Full Form of CRM

Full Form of CRM – Customer Relationship Management

The full form of CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. In today’s world, customers are the real drivers of any organization. Hence, it is very important to handle its customers, wherein customer relationship management is a technique used for the organization to manage the data and other interactions with customers, both potential customers as well as previous customers, it uses the data analyses techniques on the customer’s data including their history and details for improving their experience with the organization.


Customer Relationship Management has the following features.

Features of CRM

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#1 – Contact Management

Customer relationship management considers the customers’ details, including their contact details, to communicate with them about the latest features in their products or provide information regarding prospective discounts and offers. This will help to attract various customers and to build newer customers.

#2 – Reports and Dashboards

Various reports based on customer data can be prepared using CRM, including profitability reports, reports on cost per customer, customer liking, habits, etc. Further dashboard views of various customers’ data can be obtained for better decision making.

#3 – Sales Analytics

Merchants organization can prepare better sales features based on customer relationship management, which is sales Analytics. It considers sales made to a particular customer during a particular period and provides different information for ensuring the organization’s future growth.

#4 – Sales Forecasting

Customer relationship management is a technique used to obtain virus details about the customer, including their annual sales and contribution to the total sales and expected growth over a period of time in sales. Thus, Sales forecasting can be done very quickly using CRM.

#5 – Social Media Management

In today’s world, everything has gone online, and hence one of the organization’s major growth comes from social media marketing, including marketing on Facebook, Instagram, websites, etc. It provides information for the kind of market online suitable for the practical organization through their customer’s past data.


From the list of above key features, it becomes very clear that it is a very beneficial technique for any organization to grow and to achieve profitability in a shorter time span. The following are various benefits of CRM:

  1. Customer relationship management helps frame better customer relations with the Merchant and encourage them to continue with your organization instead of switching over to its substitute brand or competitor. This automatically helps the organization to grow its sales and market in a shorter time span.
  2. They also help the organization serve the customers in a competitive manner, fulfilling their needs so that the organization’s profitability is not.
  3. It is not only the customers who are benefiting from CRM technique also the staff who are called the internal part of the organization are also greatly benefited using CRM because it provides various information to the organization about every particular staff member and provides them with better information of the customers which helps them serve the customers as well as the organization in a better manner.
  4. As mentioned above, CRM benefits the external part of the organization. Still, it also helps to achieve the profitability targets and surpass the same by being competitive in the market and staying ahead of the competitors by providing efficient service in the market.
  5. It does not only helps in achieving the sales started but also profitably achieving them. ProfitabilityProfitabilityProfitability refers to a company's ability to generate revenue and maximize profit above its expenditure and operational costs. It is measured using specific ratios such as gross profit margin, EBITDA, and net profit margin. It aids investors in analyzing the company's performance.read more is achieved not only by increasing sales but also by increasing the sales margin. Hence, cost-cutting techniques are adopted to provide customers with lesser-priced products and maintain or increase the current profit marginProfit MarginProfit Margin is a metric that the management, financial analysts, & investors use to measure the profitability of a business relative to its sales. It is determined as the ratio of Generated Profit Amount to the Generated Revenue Amount. read more. Hence it also helps in cost-cutting.
  6. This technique also helps the organization to cross-sell its products or services. It is said that the more you understand the customer’s needs, the better you can help to fulfill their needs, both current and future needs. Enhance a better understanding of future problems can be done.

Hence, Customer Relationship Management is a modern technique that has helped the various organization grow, which is very much clear from the above list of major benefits from CRM. Hence, it is quite recommended to adopt such techniques in every organization.

Who Should Use CRM System?

Who Should Use CRM System

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Customer Relationship Management software is Data Analytics and ERP software that provides the organization with different information required on a database, provides various reports based on past data of the customers and provides forecasting of the future. To use CRM software is very important for the organization to obtain information about the customers like their name, contact details, and other required information on sales.

It is also very important to establish a sales process and track it over a period of time. Hence, a better sales tracking system is required to be established before obtaining CRM software. This software interacts with the customers, and hence, details regarding customers like name, address, contact number, gender, liking taste, etc. Is required to be obtained.

What Does CRM Do?

What Does CRM Do

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  • Customer relationship management techniques use details of various current and potential customers to provide meaningful information to the organization about the customers so that it is useful for the organization to grow. It basically records the interactions with the customers and provides feedback for future reference.
  • They help the Organisation track down various business opportunities in the growing world and how a business should adopt the changes.
  • It obtains information on the customer, consolidates the data into one easily accessible format to draw out conclusions. It also takes into consideration, customer’s history for future references.


From the above discussion, it becomes very clear that customer relationship management is a very important technique. In the current world, one needs to adopt it for the benefit of the organization, the staff members, as well as the external customers.

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