VLOOKUP Two Criteria

Excel VLOOKUP Two Criteria

Those who have used VLOOKUP know how much time it has saved for them in their respective fields. All the beginners’ first formula would be in the list is always a VLOOKUP. In fact, in almost all the job posting, VLOOKUP is the essential formula required. Having said about the importance of VLOOKUP at the workplace, one needs to understand, to a certain extent. Basic VLOOKUP cannot help us to the full extent. Yes, we need to go to the next level to learn advanced VLOOKUP function. In this article, we will show you how to apply excel VLOOKUP for two criteria.

What do Two Criteria Mean?

VLOOKUPVLOOKUPThe VLOOKUP excel function searches for a particular value and returns a corresponding match based on a unique identifier. A unique identifier is uniquely associated with all the records of the database. For instance, employee ID, student roll number, customer contact number, seller email address, etc., are unique identifiers. read more is used to fetch the data from one table to another table based on the common values available in both the tables, i.e., Lookup Value.

You can download this Vlookup Two Criteria Excel Template here – Vlookup Two Criteria Excel Template

For example, look at the below table in excel worksheet.

Vlookup Two Criteria - Example 1

We have an employee table with quarterly revenue they have generated. On the right-hand side, we have employee name & quarter drop-down list in excelDrop-down List In ExcelA drop-down list in excel is a pre-defined list of inputs that allows users to select an option.read more, so when we choose the employee name and quarter, we should get the revenue details of the selected employee for the selected quarter.

The problem with VLOOKUP here is when we apply the VLOOKUP two criteria based on employee name. We get the first value in the table for the selected employee. For example, look at the below formula applied.

Vlookup Two Criteria - Example 1-1

We have applied VLOOKUP for the employee “Peter” for the quarter “Q3”, but look at the result VLOOKUP has given us the “Q1” result (Yellow colored cells) instead of the “Q3” result (Green Colored cells).

This is because VLOOKUP finds the first value for the “Peter” as “Q1” numbers so returned the same, VLOOKUP always gives the result from the first available value. So, this is where the concept of Two Criteria is important. We need to create a new column to have a unique value list.

Create Unique Lookup Value Column

We have duplicate names, but for each duplicate name, we have different quarter numbers, so using these two columns, we can create a unique column called “Emp & Qtr.”

  • For the column “Emp & Qtr,” we need to combine the employee name and a quarter together to get a unique value column.
Unique Lookup Value - Example 1

We have used the ampersand (&) symbol to concatenate employee name and a quarter, also between employee name and a quarter, we have used underscore (_) character to differentiate employee name and quarter.

Now we need to apply the revised VLOOKUP function in two criteria. This time lookup value is “Emp & Qtr” instead of only the employee name.

  • Open the VLOOKUP function in the H2 cell.
Unique Lookup Value - Example 1-1
  • Now we need to use little brain while choosing the lookup value, first select employee name cell “F2”.
Unique Lookup Value - Example 1-2
Unique Lookup Value - Example 1-3
  • Now in the table, we have used underscore (_) character to separate employee name and a quarter, so uses the same here before we select the quarter cell G2.
Unique Lookup Value - Example 1-4
  • Now again, put the ampersand symbol and choose quarter cell G2.
Unique Lookup Value - Example 1-5
  • Now, this lookup value is similar to the one we have created in the table, now choose the table array from column A to column D.
Unique Lookup Value - Example 1-6
  • Mention the column number from the table as 4 and range lookup as 0 (False).
Vlookup Two Criteria - Example 1-7
  • Ok, that’s all. Close the bracket and hit the enter key to get the result.
Vlookup Two Criteria - Example 1-8

Here we go, we have got the accurate result this time, thanks to two criteria helper column and lookup value.

  • We have created a drop-down list for employee name and quarter. Based on the selection from the drop-down list, it will show the revenue details for the selected employee and quarter.
Vlookup Two Criteria - Example 1-9

Look at the above picture, we have just changed the employee name and quarter from the drop-down list, so our formula showing the revised result accordingly.

Vlookup Two Criteria Using Choose Function

We can also use one more method to match more than one criterion in VLOOKUP, i.e., using the CHOOSE function in excelCHOOSE Function In ExcelChoose Function returns a value from the list of values in a given range. This function takes two mandatory arguments: the index number and the first value. The other values are optional to mention.read more.

  • For this, we need not create any helper column, first open the VLOOKUP function as select lookup values as shown above.
Using CHOOSE Function 1
  • For choosing Table Array, open the CHOOSE function now.
Using CHOOSE Function 1-1
  • Enter Index Number as 1, 2 in curly brackets.
Using CHOOSE Function 1-2
  • For Value1, choose the Employee column first.
Using CHOOSE Function 1-3
  • Next, using an ampersand, combine underscore and quarter column.
Using CHOOSE Function 1-4
  • For the Value 2 column, choose the “Revenue” column.
Using CHOOSE Function 1-5
  • We are done with the CHOOSE function to select the Table Array, close the bracket of CHOOSE function, and for Column Num & Range Lookup enter as usual values.
Using CHOOSE Function 1-6
  • Ok, we are done with the formula. Before we close out the formula, one thing we need to remember is this is an array fora too. We need to close the formula by holding three keys, i.e., “Ctrl + Shift + Enter.”
Using CHOOSE Function 1-7

Things to Remember

  • VLOOKUP can fetch the first value found in the table for duplicate lookup values.
  • Combining values will give us a unique lookup value, so we can get an accurate result.
  • Instead of using an underscore as the combining character between two values, you can use anything, and the same needs to be used in lookup value as well.

This has been a guide to Vlookup Two Criteria. Here we discuss how to create vlookup two criteria in excel using the CHOOSE function along with examples and a downloadable excel template. You may also look at these useful functions in excel –

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