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Time Log Spreadsheets –  Register Login and Logoff Time

Time logging template can help an employer and employee in multiple ways. Employees, with the help of time logging, can easily register their log-in time and log off time, and the time is taken by them in the completion of a particular task, project, or assignment.

Time logging can also enable the employees totally their data with their team leaders’ in case there is any billing error pertaining to the employees’ salary. The employees can also use their time log templates for self-evaluation purposes during appraisals. This template can act as a base upon which the employee can fill in their appraisal sheets and self-rate their performance during a designated period.

Employees can also use their template sheets as documentary proof of their performance during the conflict of interests with their employers. Maintaining a time log sheet might also enable employees to compare their present performance with their past performance and draw motivation to do better for the future.


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About the Template

  • A time log template is a prerequisite for all the employees. Employees must never just rely on their employer’s tracking mechanism since sometimes they might end up making unintentional errors or even manipulate the former’s performance.
  • This is one of the major reasons as to why the employees must always self track their performance and that too on a daily basis. The employees can use their templates for appraisal purposes, comparison with the data documented by the employers, for assessing one’s own progress and performance, and setting new goals for the future.
  • In big companies, this template can auto-detect the employees’ name and details, his or her log in time, log out time, off time/break time/lunchtime/non-productive hours, time taken by an employee in finishing a project, and so on as soon as the employee’s logs into his system.
  • But in other companies where auto-tracking is not possible, employees can simply self-design a template or look for similar options online. The template provided in the article can do more than what is needed and might be the perfect option for employees who are looking for an ideal time log template.
  • This template is a comprehensive document that is designed, keeping in mind the needs, preferences, and purpose of the employees who are willing to record their daily data and performance. The employees can simply download the document and get started with filling up the employer’s/company’s details like name, office address, contact number, and website and their self details like name, employee id, and department. The users will then need to mention the month and the year for which the template is supposed to be created and maintained.
  • The employees can then move on to filling up the next particulars where they will need to provide details like dates, days, project, start time and end time of the project, time taken in finishing a project, their office logs in time and log out time, overtime (if applicable), total hours devoted each day, remarks pertaining to project’s status and late log-in or early logoffs, etc.
  • It can turn out to be a highly resourceful weapon for employees in safeguarding themselves from office politics. It may not be easy for employees to remember their performance details for each day. However, with this template, employees will not need to memorize their performance for every single working day; rather, they will just need to update the template on a daily basis and derive the benefits of self-tracking.

How to Use Time log Template?

  • The users are basically employees. The employees can download the template attached to this article and can even customize the same as per their own preferences.
  • The employees who have a target based job can even record the targets they have achieved in a day. This will also help them in claiming incentives from their employers.
  • The users can mention the start time and the end time for each and every allocated project/task/assignment and can accordingly evaluate the time they have taken to finish the same.
  • It calculates the employee’s total productive hours for the day. The users can also mention remarks for each day like the project’s status, early/late log-in/log-offs, etc.
  • The purpose of the template is immense, and employees must start considering tracking their performance and time devoted in a professional template to save time and keep things more systematic and fully organized.

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This has been a guide to the time log template. Here we provide you with a free downloadable time log template that is used to register their log-in time and log off time. Also, you can download and use this template in Excel, PDF, or CSV format.

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