24 Twitter Profiles To Follow in Finance

twitterOften strolling on the internet is labelled as a distraction and a complete waste of time. But what if every break, every chuckle with a co-worker or every getting-up-from-your-chair offers you valuable insights about your professional world and each and every trend that’s happening around! Would you still call it distraction?

We have gathered 24 profiles from twitter to enable you to catch a glimpse of awesomeness in finance. Finance is not as dull as you think (if you’re new to finance, chuckle). It has analytics, it has humour and it has timely updates from the most influential and important people and institutions of the world.

How would you perceive this? Let’s say you are being offered all the updates of the world just in the breaks? You don’t need to pay anything. You don’t need to read any books. You don’t need to buy any costly materials (though you always can)! You will open your twitter account and will check updates from the list we’re providing below. Will that help? If you are a student of finance or an ardent professional, you will be addicted to this list in no time. Just give it a week. And let the magic of twitter rubs off on you.

Do you want the magic or still feeling anxious about distraction?

Try absorption instead.

Let’s jump in.

#1 – Paul Kedrosky (@pkedrosky):

If you don’t think finance guys can’t make you giggle, follow this man on Twitter. He is a venture capitalist, an entrepreneur and also a Bloomberg contributor. He describes himself as someone who is “investor in curious things”. He is running SK Ventures with Eric Norlin who is also a General Partner. Kedrosky is a PhD in Economics of Technology. You can know more about him here – http://paul.kedrosky.com/about .

#2 – Goldman Sachs (@GoldmanSachs):

Without much ado, you know what Goldman Sachs is all about. They started their twitter handle rather late. But whatever they share is the kingdom of gold. As they have mentioned that their primary focus on twitter is to share “latest in global and local economic progress, firm news and thought leadership content.”

#3 – Barry Ritholtz (@ritholtz):

Love someone who is witty and cynical about financial markets and financial trends? Follow Barry. He is one of frequent Bloomberg guests. He is also an author (check out his book), columnist and stock analyst. He is the founder and chief investment officer of Ritholtz Wealth Management. He writes regularly at his website http://ritholtz.com/ .

#4 – David Schawel (@DavidSchawel):

If you are in investment or want to do CFA, this is the man you should follow. He is one of the few CFA holders on Twitter who shares insights specifically about interest rates, monetary policy and inflation. He works as a Fixed Income Portfolio Manager. He writes at http://economicmusings.com/.

#5 – Justin Wolfers (@JustinWolfers):

He is one of the best go to guy in finance on twitter. He shares incredible insights and people from all over the world read his tweets. He is the professor U-M Economics and Ford School. He is a contributing columnist at New York Times. You can read his writing at http://users.nber.org/~jwolfers/ .

#6 – Howard Lindzon (@howardlindzon):

Follow him because he is taking the best of what stock traders are talking about and sharing them on twitter and his blog. He has been in this profession of investment “for pure joy” for the last 20 years. He is the co-founder and CEO of Stocktwits. You can read his blog at – http://howardlindzon.com/ .

#7 – Conor Sen (@conorsen):

If you love stat, you will love this guy. He shares a lot of stats with his twitter followers. He calls himself a “data-junkie”. He is also a blogger and portfolio manager. You can read his stuff at – http://csen.tumblr.com/ .

#8 – Joshua Brown (@ReformedBroker):

There is rarely any relation between finance and funny, but this guy bridges the gap. He smart and funny. He is financial advisor, blogger and CNBC contributor. He has written a book “Clash of the Financial Pundits”. Moreover he is the CEO of Rithholtz Wealth Management. Know more about him – http://thereformedbroker.com/about/ .

#9 – Mark Dow (@mark_dow):

His macro insights on twitter are what you should look for by following him. He is a hedge fund manager and an economist. You can know more about him and his insights at – http://markdow.tumblr.com/ .

#10 – Meb Faber (@MebFaber):

If you are an ardent learner of finance, this guy will add so much value to your career or curiosity, whatever defines you. He is a researcher and trader. He has accumulated a ton of knowledge about stock market, specifically about valuations, dividends and asset allocation. He is also the author of “Invest with the House: Hacking the Top Hedge Funds”, available at Amazon. He is the founder and chief investment officer at Meb Faber Research (http://mebfaber.com/ ).

#11 – Eric Jackson (@ericjackson):

If you are interested in tech and China, he is the go to guy for you. His insights are great and you would be able to learn a ton of things. He is also a hedge fund manager and the CEO of Iron Fire Capital. You can listen to his podcasts at iTune.

#12 – Michael Kitces (@michaelkitces):

If you are in finance profession, you may have heard his name. Yes, he is the nerd guy. Right, he writes at Nerds Eye View. And he is good in presenting great financial insights.

#13 – Aswath Damodaran (@AswathDamodaran):

If you are struggling with valuations or know something very few care share on earth about valuation, follow this genius. He is NYU Finance Professor. If you follow his twitter handle, you will see his insights and can learn more than a thing or two to apply on your own excel sheet. He writes at – com. From his site you can download a ton of charts to help yourself in ascertaining valuation.

#14 – Keith Kern (@stt2318):

He is an equity trader. And he says that he uses twitter as his trading dairy. If you want to learn valuable things about trading, you don’t want to miss out this guy. This guy shares more of his insights and offer courses at http://www.traderstoolbox.net/ .

#15 – Nick Firoozye (@firoozye):

He is one of the best known experts in macro. He is the Managing Director of Nomura. He has been nominated as the finalist for Wolfson Prize for being able to provide the best solution for breaking up euro. He often shares his lectures and important notes. Finance students and professionals can explore plethora of information through his twitter handle.

#16 – Mohamed A. El-Erian (@elerianm):

He is the Chief Economic Advisor of Allianz and Chair of President Obama’s Global Development Council. He is also an author of New York Best Seller “When Market Collides” and “The Only Game in Town.”

#17 – Value Walk (@valuewalk):

If you want to get great insights on hedge fund, this guy is your pick. He is the CEO of his website “Value Walk.” If you are more interested, check out this website at – http://www.valuewalk.com/ .

#18 – Morgan Stanley (@MorganStanley):

If you are in finance or in business, you may have heard about Morgan Stanley. This is the American banking giant. You would get wealth of information about investment banking, securities, wealth management and investment management. The news and views are superb and solid. Visit – http://www.morganstanley.com/ for more information.

#19 – Ian Shepherdson (@ IanShepherdson):

He is the Chief Economist of Pantheon Macroeconomics. He is an econ fact machine and also a Forbes contributor. He is very smart guy. He mixes humor and facts in his tweets. If you want to know the current trend of economics, business and finance, you cannot miss his twitter feed. You can also check http://www.pantheonmacro.com/ for more information.

#20 – Jason Zweig (@jasonzweigwsj):

He is a big name in the investment industry. He is the investment columnist of Wall Street Journal. He is also the editor of Benjamin Graham’s famous book “The Intelligent Investor”. He has written two books – “Your Money & Your Brain” and “The Devil’s Financial Dictionary.” His tweets are being followed by world’s best businessmen and leaders. Follow his tweets to get the best resources in finance and business industry. You can also check out his website http://www.jasonzweig.com/ for more information.

#21 – Dheeraj Vaidya (@wallstreetmojo):

Dheeraj writes a blog named http://wallstreetmojo.com that aims to help students and professionals become awesome in Financial Analysis. Here, he share secrets about the best ways to analyze Stocks, financial modeling, buzzing IPOs, M&As, Private Equity, Startups, Valuations and Entrepreneurship.


#22 – Michael McDonough (@M_McDonough):

He is the Global Director of Economics/Chief Economist at Bloomberg LP. Previously he was working with Deutsche Bank. He shares a lot of information on finance, economics and market trends. The main attraction of his twitter feed is the culmination of charts, inside information and his reflections on different aspects of market.

#23 – Cullen Roche (@cullenroche):

He has a lot of good insights to share and he is very witty. He writes about pragmatic capitalism and he is the founder of Orcam Financial Group. You can reach his blog – http://www.pragcap.com/ for more information.

#24 – Eric Scott Hunsader (@nanexllc):

His tweets are focused on stock markets. He deals with data and is also the founder of Nanex LLC. He also created NxCore which enables a rich streaming data feed that allows unparalleled market analysis. He can be reached at tip@nanex.net . You can also check out http://www.nanex.net/ for more information.

Now, suppose you have followed all these people and got a ton of information. How would you get benefit out of it? You can use a how-to-guide below to extracting the information and learning them to its maximum extent.

How to use the information you gather from Twitter?

  • Print the article: While following these profiles, you would be able to read a ton of article. Before you read them, make sure that you print them out. If you print the article, you would be able to write your thoughts in the margin and can highlight them easily.
  • File the article: Buy a file and keep the article there. So that whenever you need to reread the article, you can get access and read it through.
  • Maintain a journal: Whatever insights you collect from the twitter feed, write them down, analyze them and write your own thoughts about them. Just blindly following the twitter profiles will not help until you take charge and do something about it.
  • Keep a separate journal for quote collection: If you are finance professional or an MBA student or studying finance, maintaining a separate journal for quotes will help you immensely. The best people of finance and economics are sharing their insights. You can use these in your presentation and in speaking about investing, finance and economics. But you need to make sure that they are accessible.
  • Start a free blog: If you are serious about learning finance and investment, it’s prudent that you put in some of your thoughts as well. Just open a free blog and start writing on your favorite topics. Insights from these people will help you gain clarity and you will be able to become a great student of finance.
  • Set a specific time for checking twitter feed: Don’t check your twitter always. Set few breaks or a big chunk of time, where you will go through all these twitter handle and check. Keep your journal and printer ready. If you’re in office, make sure that you save the link somewhere so that you can read it afterward. Use pocket for the same.

Learning can be done anywhere. All you need is an open mind and readiness to practice what you learn. And then, you’re done!

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