Chart Templates in Excel

How to Create Chart Templates in Excel?

A template is actually a sample chart that has some details already mentioned in it and can be reused when the same chart is required to be used again.

Step by Step with Examples

You can download this Excel Chart Templates here – Excel Chart Templates

Example #1 – Create a Chart Template using Pie Chart

Follow the steps.

  1. Consider the following data we have below, and

    Chart Template Example 1

  2. Select the data we want to insert in the chart then, Click on Charts in the Insert tab under the charts group select Pie Chart in excelSelect Pie Chart In ExcelThe pie chart is a circular excel chart representing the visualization of data in a circular format. In this circular chart, every category of data has its part, and all the categories make it as a whole circular more.

    Chart Template Example 1-1

  3. In the Pie Chart, select a 3-D Pie chart.

    Chart Template Example 1-2

  4. The chart for the above data is created.

    Chart Template Example 1-3

  5. Customize the chart by adding data labels from the “+” option provided.

    Chart Template Example 1-4

  6. And stretch the chart.

    Chart Template Example 1-5

  7. Now right click on the chart, and a wizard box appears. Click on Save as Template.

    Chart Template Example 1-6

  8. It asks for a chart name to be saved in the charts template. Name the chart and save it. I have named my chart as a “sample.”

    Chart Template Example 1-7

  9. Now consider the below data, which is different from the previous one.

    Chart Template Example 1-8

  10. Now select this data and click on all charts.

    Chart Template Example 1-9

  11. A dialog box appears,

    Chart Template Example 1-10

  12. Click on Templates; we can see our created template, which was named as a sample. Click on OK.

    Chart Template Example 1-11

  13. See the result.

    Chart Template Example 1-12

The same chart is created from the template, and we did not have to re-do the whole drag the chart and insert the data label again. This is how we use the chart templates.

Example #2 – Create a Chart Template using Pareto Chart

Now earlier, we had used a pie chart, which was a simple chart. In the second example, we will use the Pareto chart to describe the use of creating an Excel chart template. (Pareto chart is a data analysis tool for finding the root cause of something).

We will have two data for Pareto and create an excel chart template from the first data and then use the template for the second data to create the Pareto chartCreate The Pareto ChartA pareto chart is a graph which is a combination of a bar graph and a line graph, indicates the defect frequency and its cumulative impact. It helps in finding the defects to observe the best possible and overall improvement more.

Consider the data below,

Chart Template Example 2

We have two sets of data of Pareto analysisPareto AnalysisPareto analysis is a decision making technique based on the 80/20 rule where the company can achieve 80% of the project's benefits by doing the 20% of the work, or the 80% problems of the company are traced to 20 % more, and we will make the Pareto chart for the first data and save it as a template to use it on another data.

  • Select A, C & D column, then click on Recommended charts in the charts section under the Insert Tab.
Chart Template Example 2-1
Example 2-2
Example 2-3

See the chart.

Example 2-4
  • Let us edit the chart a little bit, Insert data labels from the “+” sign provided as shown in the above example.
Example 2-5
Example 2-6
  • A browse box appears, name this template as sample 2 and click on ok to save it. Always remember to give different names for templates to be precise, which chart needs to be re-used again.
Example 2-7

Now we have saved our chart template for the Pareto chart.

  • Now select the data for the second chart to be created, i.e., J, L, and M column. Again, click on All charts.
Example 2-8
  • From the dialog box of all charts, click on templates and select Sample 2, the second template created.
Example 2-9

When we click on ok, we can see the Pareto chart for the second data is also created with respect to the first chart.

Chart Template Example 2-10

We can see that even if we have complex charts to recreate, we can use templates to create them once and re-use them whenever required.

Things to Remember

  1. We need to design one chart as a sample Excel chart template.
  2. Always name different graph templates uniquely so that we can have a specific idea which template to use when.
  3. The Excel GraphExcel GraphIn Excel, a graph or chart lets us visualize information we've gathered from our data. It allows us to visualize data in easy-to-understand pictorial ways. The following components are required to create charts or graphs in Excel: 1 - Numerical Data, 2 - Data Headings, and 3 - Data in Proper more templates are saved in the system itself, so it will work in the same system we saved the template.
  4. The Excel Chart template contains all the formatting done earlier, so in case we need to change the format of the chart, we have to do it manually.

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