To Do List Template

To Do List Template

To Do List template can be used to track a project, event, or any other to-do list, whether being business tasks or personal tasks, etc. and the primary purpose is to demonstrate what all tasks are to be done and track per their priority.


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About the To Do List Template

Components of To Do List Template

Below are the details of the generalize To Do List Template, and one can include additional columns per their requirement or can delete the same.

Part #1 – Project Name

To Do List Template part 1

This component is straightforward, and here we begin with the Project name. This name will be used to determine in detail what the task means and what exactly will be done. The header is named as project name because the task here could be unique and unrelated to each other.

Part #2 – Status of the Task

To Do List Template part 2

In this, we shall track the task status. Task status here is in shapes wherein the status of the task can be tracked in 4 different ways. The first one is planning, which means the task is still in planning mode; the second is pending review, which means the task has to be reviewed, and then after this, it would be approved, which means the task is ready to be executed. Finally, there is a completed status, which means the task is completed.

Part #3 – Priority

To Do List Template part 3

Keeping the priority field will literally help to navigate to the action or the task, and one can identify the most sensitive part, and one can then focus upon the same. The priority task should be entered with timeliness, the highest degree of focus, etc. Priority can be defined, such as high priority, low priority, and normal priority, or there could be other notations use such as coloring as red showing as the highest priority. Depending upon the purpose, one can define how to track the same.

Part #4 – Task Value

To Do List Template part 4

Task value is a unique field wherein the value of the task will be described, which would be mentioned as easy or low or high value, and this will be explained at the beginning while creating the task list.

Part #5 – Targeted Completion Date

To Do List Template part 5

This field is the most important in the To Do List template. It tracks the due date by which the particular To Do List has to be completed or the targeted completion date.

Part #6 – Owner

To Do List Template part 6

Here the name of the owner of the task will be mentioned who shall be responsible for completing the task within due date and shall be accountable for the same.

Part #7 – Additional Notes

To Do List Template part 7

This field is an additional field in the To Do List template wherein one can track any further instructions or notes attached to that particular task. For example, a special instruction could be given to the task later on when the task has begun, and the instruction didn’t exist before, and it only came into the picture when the task was initiated. Additional notes could also include any other detail which requires the attention of the job performer.

How to Use This Template?

For using this template, first, one needs to decide whether the task to be tracked is a personal one or business one and further after deciding that whether they need to include any additional fields or delete some fields per requirement. Then one can describe the tasks in detail along with the task status and then mentioned the priority of the task, whether those are of high, normal, or low priority. Mention the estimated completion date of the project along with the owner’s name and finally add any additional notes that are attached to that task.

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