Group Worksheets in Excel

Group Excel Worksheets

Grouping is one of the useful features of Excel to consolidate the worksheetsExcel To Consolidate The WorksheetsConsolidate is an inbuilt function in excel which is used to consolidate data from different workbooks which are opened at the same time. It allows to select multiple data from different workbooks and consolidate it in a final more to work concurrently on the different worksheets. Tasks are accomplished quickly using the group worksheets.


  • Changes done in one worksheet will together change in other worksheets in excel. Grouping saves a lot of time for the excel users in performing calculations or creation complex tables with large data and editing and formatting the sheets.
  • It gives the best results to users when the same type of data is presented in the cells of the same addresses. Grouping also improves the accuracy of data and eliminates the error made by a human in performing the calculations.
  • It is widely used by the business owners and managers to update data in similar worksheets. In the present article, the following things are explained clearly.


For understanding how grouping works together in excel, the following examples are provided, and grouping is used mainly in six ways.

Example #1 – Group Individual Worksheets

To group individual worksheets, it needs to press and hold down the CTRL key on the keyboard and simultaneously select the sheets individually by clicking on each tab. After successful completion of grouping, all the tabs presented in the excel workbook are converted into white color, and the file name is added with the group in the title bar, as shown in the below mentioned figure.

Group Worksheets in Excel 1

Example #2 – Ungroup Individual Worksheets in Excel

If you don’t want a group of sheets together in excel, you can ungroup them by again holding the ‘CTRL’ key or clicking in other excel sheets also removes the grouping.

Group Worksheets in Excel 11

Example #3 – Group All Worksheets

It is easy to group all the worksheets together in excel, following only two simple steps.

  1. In the first step, select any tab you wished by clicking on it

    Group Worksheets in Excel 2

  2. Right-click on the worksheet tab, select the last option ‘select all worksheets’

    Group Worksheets in Excel 4

    The below figure helps in understanding clearly the process of the group all worksheets.

    Group Worksheets in Excel 3

Example #4 – Ungroup All Worksheets in Excel

Ungrouping worksheets together in excel is easy by using any one of the following steps.

  • Step 1: Right-click on the tab and select the ‘ungroup worksheets’ excel option.
Group Worksheets in Excel 5
  • Step 2: Clicking on any other sheets immediately also ungroup every sheet in the workbook
Example 6

Example #5 – Group Consecutive Worksheets

To group consecutive worksheets together in excel,

  • The user needs to click the first worksheet to activate it.
Example 7
  • Then, press and hold the Ctrl button from the keyboard and select the last worksheet tab clicking with the mouse on it.
Example 8

Example #6 – Ungroup Consecutive Worksheets in Excel

To ungroup consecutive worksheets in excel,

  • Right-click on the first or last tab of the worksheet that is activated and select the ‘ungroup worksheets’ excel option
Group Worksheets in Excel 9
  • Clicking on any other sheets immediately also ungroup every sheet in the workbook
Group Worksheets in Excel 10

How to Use Group Worksheets in Excel?

The following sample data, as shown in the excel sheet, is considered to explain how to group worksheets together in excel.

Example - 1

If we want to obtain the value of total car sales in the months of February, March, and April, along with January.

So first, we need to group all the sheets first grouping individual sheets or selecting all worksheets at a time.

group worksheets example 1-1

Then SUM Formula in ExcelSUM Formula In ExcelThe SUM function in excel adds the numerical values in a range of cells. Being categorized under the Math and Trigonometry function, it is entered by typing “=SUM” followed by the values to be summed. The values supplied to the function can be numbers, cell references or more in the C11 cell of January worksheet.

Example 1-2

The value of total sales is automatically calculated in other worksheets along with January month. Results are obtained, as shown in the below-mentioned figures.

Example - 2

If we add an average formula in the next row of total sales, the text and formula are automatically applied to other sheets also.

Example 1-4

Average sales are automatically calculated in other worksheets along with January month. Results are obtained, as shown in the below-mentioned figures.

Example - 3

If we delete a row or column in January worksheet after grouping, the same changes are applied to other worksheets also.

For example, in the below screenshot, we have deleted the row header in January Worksheet, and the same changes are applied to other worksheets in Excel.

Example - 4

Things to Remember

  • Tip1: The user needs to use only an active tab to add formula and applying format to sheets to best utilization of the grouping method. Using another tab won’t generate the required results.
  • Tip2: The user should confirm whether grouping applied or not by checking the name of the file in the title bar ([Group] is added).
  • Tip3: To make a group of worksheets together in excel, at least two sheets should be presented in the workbook
  • Tip4: Do not browse through the sheets not included in the group immediately after the grouping of sheets. It leads to the ungrouping of the sheets immediately.

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