Merge and Center in Excel

Excel has a unique button which is merge and center which is used to merge two or more different cells, when data is inserted to any merged cells it is in the center position thus the name as merge and center, re-clicking on the button unmerge the cells but the value in the cell merged is located to the initial first cell in the worksheet.

Merge and Center Cells in Excel

Merge and Center in Excel – Merge cell is a function in database programming that enables different nearby cells to be joined into a single larger cell. This is finished by choosing all cells to be merged and picking the “Merge Cells” order.  Center means that it enables the alignment of text to be in the center.

How to Use Merge and Center in Excel?

1. Select the adjacent cells you want a merge.

Merge and Center Example 1

2. On the Home button, go-to alignment group, click on merge and center cells in excel.

Merge and Center Example 2

3. Click on merge and center cell in excel to combine the data into one cell.

Merge and Centre Example 3

4. Once you click, merge, and Centre, selected cells will be combined into one cell, and the text comes in centered like the above screenshot.

Shortcut for Merge and Center Cells in Excel

#1. Select the cells which you want to merge and center using a shortcut.

#2. Press the Alt key that enables the commands on the Excel ribbon.

Shortcut for merge and center cell step 1

#3. Press H to select the Home tab in the Excel ribbon; it enables the Home tab of Excel.

#4. Press M (shortcut) to enable the Merge & Center option in excel.

Shortcut for merge and center cell step 2

#5. Press any one of the following keys:

  • 6. Press C (shortcut), if you want to merge and center the selected cells in excel
  • 7. Press A if you want to merge cells in a separately individual row.
  • 8. Press M if you want to merge the cells without centering the alignment.
  • 9. Press U if you want to unmerge the already merged cells.

Other Merging Options in Excel

other merging option

  1. Merge Across: This option combine the selected cells in each row individually.
  2. Merge Cells: This option joins the selected cells into a single cell without entering the text in the cell.
  3. Merge and Center: This option enables us to merge the cell and align the text into the center.

Things to Remember

  • If you are using any formulas by using the cell which was merged, make sure to unmerge the cell before using any formula.
  • While merging any cell, make sure to check the right and left side data in a cell because once you merge the cell, it automatically deletes the data from the adjacent cell.
  • The cell cannot be merged separately like if you are merging cell A1 to D1, it will be called cell A1 after merge and center.
  • To change the text alignment after merging the cell, essentially select the merged cell and tap the ideal alignment in the Alignment group on the Home tab.

cells ok

  • After clicking Ok, click on find all, and it will give you a result at which column cells are merged.

F ind All

  • To change the content arrangement after the text was merged, just select the merged cell and tap the desired arrangement in the Alignment group on the Home tab.
  • Make sure that the information you need to excel cell merge and center is in the upper-left cell, and remember that all information in the other merged cells will be erased. To hold any information from those different cells, copy it to somewhere else in the worksheet before you merge the cells.
  • Select the as many rows as you want; however, not more than the one column. Likewise, make sure that are adequate void segments to one side, so none of your information is erased. Just include empty rows, if it is important to be added.
  • If any chance, Merge and Center is not enabled, ensure that you’re not merging the cell, and the cells you want to merge aren’t arranged as an Excel table. Cells designed as a table regularly show exchanging shaded rows and maybe filter arrows on the column headings.

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