Family Tree in Excel Template

Excel Family Tree Template

Excel’s use is tremendous and not only limited to the business world but for personal use as well. Right from managing personal financePersonal FinancePersonal Financing is a way of saving, investing, and growing an individual's money. It can be for an individual or a family as a whole and requires some level of financial literacy such as tax laws, investment opportunities, more budget, it will serve to draw the family tree as well. To track your family members, we can draw a family tree template in excel. If you are going back to the history of your family, then you should be a “Genealogist.” To draw family, you need to identify where to start, so it has to start with your Grand Parents level.

How to Create a Family Tree Excel Template?

We can create a family tree in excel by using the following two methods.

You can download this Family Tree Excel Template here – Family Tree Excel Template

Method #1

Using the following first method.

  1. To draw the first member of the family, go to the insert tab and draw two Oval shaped shapes.

    Family Tree in Excel Example 1

  2. Select the shape and draw, as shown below.

    Example 1.1

  3. Once the Oval shape is drawn, enter the text in the Oval box as “Grand Father and Grand Mother,” respectively.

    Family Tree in Excel Example 1.0.2

  4. Select the connector line.

    Example 1.3

  5. Now add a connector line between these two shapes.

    Family Tree in Excel Example 1.0.4

  6. Now, as per your family, how many children they have based on that, draw ovals for each children’s of your grandfather and grandmother.

    Example 1.0.5

  7. Each Kid has a wife, so draw four more oval shapes with connectors.

    Family Tree in Excel Example 1.0.6

  8. Out of four kids, your grandmother & father has 3 boys and 1 girl as their kids. From here on, you will concentrate on your family alone.

    Let’s say you are the Kid of Kid 2, then draw branches in front of Kid 2. Based on the number of kids your parents have. Assume your parents have 3 kids, then draw three oval shapes in front of Kid 2, i.e., Your Parents.

    Family Tree in Excel Example

  9. Now from here on, you need to draw a connector line for your Elder Brother, You, and Younger Sister.

    Family Tree in Excel Example 1.7.1

Method #2 – Create a Family Tree using the Copy-Paste Method

When you are drawing the family tree first step is to decide on the hierarchy of the family. Once the hierarchy is decided, the skill of drawing shapes needs some intelligence.

You cannot keep on drawing the shapes from the Insert tabInsert TabIn excel “INSERT” tab plays an important role in analyzing the data. Like all the other tabs in the ribbon INSERT tab offers its own features and tools. Under Insert Tab we have several other groups including tables, illustration, add-ins, charts, Power map, sparklines, filters, more. Once the shape is drawn, we can replicate the same shape for all the other shapes; we need to go back to the Insert tab whenever we require to draw the shapes.

One way of replicating the same shape is a traditional way of copy and paste.

Example 1.8
Family Tree in Excel Example 1.9

But we have another technique which is best suited for us is this “Select the shape hold the control key and drag the shape with a left-click of the mouse, that’s all we will have a replicate of the shape.

Family Tree in Excel Example 1.8.5

A similar technique can be employed to draw connector lines as well.

The next thing we need to learn is the alignment of shapes. For example, in the above steps, after we have drawn four shapes for four kids of Grand Father & Grand Mother, we may end up drawing them like this.

Example 1.10

So as we can see, those shapes are definitely not in order. Arranging them with the mouse is almost impossible with perfections, so how do we align these shapes in order.

Select all the shapes at once. To select all the shapes, once hold the Shift key and left-click on the shapes that you want to select.

Family Tree in Excel Example 1.11

Once the shapes are selected, go to FORMAT > Arrange > Align.

Example 1.12

Click on the drop-down list of Align and select Align Left.

Family Tree in Excel Example 1.13

So, as soon as we click on Align Left, we can see all the Shapes are aligned properly from the left view.

 Example 1.14

Now the shapes are aligned properly from the left side. Now we need to align them vertically, so for this by selecting the shapes under Align, select “Distribute Vertically.”

Family Tree in Excel Example 1.15.0

Now the shapes are placed perfectly.

Example 1.16.0

SO, like this, we can make use of shapes alignment options to set the placement of the shapes properly.

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