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Free Employee Roster Template in Excel

When it comes to business management, t is for them to track the productivity of each and every employee. It is mostly because, for a lot of business owners, the employee billings are directly proportional to the number of hours they work, and it is required for the business owner to share such details with the client. In this article, we will about to see two different ways to create an excel roster template.


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Let’s walk through these two methods, one by one:

2 Ways to Create Free Excel Roster Template

You can download this Roster Excel Template here – Roster Excel Template

Method #1 – Online Templates

Follow the steps below to use one of the thousands of free excel roster present in excel as a downloadable template.

  1. Open a new Excel file and navigate towards the File menu > New.

    Excel New Option

  2. As soon as you click on New, you’ll see a search box where you can search thousands of Excel templates online just by giving a keyword as an input.

    All you need to do is type “roster” as a keyword, and thousands of online options will be available for you to download associated with a keyword.Roster Excel Template - Example 1.1

  3. Click on any one of the rosters templates.

    Roster Excel Template - Example 1.2

  4. After that, click on the Create button, which appears on a window that pops-up as soon as you click on the template.

    Roster Excel Template - Example 1.3

  5. Once you click Create, it will download that template for you and allow you to use it for your personal purposes.

    Roster Excel Template - Example 1.4
    Please note that you needed to be connected to a stable internet connection to be able to download the templates since we are downloading them as resources provided by Microsoft Office.
    There are thousands of these templates, and you can choose any one of your choices.

Method #2 Creating Roster Excel Template

Follow the steps below to create a free employee roster template of your own in excel from scratch.

Step 1: In cell B1, input “Roster” as a title for the sheet and customize the formats for the same.

Roster Excel Template - Example 2.1

Step 2: In cell A2, type “Week Start Date” and in the cell next to it (B2) type “<dd-mmm-yyyy>.” This is the format in which the date will reflect for the start of the week.

Roster Excel Template - Example 2.2

You can customize the colors for this as per your requirements. I have applied a red color font for the date values.

Step 3: Create a box with Outside Borders (can be achieved with Ctrl+Shfit+& button) across cells B3: J5 and add some additional details there such as Minimum Shift Hours, Maximum Shift Hours, Overtime Hours, Overtime Rate, Night Shift Hours, Shift Allowance to capture the respective details.

Roster Excel Template - Example 2.3

Step 4: From cells B7: J8, we are about to add some details for the shift roster; therefore, create a box with Outside Border for the same range as we did in the previous step. You can roughly say column headers for this roster. Employee Name would be the first one, and after that, each column from D to J contains one date and one day from the week starting from Monday.

Example 2.4 - Shift Details

Please note that the format is custom, and you can use it at your convenience. I have used the red font for dates and black for the days as well as Employee Name. After adding the title, we will choose the next 5 cells varying from B9: J14 for filling the roster details of an employee.

Step 5: In column C across C9 to C14, add the titles per row as First Half Start, Lunch Break, First Half End, Second Half Start, Tea Break, Second Half End. Make the font Italic. It should look like the one as shown in the screenshot below.

Example 2.5 - Add Tasks

Step 6: Now, apply colors to alternate cells to make this look like a table. For cell C9, use color baby pink, and for cell C10, let it be white and copy and use the same alternate cell formatting in excel for the rest of the cells. It should look like the screenshot below.

Example 2.6 - Step 6

Step 7: You can add 5 more rows for another employee and repeat step 5 as well as Step 6 to create a roster for one more employee. Ideally, you can create this one for as many employees as you feel or have in your organization.

Example 2.7 - Step 7

Please note that for better visualization and to be able to differentiate two employees, we have used the thick border as a separator. You can see that on a line drawn between 14 and 15 rows of the sheet.

You can add more customizations, such as adding the totals. This should suffice all your requirements associated with a roster. Let’s wrap the things up with some points to be remembered:

Things to Remember

  • You can download thousands of online roster files from Microsoft Office or else from the web. However, make sure to be connected to a stable internet connection.
  • It is always a better idea to create a roster of your own. Since it is created by you, you can add all the customized fields as per your business requirements.

This has been a guide to Excel Roster Template. Here we discuss 2 ways to create a free employee roster template in excel along with the examples and downloadable excel sheet. You can learn more from the following articles –

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