Apple Numbers vs Excel

Difference Between Apple Numbers and Excel

Similar to excel Apple inc has developed a spreadsheet program known as Apple numbers which have the same functionality as Microsoft’s Excel, the data from apple number can also be used in Microsoft Excel by importing and exporting the data, the major difference between both is the compatibility, excel is compatible on both windows and mac whereas apple numbers are not compatible on windows.

Spreadsheets are one of the most important tools nowadays in the corporate world. The theme is based on which such spreadsheets are developed the data manipulation and analytical skills such tolls should provide the user. Presently, in the 21st century, spreadsheets are developed by Microsoft termed as excel, Apple termed as Numbers, Google termed as Google sheets, etc. All these spreadsheets have their own set of unique features and functionalities that help the user to store the data, manipulate them, and to bring the wise picture out of it.

What are the Apple Numbers?

Apple Numbers is a spreadsheet developed by Apple Inc. based in California, USA. Apple Numbers launched in 2007 and got famous due to its graphical superiority over other forms of the spreadsheet. Apple Numbers is much more beneficial for personal purposes.

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What is Excel?

Excel is a spreadsheet developed by Microsoft 32 years ago in 1987. It is the most versatile spreadsheet presently available in the market, and the best part is, it is an open-source application which can be even used by the layman and comparatively much easier and user-friendly interface.

Apple Numbers vs Excel Infographics

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Key Differences Between Apple Numbers and Excel

The key differences are as follows –

  • Numbers is developed by Apple Inc, and Excel is developed by Microsoft.
  • Numbers are operated on the iOS platform, while Excel is used on Microsoft Windows.
  • Numbers support around 31 languages, while Excel supports around 91 languages across the globe.
  • Excel works on the basis of various sheets in the workbook, which are visible as different tabs in the workbook. However, Numbers works based on the data maintained under the various table independently, and Number will perform the data manipulation by fetching the data from such different independent tables.
  • Once the data is feed in the excel, data will lose its semantic value, while Numbers will retain the semantic value of the data. For example, if we are plotting the data of the car manufacturers in “Column A” and their annual revenue figures in “column B” and the total revenue figures in the last row of ‘Column B,’ to check the share of an individual manufacturer in the market, the user will have to give reference of the cells from which data is to be considered while in Numbers, users will have to provide the name of the manufacturer and their respective annual revenue figures. This helps the user give reference to the manufacturer, and Numbers will automatically plot the data. However, it becomes too much difficult to copy the same in all data set, which can be easily done in Excel.
  • Numbers have 262 inbuilt functions, while Excel has a total of 400 inbuilt functions, which are divided into broad 11 categories.
  • Numbers can be run only in Mac OS while Excel can run both in Mac OS and Microsoft Windows.
  • Numbers are not much user-friendly for large data sets, while Excel is highly versatile for large data sets, and all the formulas can be easily get plotted throughout the data.
  • Apple has released the latest version of Numbers as 5.3 while Microsoft has released the newest version of Excel is Microsoft Excel 2019.

Comparative Table

BasisApple NumbersExcel
Developed byApple IncMicrosoft
Application Available foriOS( iPhone Operating System)Microsoft Windows
Launching YearIn 2007In 1987
Languages which are supported in the applicationOfficially 31 LanguagesOfficially 91 Languages
Separate Tab conceptNumbers do not have a concept of Tab in the spreadsheet; it uses various tables that have data fed into it.Excel has a concept of Different tabs in the single spreadsheet.
Semantic values of dataIn Numbers, Data does not lose its semantic values, and based on its nature, functions can be automatically performed.In Excel, Data loses its semantic values. Hence, all the functions are needed to be manually performed.
Total functionsIn Numbers, officially, 262 inbuilt functions are available.In MS Excel, officially, 400 functions are available, which can be broadly divided into 11 categories.
Easy and user-friendlyNumbers are comparatively the complex to useExcel is a comparative Simple to use and more user-friendly.
Operating systemNumbers can be operated only from the Mac OS.Excel can be operated in both Mac OS as well as Windows OS.
ChartsIn Numbers, from an Artistically point of view, charts can be bitterly presented.In excel, Based on data plotting, excel charts are bitterly presented.
SuitabilityNumbers are a more suitable form of Personal usage requirements.Excel is more suitable for using business purposes.
Large data setsNumbers cannot be much use on large data set as compared to excel.Excel is ideal for large data sets, and such data sets can be easily manipulated using excel.
Present VersionApple has released the latest version of Numbers is 5.3Microsoft has released the latest version of Microsoft Excel 2019.


For the businessperson, usage of the spreadsheet is highly necessary for the day to day operations. Major corporations like Microsoft, Apple, and Google keep on maintaining the application based on the usage and tastes & preferences of the industry to prove their product more versatile and better than others. Even though Excel has more popularity in the market, Numbers also has its own set of people who like to use the same and utilize its functionalities efficiently.

Users will have to verify their needs, perception, and accordingly, they will have to determine the usage of the specific application.

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