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Free Time Tracking Template

A time tracking template helps keep the organization track of the hours dedicated by its employees during a designated period. It is taken into use to track the time devoted by an employee on each working day, which is later summed up to evaluate the total time devoted by that employee during the period for which the template is raised.

  • Using this template is really simple and also cost-effective at the same time. This template can help the users in tracking their employees’ actual dedicated time and will enable the managers to accomplish the long-term and short-term organizational goals and that too on a real-time basis.
  • It also enables users to customize the same as per the business requirements. The companies can conveniently identify the tasks that were assigned to each employee and what was the total time dedicated by him or her to those tasks.
  • With this, an organization can perform more efficiently as it would become easy for the same to evaluate the efficiency of its employees and resolve any kind of potential discrepancies.
Time Tracking Excel Template

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About the Template

  • As the name implies, the function of this template is to track time. An organization can make use of this template to track its employees, i.e., to evaluate the actual hours for which they have remained productive during a working day and how much time they have dedicated to a particular project.
  • This template is regularly updated by the users so that there is no room for confusion in the future. The users in the template must provide various details.
  • These details are concerning the organization, employees, supervisors, date, hourly rates, job title, department, day, log-in and log-off time, lunch hours, total productive hours, sick leaves, casual leaves, and actual hours dedicated during the period for which time tracking template is being generated.
  • The individuals can start filling the template by getting started with the date and then moving on to mentioning the mandatory details of the company, such as its name, address, email id, and phone number.
  • The individuals will then need to move on to the next segment, where they will need to fill up the details of the employee’s job title and the department in which he or she is presently working in the company.
  • The individuals can then proceed ahead where they will need to fill up the employee’s and supervisor’s details like their employee name, employee id, address, contact number, email id, manager’s name, and manager’s employee id.
  • The employees’ rate per hour must also be filled up to ensure that the billing is easily done, and the billing authority is not troubled up for ascertaining the concerned employees’ rate per hour.
  • When the individuals are done with the detailed segment, they can move on to the calculation segment where they will need to mention the dates and days for each working days, employees’ log-in time and log-off time, sick leaves or casual leaves, total hours devoted each working day less break or lunchtime, and accordingly evaluate the actual productive hours of the concerned employee for the designated time period the time tracking template is generated.

How to Use This Time Tracking Template?

  • It is a handy and resourceful weapon for the companies to track their employees’ professionalism and enthusiasm towards the job. The attached template is straightforward, concise, user-friendly and also allows its users to customize the same as per their business needs and requirements.
  • The users will not find this template at all complicated. The users can just begin with downloading the template and start filling up all the details as and wherever asked upon. The details of the company like its name, number, address, and email id must be filled up in the first place along with the date or the time period for which the template is supposed to be prepared.
  • The users will also be required to provide their employees’ details like his or her name, contact number, address, email id, employee id, and rate per hour, along with his designation or job title and department in which he is currently allocated. The users should also make sure that they are filling up the supervisors’ details like his or her name and employee id before moving on to the next segment.
  • After filling all the afore-mentioned details, user can move to the next portion where they will need to mention the dates and days for every business days, log-in time (employees arrival time), log-off time (employees’ exit time), lunchtime (that includes tea and other breaks too), sick or casual leaves (only if availed), and accordingly calculate the total productive hours of an employee.
  • The total productive hours of an employee for each business day must be added up to arrive at the actual productive hours of employees for a given period. The users must ensure that all the information filled in the template is accurate, error-free, and up to mark, and for this reason, cross verification is a must.
  • Once all this information is provided and the actual productive hours of an employee for the given period is ascertained, the employee and his supervisor must authorize the same confirming that they abide by the details provided in the template and must even ensure that they are keeping the same date as well.

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