Remove Duplicates from Excel Column

How to Remove Duplicates in Excel? (Top 3 Methods)

  1. Using data tools group.
  2. Using Advanced Filter in Excel.
  3. conditional formatting in Excel.

We will learn all three methods of excel column removing duplicates by a few examples.

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#1 Remove Duplicates From Data Tools Group

Suppose we have a data in our sheet as below,

Column Remove Duplicates 1.png

We want to check how many people name are mentioned in column B. For a smaller amount of data we can simply count the number of names that are unique but for a larger amount of data it may take a while to figure out the same. This is where removing duplicates in excel comes in handy.

  1. Select the column B, and in the data tab, under the data tools section click on remove duplicates,

    Column Remove Duplicates 1-2

  2. A dialog box appears It asks for us if we want to remove duplicates from the current selection or we want to expand our selection. As column A has just one type of data and we need to remove duplicates from column B so we will select Continue with the current selection.

    Column Remove Duplicates 1-3

  3. After selecting, Continue with the current selection, click on remove duplicates, another dialog box appears,

    Column Remove Duplicates 1-4

  4. It tells us to select the column from which we want to remove duplicates, if we had selected the whole data, it would show all the columns and it is up to us to select the column from which we want to remove duplicates.

  5. As column B is selected, we click on OK and Excel gives us a prompt that the duplicates data has been deleted and only the unique values remain.

    Column Remove Duplicates 1-5

  6. We can see that the duplicate data has been deleted from column B and only the unique values remain.

    Column Remove Duplicates 1-6

    The above method was the first method of removing duplicates.

#2 Using Advanced Filter in Excel

Now we will try to remove duplicate data from the advanced filterAdvanced FilterIn Excel, the advanced filter differs from the auto filter. To use an advanced filter, we must first define criteria, then go to the Data tab and fill out the advanced section, advanced filter, with our criteria for the more tool. Let us consider the same data in sheet 2 and try to delete the duplicate data by using the second method.

The data is the same as below,

Column Remove Duplicates 2
  • Step 1 – Under the same data tab, in the sort and filter section click on Advanced Filters, a dialog box appears
Column Remove Duplicates 2-1
Column Remove Duplicates 2-2
  • Step 2 – Select Copy to another location.
Column Remove Duplicates 2-3
  • Step 3 – Now we need to provide the data range to the advanced filter so we will select our data in the sheet.
Excel Column Remove Duplicate 1
  • Step 4 – In the copy to box, we need to give a location where the data needs to copy, for the current scenario we will choose a location in the current sheet. We can choose any other sheet also.
Excel Column Remove Duplicate 1-2
  • Step 5 – Now select Unique records only as it will filter out the duplicate data and paste only the unique data in the new destination.
Column Remove Duplicates 2-6
  • Step 6 – When we click on OK we can see that the data has been pasted to the destination however there are no duplicate values.
Excel Column Remove Duplicate 1-3

The above method was the second method of removing duplicates using the advanced filter tool.

#3 Conditional Formatting to Remove Excel Column Duplicates

Now we will use the third option which is the conditional formatting methodConditional Formatting MethodConditional formatting is a technique in Excel that allows us to format cells in a worksheet based on certain conditions. It can be found in the styles section of the Home more.

Consider the following data for the example,

Using Conditional Formatting 3
  • Step 1 – Select the data in the sheet.
Using Conditional Formatting 3-1
  • Step 2 – Now in the Home Tab under the Styles section click on Conditional Formatting,
Using Conditional Formatting 3-2
  • Step 3 – A dialog box appears, In the highlight cells rules, click on duplicate values,
Using Conditional Formatting 3-3
  • Step 4 – Another dialog box pops up, and excel automatically highlights the values which are duplicates.
Using Conditional Formatting 3-4
  • Step 5 – Click on OK. Now we can see how much our data is duplicate, there are Four data which is duplicate.
Using Conditional Formatting 3-5

We can now remove the duplicate data.

Things to Remember

  • Using Removing Duplicates in the Data tools option keeps the first value and removes the other duplicates.
  • The same is with the second method it also removes duplicate data and the first one is considered as unique.
  • Conditional Formatting method helps to see how much data are duplicates.

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