Excel Subtraction Formula

What is the Subtraction Formula in Excel?

In Excel, the formula starts with a ‘=’ (equal) operator. If you want to subtract two or more numbers, then you need to apply the ‘-‘ sign (minus) operator between these numbers with ‘=’ sign.

If you want to subtract 2 and 5 from 15, then you need to apply the below formula like this:


The result is: 8

How to Use Subtraction or Minus Operator in Excel? (with Examples)

The excel subtraction formula is very easy. For this formula, you need to use Subtraction or Minus operator.

We will learn this with the below example.

You can download this Subtraction Formula Excel Template here – Subtraction Formula Excel Template

Example #1

We have some number of values given as below:

Subtraction Formula Example 1

Here we want to subtract Values 1 from Values 2. Please check the below screenshot for this.

Subtraction Formula Example 1-1


  • Start with the ‘=’ operator.
  • Now select values 2, here Cell B4. Use subtraction operator ‘-‘ after that. Now select Values 1, here Cell A4.
  • Hit the Enter key, and it will show the result in Cell D4.
  • Apply the same steps in other respective values. Or Drag this formula for other values.

Subtraction Formula Example 1-2

The final result is shown below:

Example 1-3

If you change the data in Cell A or Cell B, the result will automatically get changed in Column D.

Example #2

We have to give the performance bonus, which is 10,000 Rs gift vouchers to those employees who have achieved the target of 5000.

Below are the data of 10 employees:

Example 2

We have to calculate here those employees who have made the sales of 5000 Rs or more.

For this, we will apply the formula in excel and will subtract the target amount from the sales amount for all employees. Please see the below screenshot:

Example 2-1

As we have, the target amount is the same for all employees; hence we need to fix this value for all.

We will use the $ sign before the column letter and row number, here like $C$19.

The formula is:


The Final result is:

Example 2-2

For those employees whose achieved target value is negative are not applicable to the performance bonus.

Things to Remember

  • The Excel subtraction formula starts with the ‘=’ sign.
  • Use ‘-‘ minus sign for the subtraction of values.
  • It’s very easy to use where you want to compare the values.
  • Subtraction formula in excel is very useful for complex mathematical problems too.
  • Subtraction formula can be used in combination with other mathematical operators.

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