Find and Select in Excel

What is Find and Select Tool In Excel?

Find and Select in Excel is a very useful tool to find data as required. Along with FIND, the Replace function in excelReplace Function In ExcelThe Replace function is a text function that replaces an old string with a new one. The input required is the old text, new text, and the starting and ending numbers of the characters that need to be more is also quite handy which helps to find specific text and replace it with other text(s).

You can download this Find Excel Template here – Find Excel Template

How to use Find and Select in Excel?

Lest follow the below steps.

  1. Under the Home tab, there is the Find & Select excel section

    find in excel example 1.1

  2. Suppose we want to find a ‘credit card’ from the data given.  We need to go to the Find section and type credit card.

    find in excel example 1.2

  3. When we press Find Next we get the next result where there is a credit card.

    find in excel example 1.3

  4. The find also works with fuzzy logic. Suppose we give “cre” in the find section, it will find the relevant words that contain ‘cre’.

    find in excel example 1.4

  5. In order to find the given text in all places of the worksheet, click Find All. It will highlight the keyword present everywhere in the worksheet.

    Example 1.5

  6. We can do match case also within the worksheet to find search for case sensitive data. For this, click on Options then select the Match case option.

    Example 1.6

  7. For finding cells that contain just the characters that are typed in the Find What box, then we have to select the Match entire cell contents checkbox.

    Example 1.7

  8. Find can be also done through an excel keyboard shortcutExcel Keyboard ShortcutAn Excel shortcut is a technique of performing a manual task in a quicker more. We need to press CTRL + F then the Find & Replace tab will open up.

    Ctrl + F Shortcut

  9. Now, if we want to replace something we can use the Replace tab. Let’s say we want to replace credit with online payment. Then we click Replace All.

    Find and Replace

  10. It will replace all the cells containing credit with online payment.

    Example 1.10

  11. Then go to Excel’s Go to Special Feature.

    Example 1.11

  12. This can be used to quickly select all that contains formulas, conditional formattingConditional FormattingConditional formatting is a technique in Excel that allows us to format cells in a worksheet based on certain conditions. It can be found in the styles section of the Home more, constant, data validationData ValidationThe data validation in excel helps control the kind of input entered by a user in the more etc.

    Go To Special

Things to remember

  • Excel saves formatting that is defined. If one searches the worksheet for data again and cannot find the characters, then one needs to clear the formatting options from the previous search
  • In the above case, first we need to go Find and Replace dialog box, then click Find tab and then click Options to display options for formatting. Then we have to click the arrow next to Format and then click Clear Find Format
  • There is no option to replace the value in a cell comment.

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This has been a guide to Find and Select in Excel. Here we discuss how to use Excel Find and Select Tool along with an example and downloadable template. You may also look at these useful functions in excel –

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