Edited byAshish Kumar Srivastav
Reviewed byDheeraj Vaidya, CFA, FRM

A checklist is a checkbox in Excel used to represent whether a given task is completed. Normally, the value returned by the checklist is either true or false. But, we can improvise with the results. When the checklist is tick marked, the result is true, and when it is blank, the result is false. We can insert a checklist from the “Insert” option in the “Developer” tab.

For example, you must keep track of activities, tasks, or processes. Again, a checklist in Excel is the best option. It can help you maintain a record in the spreadsheet as you complete the job or items. Moreover, you may also view them to know when you have checked off everything.

What is a Checklist in Excel?

In Excel, we can create a checklist template that keeps us updated with all the tasks needed for a particular project or event.

We all plan our tasks, events, etc. We usually memorize or note down somewhere to check the list of tasks that need to be completed or the list of completed jobs.

Planning for an event, marriage, or work includes many steps or projects at different time frames. Naturally, therefore, we need many tasks to be completed on time. However, remembering all those tasks is a list that is not a walk in the park; maintaining the Excel checklist is not easy on paper.

If you have experienced such problems, you can learn how to create checklists in Excel. This article will introduce you to the interactive Excel checklist template.

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How to Create a Checklist in Excel Using CheckBoxes?

The most common way of creating an excel checklist template is using CheckBoxes in ExcelUsing CheckBoxes In ExcelA checkbox in excel is a square box used for presenting options (or choices) to the user to choose from.read more. In our earlier article, we elaborated on using checkboxes. The checkboxes represent the selection and deselection visually.

You can download this Checklist Excel Template here – Checklist Excel Template

The checkbox is available under the “Developer” tab. If you cannot see the “Developer” tab, enable it. Once the “Developer” tab is enabled, you can see the checkbox below.

Check list in Excel

Example #1

We will explain the simple Excel checklist template. Below are the tasks that need to be carried out before the exam.

Check for Exam Notification
Print Challan
Pay Fee in the Bank
Research on Resources to Study
Buy Books Online
Daily Reading
Finalize Important Topics
Download Hall Ticket
Mock Exam Test
Arrange all the Things for the Exam
Attend the Exam

We will copy this list into Excel. Then, first,  we will go to the “Developer” tab, select “CheckBox,” and draw in the B2 cell.

Check list in Excel Example 1-1

Now, we will drag the checkbox against all the task lists.

Check list in Excel Example 1-2

As a result, now we have the checkbox for all the tasks.

Next, we will right-click the first checkbox and select “Format Control” in Excel.

Check list in Excel Example 1-3

Under “Format Control,” we must go to “Control” and select “Checked,” and give cell referenceCell ReferenceCell reference in excel is referring the other cells to a cell to use its values or properties. For instance, if we have data in cell A2 and want to use that in cell A1, use =A2 in cell A1, and this will copy the A2 value in A1.read more to the C2 cell.

Check list in Excel Example 1-4

Now, this checkbox is linked to cell C2. So, if the checkbox is ticked, as a result, in C2, it will show “TRUE.” Else, it will display “FALSE” in cell C2.

Check list in Excel Example 1-5

Similarly, we will repeat the same task but keep changing the cell reference to the individual cell. So, for example, for the next checkbox, we will give the cell reference as C3, for the next, we will provide a cell reference as C4, and so on.

Finally, it will complete all our checkbox settings. It should look like the one below, as shown in the image.

Check list in Excel Example 1-6

We keep ticking the respective task boxes to update our task list templateTask List TemplateYou can use the Task List Template for tracking an event or project, managing checklists for both commercial & personal purposes. Its primary goal is to display the current status of all the tasks, which helps you maintain the deadline. read more as the tasks are completed.

Example #2 – How to Make Your Checklist More Attractive?

The above checklist list template looks ordinary. However, we can make this a beauty by adding colors to it.

  1. We must select all the tasks.

    Check list in Excel Example 1-7

  2. Then, we must go to the “Home” tab and select “Conditional Formatting,” then “New Rule.”

    Check list in Excel Example 1-8

  3. Under “New Rule,” we will mention the formula as =$C2= TRUE.

    Check list in Excel Example 1-9

  4. Now, we will click on “Format.”

    Check list in Excel Example 10

  5. Under “Format Cells,” we will go to “Fill” and select the color to highlight the completed task.

    Beautify Your Task List step 5

  6. Lastly, we will click on “OK” to complete the procedure. If the checkbox is ticked, we will get a result as “TRUE” in column C, or we will get the result as “FALSE.”

    “Conditional Formatting” looks for all the “TRUE” values. If any “TRUE” value is found in column C, it will highlight the Excel checklist area with green color.

    Beautify Your Task List step 6

Example #3 – Strikethrough all the Completed Excel Check List

We can make the report more beautiful by going one extra mile in conditional formatting. We can strikethrough all the completed checklist templates with conditional formatting.

In general perception, strikethrough means something which is already completed or over. So, we will apply the same logic here as well.

Step 1: First, we must select the checklist data range.

Step 2: Now, we need to go to “Conditional Formatting” and click “Manage Rules.”

Strikethrough Check List step 1

Step 3: We can see all the “Conditional Formatting” lists. Then, select the rule and click on “Edit Rule.”

Strikethrough Check List step 2

Step 4: Now, we need to click on “Format,” choose “Font,” and select “Strikethrough.”

Strikethrough Check List step 3

Step 5: Then, we will click on “OK.” As a result, all the tasks which are completed will be strikethrough.

Strikethrough Check List step 4

Step 6: We will hide column C to make the checklist template more beautiful.

Strikethrough Check List step 5

Things to Remember about Checklist in Excel

  • Choose light color under conditional formatting to highlight.
  • Strikethrough will be the sign of something already completed.
  • Instead of time-consuming checkboxes, we can create a dropdown list of completed and not completed.

This article is a guide to Checklist in Excel. We discuss how to create a checklist in Excel, along with Excel examples and downloadable Excel templates. You may also look at these useful functions in Excel: –